Another Emilie Autumn inspired poem. Song is fairly new for all who have not heard it. And for all that are not fans of her but are curious the titles of these poems ARE the titles of her songs/poetry that inspired the poem. –Alice King


Four O'clock


Slumber; what I wish for

But none comes to me

I see red as I lay in bed

Four O'clock again

Four O'clock once more

Four O'clock

There is nothing to fear as I lay here

Despite the laughter that is near

Ringing in my ears; I know it is in my head

He keeps me awake; no longer may I sleep

Four O'clock

Every night the ticking of the clock

Four O'clock once more

Four O'clock is the same

The hour maddens me; the voice rings on

Laughter in my ears, surely I have gone insane

He reminds that he makes sure I may not sleep

He laughs at me as I shiver

Deep in my own insanity

Four O'clock

I sit up in bed; trembling in fear

Four O'clock once more

Four O'clock forever more

He chuckles and runs fingers through my hair

As though to calm me in my private despair

My world is unwinding as four o'clock comes again

His words are designing the insanity

Since this began

Four O'clock

It will never ever stop

Four O'clock, again.



This one is a little more clear with it's Ichigo x Shirosaki base. RiriLee brought to my intention that infact my last poem did not really give enough expression of their relationship being apparent. I think I made it more apparent in this one? Reviews?