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Chapter One

Here I am again standing to the cliff overlooking Domino contemplating whether I want to end it all or not. Once more he beat the hell out of me and he tried to rape me but I was able to get away this time and well here I am standing here and I'm then I hear that damn annoying voice again saying "What the hell is wrong with you, you let that bastard beat you and yet he's still alive why? Why isn't he dead? Hell my father hit me one to many times and hell I sent his ass to the shadows and didn't blink or cry because I did it. Why are you so chicken to stop the cycle or do you like the pain?"

I don't even turn to see who is standing there hell I already know but hell my life isn't anything like his was, my father is sick he has an illness called Alcoholism and can't be held responsible for his action.

I just stand there trying not to listen to what he is saying but there at times when I wish I had a gun so that I could shoot him and make him shut up, because as much as I protest something deep down inside of me says that what Marik is saying is the truth and yet another part of me doesn't want to believe it so what do I do?

Do I go home and clean up the bloody mess and just forget it ever happened or do I leave and never go back and if my father dies am I suppose to not care or grieve over his death? Please someone tell me what am I suppose to do.

Then Marik comes and stands beside me and his arm goes around my shoulder and he pulls me into his strong arms and I lay my head on his chest and I say "I can't just go back that and kill him even though he probably deserves it, hell he's my father and it's the drinking that is making him this way."

Marik tightens his hold on me and then he tells me "Joey he's been drinking for years and you've been getting beaten all that time and then it escalated into him raping you and you want to feel sorry for him, well he's not worth your tears. He's a monster and you know that he'll never change and if you don't get the hell out of there then one day he will succeed in killing you and he won't even know that he did it till he sobers up days later and finds your rotting corpse on the floor. Please wake up and see the real picture and move out and come live with Malik and me because you know that I love you and only want to keep you safe."

I knew what Marik was saying was the truth but still he was my dad and when mom and Serenity was here he never drank or cussed or even laid a hand on either of us, but when mom left for that man who got her to take all the money out of their account and take them to America and then when they got there he dumped her sorry ass and well now their only source of income is my mother cleaning other peoples homes. I look up into the face of the one that I love and then I say to him "Alright I'll leave and move in with the two of you but isn't there someway that I can make sure that he if he needs help someone can call the authorities and he can get someone to help him?"

Marik smiles at me and then he says "Alright, I'll ask Yami and see if he can get Solomon to go check on your dad every now and then but Joey you can't ever go back there again or he'll kill you and I won't let that happen."

I give him a kiss and then as the sun goes down we go over and lay under the huge tree and make mad passionate love and the only ones who see us are the crickets and maybe an occasion cat or dog. We fall asleep together in each others arms and he wakes me and we go home just as the sun is rising.

I got a call from Serenity today and she was crying and she said "Joey please help me. Mom's really sick and the doctor says that she might die and I have no place to go and because I'm still a minor they are talking about putting me in a group home till I turn eighteen. Please can I come live with you and dad?"

I nearly fell apart as I heard her crying and Marik was listening to the conversation and then he signaled for me to tell her to hold on, and then he said "Tell her that you're coming there and that you'll make the arrangement to become her legal guardian and then if and when your mom passes away then she'll becoming home to live here in Domino." I wanted to kiss him for that, or what the hell I just did and then I told her what Marik said to say and I could hear the relief in her voice as she said "Thanks big brother."

I went to talk to Kaiba today and asked if he could loan me the money so that I could go to America and make arrangements for my sister to come back here to Domino to live because our mother was on deaths door, and well he asked me "How much did I need" and "well when I told him he took out his checkbook and wrote me a check" and then he said "Don't worry about the money pay me back when you can and Joey I hope that things work out for you and your family."

Ever since Kaiba married Ishizu he's changed into a different man, oh he's still one hell of a CEO and he can still make the most seasoned businessman quake with fear but he's really mellowed out and we are now really good friends and as he gave me the check I shook his hand and he actually smiled and said "When you get back we'll have to have a celebration or something."

I went to the bank and cashed the check and had the entire amount put on my check card and then I went home and Marik made the arrangements for us to fly to America and when we got there we had a Hotel room waiting at the Marriott in downtown New York. Now all we have to do is pack our things, get to the Airport and get on the plane and our next stop is New York City and to the Mercy Hospital(I don't know if there really is such a hospital in New York) and to see how my mom is.

We arrive in New York and there is a car waiting to take us to the hotel and I know that Kaiba arranged it all and as we go to our room and went inside I fell apart and Marik had to carry me to the bedroom and he gently laid me on the bed and held me in his arms as I cried and then he said "We have to get to the hospital and see how your mom is and then we have to make arrangements for your sister to come back and live with us in Domino."

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Chapter Two Coming Up...What Joey and Marik discover when the get to the hospital...