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I woke up to the cold, feather-light touch of Edward's back-hand, stroking my cheek—yet I preferred it to anything else in the world.

Still slightly disoriented from the unconsciousness the sleep brings, I rolled over to my right, where the love of my entire being, Edward—my vampire boyfriend of almost two amazing years—was laying on his back, fooling around with the music box my mom—Renee—got me for my eighteenth birthday last year. He knew damn well that he just woke me up with his marble-like fingers and, thanks to his super-fast vampire abilities, he thinks he can fool me by acting like I woke up just because of the sunlight.

Actually, the music box was giving him trouble. I watched him, with a smile on my face, as his perfect eyebrows pulled down in aggravation and confusion. He was turning it this way and that, probably thinking it had some hidden ability. That's Edward, of course. He thinks everything has a hidden talent. Even a music box.

"Good morning." I mumbled, pulling the covers up near my neck.

He set the music box aside and came next to me—over the covers, of course. He already could see I was cold—taking a lock of my hair and playing with it.

He looked at me with a mischievous grin and said, "Good morning to you too. How was your night?"

Hearing that, I returned his grin and replyed, "It was great. Can't complain."

Last night, for the first time in two years—two years of begging—Edward finally gave in and slept with me. Me.

"How was yours?" I countered.

The grin returned and he said, "Not too bad myself."

I planted a quick kiss on his cheek—normally I would have kissed his flawless lips, but I just woke up. No need to turn him off with morning breath—and ran into the bathroom to take an as-quick-as-possible shower and thoroughly brush my teeth—some Listerine couldn't hurt either—just to be sure.

It had to of been fate that Charlie had to go to Seattle for the entire weekend for one of his friend's fiftieth wedding anniversary and that all the Cullen's—minus Edward—went hunting. For once we were alone—completely. Possibly a top five reason Edward gave in to my pleading—finally—last night. If not, definitely the top ten.

While Edward was still in my room—thinking I was getting a shower—I snuck downstairs to get breakfeast.

It was the scream of screams when I walked into the kitchen and saw a dark figure.

"Shhh. No need to scream Bella. It's just us." I heard a voice—Edward's—come from the figure.

"Jeez." It was all I got manage to get out. Was I to young for a heart attack?

He walked toward me and I could see that his face held a mask of concern. "Bella." He whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist, softly biting my ear—so softly, as careful not to bite me by accident, that I could barely feel it. It felt like a flee that kept landing on my ear cartilage. Was he trying to speed up my breathing? He should know by now that just looking at him increased my heart rate.

"Okay, okay" I giggled. "I'm fine."

Two weeks later.

I woke up, yet again, to the queasy feeling in my stomach that meant I was about to throw up any second...and I had to pee—bad. That's been my life for the past few weeks. Peeing, throwing up, and being short tempered.

Two days ago I went to my physical at the doctors. That was hell.

I just threw up in the toilet when my cell rang.


"Ms. Swan. This is your Doctor, Dr. Handing."

"Oh yes, of course." Doctors don't call you after a physical...right?

"Well, in your urine sample yesterday we found...something...interesting."


"Congratulations! You're pregnant!"

Oh sweet Jesus.

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