The Lost Days – The Backseats by the Window

A photograph. Two old and worn out chairs and desks standing by the window in the back, both empty. The desks are filled with graffiti, of love and hate, of rumors and challenges. Most notable is the large symbol on both of the desks. A butterfly facing the window, so lifelike that it seemed like it would fly away any moment, to the endless skies and their promises of freedom.

A pair of obsidian eyes. A teenager with a pair of old jeans and a faded t-shirt standing next to a girl with a photo camera who took the photograph of the two backseats.

"Why do you always trying to capture everything with that camera?"

"I don't want to lose it. I want to be able to look back someday."

A hand tracing the butterflies engraved in the old desks. The sun is already fading away, slowly nightfall comes. The girl sighed, her jade eyes locked with the obsidian eyes of the boy.

"Butterflies… remember when we made them?"

"Detention, right? For not paying attention and looking out the window. It become a trademark ever since."

"And before we knew it, it was over and the butterflies would be gone…"

"One day they'll be back. The butterflies, the photographs and the challenges."

A first and final kiss, a goodbye without tears, without words. A last photograph, the boy and the girl sitting at the desks, both looking outside. The photograph was put in the trophy cabinet, a few words and two names beneath it.

One day, the butterflies will return. Till then, we fly towards the sun.

Uchiha Itachi and Haruno Sakura.

Beneath it was a newspaper article from the school newspaper, entitled 'Butterflies, the two Legends from Konoha High'

A young woman in her early twenties was sitting in the bus, in the backseat by the window. Her attire consisted of a pair of torn and worn jeans, an old coat that was too big, a grey t-shirt that had known better days and a piece of black cloth that was used as a bandanna. When she looked around and realized that she was practically the only one on the bus and there were no camera's, she quickly grabbed a black permanent marker.

The two butterflies, Uchiha Itachi and Haruno Sakura were legends at this school. Coming from completely different environments they strangely enough quickly became friends, companions and perhaps something more? Both were known as artistic, smart, anti-social and quiet. Sakura was a year younger than Itachi but was moved to his class because of her intelligence. According to the rumors, it all started in two backseats by the window and a detention. After that, they were always seen either together or not far apart.

She began to draw something on the window, pausing every now and then to see if nobody was watching her.

While both were artistically gifted, there were differences. Itachi was a painter and poet, Sakura a photographer and poet. She captured life, he created life.

She didn't notice the obsidian eyes staring at her while pretending to read a newspaper.

Due to their intelligence they soon became bored with the normal classes and started to challenge each other to different things, some dangerous, some embarrassing, some just crazy.

When the bus stopped she looked up, jade eyes meeting obsidian ones, and she quickly looked back to her completed drawing, adding a couple of words before standing up, laying the marker on the now empty seat, and running to the exit, away from the man she just recognized.

Every challenge was photographed, described and saved in a special file, now open for interested in the school library. A few challenges included : Replacing the school bell with recordings of rock music,

He folded his newspaper and walked to the window, that was now carrying a new decoration.

Using tape to shut all the doors and windows in the school,

A butterfly, ready to fly away. He almost grinned at the words beneath the butterfly.

Replacing the normal light bulbs with red ones and making a huge banner with 'red light district' written on it,

He picked up the marker and added a few words.

Moving all the desks and chairs to the roof,

After that he waited for the next stop and got off.

And many more. But now, it is over. Both of the butterflies, their names earned because of their trademark symbol of a butterfly ready to fly away, are graduating and moving away. When asked for their future plans, they simply smiled and told us that they were going to fly. Is this the last of the butterflies, or will we see them again someday?

The butterflies are back, are you ready?

Yes. Let's fly again, love.