Hello, and welcome to my first fanfiction. I uploaded the prelude and the first two chapters all at once because they're already up at deviantart. I plan to add a chapter every day or two until the end of the first act, then slow down to about once a week. I have everything up to the end of Act Two written. Oh, and I don't own The Legend of Zelda. Please tell me if you like it so far. And don't worry, the plot actualy gets going properly pretty soon.

((Hello again! It's been nearly a month since The Legend of Zelda: Lifesong Orb was completed. Throughout the story I did my best not to conflict with anything established in the games, with a few exceptions such as the size of Termina. However, I have recently watched my brother play Majora's Mask a fair bit, and noticed a number of errors in the story. Any text located in double brackets is an edit made to explain the discrepancies between the game and the story.))


Are you going to stand there cursing the darkness, or teach people to make candles?


In the dark recesses beneath the Clocktown Clocktower, there sat a man. He claims to sell instruments of joy, but in truth he searches for power. Once, he was close to finding that power, but it was stolen from him. The man waits, remembering how close he had been before that fool boy had ruined his mask. As he shoulders his massive pack, filled with things created in love but now so full of sorrow, he sees something. Something of hideous might. Never has the Happy Mask Salesmen been in the presence of a being so evil, so full of hatred and rage. "No" he cries, "you can't be here! You are a myth!".

The dark entity replies, "All myths were true once, and every legend has a beginning. Do not tremble in fear of those that seek to bring you what you desire".

"What do you mean?" asked the salesman.

"Don't question me, I know what you want. You have always desired power. I could see that from the moment I first saw you hold Majora's Mask. When that kid returned your mask, devoid of the strength that it had been imbued with, you nearly strangled him. The only reason you didn't was because you knew it wouldn't solve anything."

"But your mask is not entirely destroyed. The seeds of evil still lurk just below the painted surface. They will rise again should I call to them. Serve me, and I will make your mask whole."

The Happy Mask Salesman replied, "Then I shall serve to the utmost of my ability! My dream shall finally be realized!"

And the dark shadow spoke, "Then put on the mask and focus on your rage, your anger, your vengeance!"

The salesman did, and felt the growth of a lesser darkness. However, even this lesser darkness was greater than he, and it overwhelmed him. Majora's Mask was awake, and now it would destroy in the name of its new master.