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"Can you believe it," Cain muttered harshly. "DG's married, and it's to some high born wizard from Finaqua. I'd thought…maybe she'd pick me, or hell, even you didn't have that bad of a shot," he said to his companion. "Thanks Cain," Glitch grumbled. "That did wonders for my self esteem. Did wonders for my self-esteem. Damn," the head case smacked himself in the back of the head to get his synapses to fire right.

Glitch and Cain were sitting together at a small table in the large ballroom in Finaqua. DG had just gotten married. It had been planned before she had been sent from the O.Z. Since the end of the war, things had been hectic for them, with wedding plans and the like.

However, the crown princess had not been oblivious to everything. Cain and Glitch had been damn near inseparable. She wondered when they would get a move on. Glitch was at least being a little more flirty than usual. But, she didn't want to pry. Bad things could come of that. The last thing she wanted was her friends to be unhappy.

Back at the table, Cain momentarily forgot his troubles. "Did you just curse?" "I did. I can you know," Glitch answered a trifle haughtily. "Didn't think you had it in you. Ambrose." "I told you not to call me that. I prefer Glitch." "Or convict, or head case, or zipper head," the smallest, grin quirked at the corners of Wyatt Cain's full pouting pink lips. Glitch shook his head and aimed a glare at him across the table. "Be quiet Tin Man."

Silence fell between the pair. Not the good silence either. More the awkward lots of things they could say but don't want to or can't kind of silence. The kind of silence that drove people to say something. Which Cain did.

"It's not like I was in love or anything. Honest I wasn't. But maybe…there could have been," Cain frowned, forehead creasing as his brows drew together. "Well maybe DG wants to be just friends. It doesn't complicate matters or anything. Which is good. I mean, Raw doesn't seem too worried, so long as he can watch over Kalm and stay by DG," Glitch shrugged, explaining things as he saw them.

Cain looked at the former advisor pityingly. "Don't you care the slightest bit? She just dropped us for her new prince. After everything…it just feels wrong." "And here I thought you had no heart Cain. You really did care didn't you?" "Of course I did! And what am I listening to you for? You only have half a brain," Cain slumped forward, watching the people dancing.

"Words hurt Tin Man. You're bitter cynicism is bringin' me down," Glitch ran a hand through his curly hair, which as usual sticking out from his head at odd angles, the zipper gleaming along the middle of his head. "It blocks out your wide eyed optimism and psychological nonsense," Cain mumbled. The head case frowned at the Tin Man, wondering how someone could be so attractive, yet so depressing. Yea, he thought Cain was attractive. 'Cause he was. Definitely. He just didn't know what to do about it.

Glitch's musing were interrupted by the arrival of the bride and her new husband to their table. "What're you two doing here all alone?" DG grinned, pulling a chair over. Cain looked up, seeing DG more radiant than ever in her white gown, brown hair twisted up, and the veil pushed up from her face.

"Hi DG. Congrats on getting married to…to…" Glitch frowned. He'd been trying to fill the awkward silence of Cain not answering. But now he'd screwed it up. "To Blake," DG prompted, sensing Glitch was having trouble. Poor guy, only having half a brain. "Yea, Blake. Congrats," he nodded at her new husband, who was tall, broad shouldered, with copper colored hair and hazel eyes. Blake returned the grin uncertainly. He may be a powerful wizard, but he was rather quiet, simple. He knew he liked DG, and that was good enough for him. Though she was clearly the brains.

"Well, you know we're returning to the palace soon, for my birthday celebration in a few days right? Mother and father are going their own way, with Az, but I was thinking we could all go together. You two, me, Raw, and Blake. Raw himself can't wait to go. He's worried about Kalm having to stay behind with a slight cold," she said earnestly. "Sure doll. Sounds good," Glitch answered. He glanced at Cain, elbowing him. Cain looked up, frowning. He nodded curtly, and left, going in the general direction of the bar.

DG looked after Cain, blue eyes wide. "What's his problem?" "I don't know," Glitch sighed, though he knew mostly what his problem was. DG noted, with a small smile playing on her lips, how Glitch looked after Cain, even though he was out of sight. "I'm gonna go…see what's got the Tin Man upset," he stood up. "Ok Glitch. Have fun. C'mon Blake, I want to dance." Glitch left the happy couple in search of Wyatt at the bar.

Glitch found Cain pounding down the drinks at the bar. The O.Z. wasn't exactly known for its alcoholic drinks, but what it did produce was potent stuff. To see Cain going one after the other and only be swaying the tiniest bit left Glitch slightly worried and really impressed. Hands in the pockets of his well worn favorite coat, he wandered over next to Cain.

"You sure can drink Cain, I'll give you that," Glitch said by way of greeting. Cain nodded. He looked at Glitch with baby blue eyes only a little unfocused. "Sit down," he patted the stool next to him. "You can't drown your troubles," Glitch said, leaning his elbows on the bar tabletop. "Now who's being the bitter cynic?" Cain grinned a bit. "I'm just saying. I'll sit and drink, only 'cause you shouldn't be drinking alone, and I'm lonely too."

A few drinks into it, Glitch's normally pale complexion was blotchy red, flushed from drink. He was trying to explain to Cain something about something. Maybe the time loop projector. Cain gave the appearance of listening attentively. He was at least watching Glitch. The problem was, Glitch's synapses kept misfiring due to the drink, and he kept losing his thread. The pair of them were full out drunk, nearly falling off their stools. Neither had ever relaxed their inhibitions so much, but why shouldn't they enjoy themselves a bit?

Cain and Glitch had, as the night wore on, become pleasantly warm and tingly. Glitch, who already was infatuated with Cain, was noticing things he hadn't before about him. Like how incredibly blue his eyes were. Really, really blue.

Cain, for his part, found he didn't mind so much Glitch's annoying yammering. He'd gotten used to it. And he was thinking a lot. He didn't need DG. He had all the company he needed right next to him, see how DG liked that.

"Hey Glitch?" "Yea Cain?" Cain leaned closer to Glitch. "You, uh, wanna have some fun?" "What kind of fun?" Glitch asked warily. He didn't even know Cain knew the meaning of the word 'fun'. Cain smirked. Glitch looked briefly confused, before the light went on. "What do you…oh! Ohhh…." Realization dawned on Glitch. He knew what he should say, so no one's feelings got hurt. He should say, "Cain, we're both really, really, drunk. No offense, but I don't think that's the best idea."

However, that's not what he did say. A little used part of his half brain was waking up, and telling him it really liked Cain's idea. He liked Cain, so it was good. And it was that part of his brain which answered for him. "Why not?"

Cain was pleased with Glitch's answer. Almost too pleased. "Alright, my room. And we're not going to draw attention to ourselves. I'll leave first and meet you upstairs in ten minutes. Got it Glitch?" Glitch nodded eagerly, and Cain left, not even swaying on his feet.

Ten minutes later found Glitch wandering the halls where the bedrooms are, utterly lost. He'd glitched again, and forgot where he was supposed to be going. Until a door opened behind him, and he was grabbed by the back of the coat and hauled into a room against someone. He looked up and was face to face with Wyatt Cain. "What took you so long head case?"

"What're you talking about?" Glitch blinked at Cain, confused. Cain sighed in exasperation. Glitch had glitched. Only one thing for it then, to remind him.

Cain leaned in and pressed their lips together. Glitch's dark eyes widened, and he froze, caught like a deer in the headlights, his brain screaming for oxygen. He pulled away breathlessly. "Wow! That was…whoa," Glitch shook his head, curls bouncing slightly. "I mean really Cain, I-" Cain cut off Glitch's incessant rambling with a hand clasped over his mouth.

Glitch's eyes narrowed in a glare, but he shut up. The kiss with Cain was worth it. It had been nothing like what he'd expected, but couldn't prepare him for the speed with which they were divested of their clothes, which fell to the ground, scattered around the room.

Cain's weight was pushing Glitch into the bed, his hands gripping the sheet on either side of him. He still had the presence of mind to make sure things were alright. "Sure about this?" Glitch, in no fit state to respond verbally for once, could only nod, eyes screwed shut.

Taking the cue, Cain pushed his hips forward, sliding into Glitch's tight entrance. Glitch bucked up, wincing slightly in pain. He hadn't known it would hurt. He bit his lip to not cry out as Cain entered all the way.

Both were breathing raggedly as Cain tossed Glitch's legs around his waist to gain a better angle. He slowly drew almost all the way out, then slammed back in. Glitch whimpered low in his throat, until Cain rammed into the little bundle of nerves that made all the pain and discomfort melt away.

Glitch's back arched off the bed, a little moan escaping his lips. He wrapped his arms around Cain's neck, their foreheads pressed together, bucking his hips and meeting each thrust. "Oh! O-oh g-gods," he groaned.

The whole thing felt really, really good to Glitch, were anyone to ask his opinion. Although, at the present moment he would be unable to give and answer other than the drawn out moan that became a yell as he reached his peak just after Cain.

They collapsed in a sweaty, sticky, gasping heap. It had been hard, fast, and exhausting. But damn it had felt good.

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