Okay, so here it is. Fire-Chan9490, Seiina13, BlueLily27, and I got together and compiled a list of random words in the middle of lunch. I'm doing Naruto, Fire's doing Saint Seiya, Seiina's doing Full Metal Alchemist, and BlueLily's doing Harry Potter, so check them out if you have the time!!!!!

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She's always wanted her special someone to whisper that when he's gone (it is inevitable, as her special someone will be a shinobi), she should look up at the sky and look for him among the shining lights. Now she knows that he's much too strong to die without her, and he'll sit there and watch the sky with her.


As she chases him around with a piece of furniture, he reflects that maybe choosing a lover with superhuman strength and a short tempter wasn't such a healthy idea.


"This is so cliché," she grumbles as he catches her.


Sometimes she's afraid to open that door, for fear of what she'll find (bleeding bodies and screaming boys are just the beginning).


"Chocolate muffins, blueberry muffins, strawberry – ITACHI DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THOSE MUFFINS!!!"

Technical Drawing

She can't use a ruler to save her life, but he's never seen the magnificent sketches she has in her room of his sleeping visage.


She won't stop ranting about their latest exploit, troubled by her conscience, so he kisses her to shut her up (or so he says).


They never talk about his past, but some nights he wakes and soundlessly reaches out to hold her.


She's glad that the heavens are crying with her as Sasuke stands, triumphant, over his brother's body. The raindrops hide her tears.


When Itachi tries to order his offspring to eat their veggies, it becomes clear that they've inherited the doe eyes that are his weakness. Luckily, their mother is not so susceptible.


Deidara, with his blue eye and blond hair, reminds her so much of Naruto that Sakura cries, and Itachi extracts a strained oath from the bewildered artist never to wear orange.


When he is sent on a solo mission, he leaves at dusk and returns to her with the sun.


The moon is veiled with crimson, and she knows that he's completed his mission.


No matter how much he argues that he's only going off to train, she stubbornly insists on handing him a wrapped, neatly packaged lunch.


"Drink your milk and you'll grow up strong like your father!" Sakura lectures her children. Itachi neglects to mention that he wasn't that fond of milk when he was young either.


Certain creatures can regrow limbs; luckily, Itachi won't have to, since Sakura takes such good care of him.


When the children discover that cherry juice makes a good fake blood, Sakura is not amused.


"Well, we couldn't have pink clouds, could we?"


His hair is greyish black, whereas Sasuke's is more blue. She does not get them mixed up.


"…My ears aren't pierced, but I appreciate the gift anyways." Itachi actually blushes.


She is the only one who can gaze into the Mangekyou Sharingan without fear.


She would betray her village and abandon her friends, but she would do it to be with him.


He refuses to wear glasses. She snickers at his vanity, but secretly it makes her feel flattered, because he needs her.


She'd never before known that he could knit.


It's black and frilly and almost nothing, and she smacks him when he smirks at her.


One day when he was seven Sasuke decided he would grow a moustache. It was then, Itachi tells a giggling Sakura, that Itachi knew he had to distract Sasuke with a rivalry.


"Shh, kunoichi," he coos into her ear. "You're stuck here with me." The trap is sprung, and she is captured.