If everything went wrong in Mario Land

Mario and Luigi were in the Old Mario console (The original Mario- you know what I'm talking about). Some kid put a quarter into the machine and Mario popped up into a random place that made no sense. The road was made of bricks. "Why can't the roads be a-normal?" Mario s shouted as he looked around to see what else was wrong with this stupid place. There was a random box with a question mark on it, and Mario was very confused and annoyed by it. "What am I supposed to a-do? Hit this box or a-something?" Mario tried hitting the box. He tried stomping on the box. Finally, he hit it with his head. "OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!" He screamed as a stupid mushroom with polka dots came out of the box and started chasing Mario. "Oh, no, it's a gonna eat me!!" Mario tried running from the mushroom, but it absorbed into his feet and Mario suddenly grew huge. "What a-happened?" Mario said as he was looking for the mushroom. "You can't a-eat mushrooms with you're a-feet!" A stupid brown thing with feet started walking toward Mario. He jumped on it and it turned into a pancake. Then Mario jumped into a green trashcan. He jumped and hit another box with his head. "OWOWOWOWOW!!!!" He yelled. He was afraid another mushroom was going to chase him, but instead it was a flower. It was a psychedelic flower. "Whoever made this a-game was a-smoking mar-uh-Jew-ah-nah!" Then he ran into the flower and his clothes changed colors. He threw a fireball. "OWOWOWOWOW HOTTTTTTTT MAMAMAMIAMAMAMIAMAMAMIAMAMAMIA!!!!!!" And then Mario died only to come back on the screen again and have to start over. "What a-the hell!" Mario shouted.