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Harry is jostled awake as the train jerks to a stop. He raises his head and looks around, disoriented for a moment. He starts to panic when he realizes he's in a box, and then he notices that he's in his animagus form, and begins to panic a bit more. He begins to call for help, but it just comes out as hissing.

Suddenly he hears a soothing voice coming from outside the box. He calms down momentarily before realizing who the voice belongs to.

"Snape!" He hisses out, memories of the previous day flooding back.

He lies back down; trying to relax now that he knows what is going on. He just lays there thinking for a while, and begins wondering about how he'll escape, what will happen come September, and how he will survive in the mean time.

Roughly 20 minutes later he looks up because someone is opening his box. He sees Snape peering down at him, and just looks resignedly up at him. In the time he spent thinking he realized that he probably wouldn't be escaping for quite a while. He yawns and lowers his head, closing his eyes and pretending to doze, though still paying attention to Snape. As Snape starts lower his hands into the box Harry glares up at him and hisses violently.

"Hush, I'm not going to harm you." Snape says soothingly.

Harry continues to hiss at him, while calculating his possibilities. He slowly stops hissing as he comes to the conclusion that if he is going to have any chance of escape he has to put up with Snape, or at least seem to. Harry stops hissing completely, rearing up a little, to taste the air around Snape's hand. He doesn't taste anything harmful on his hands, but smells something dark further up his arm. He lowers himself back down, allowing Snape to pick him up.

As Snape converses with the older gentleman standing there, Harry starts tasting the air around Snape's arms. After a few minutes it dawns on him that the dark magic he tastes is the dark mark.

He is interrupted by his inspection when he sees the gentleman stretch his hand to him out of the corner of his eye. He eyes the arms warily, and beings tasting the air. Snape tilts his arms and forces Harry to move for fear of falling off, and he slowly climbs on the man's arms.

After a few uncomfortable moments Harry is handed back to Snape and decides to listen to what is being said above him.

"…You should count your blessings, but also keep an extra close eye on it. Snakes are very cunning Severus."

"Believe me; I am well aware of how cunning a snake can be."

Harry doesn't hear anymore as he is set back in his box. He lowers his head and falls into a peaceful sleep almost immediately.


Harry is woken up when he hears Snape say "Welcome to Spinners End."

Harry opens his eyes expecting the box to be opened, but feels it being set down before a great amount of shuffling can be heard from outside the box.

Ten minutes later the shuffling stops and Snape comes and takes Harry out of the box. "Your tank is set up."

Harry wraps himself around Snape's arm, refusing to be dumped into the tank.

Snape's voice softens as he says "It's alright, I set it up myself. Go on."

Harry slides off his arm before slither around the cage, giving it a quick once over. Upon realizing that Snape is still watching him he slithers over to that side of the tank and gives what he hopes comes across as a pleased hiss.

Snape chuckles and picks Harry up again. "It's a good thing you like it, I was not going to be buying you a different one." Harry rolls his snake eyes and laughs mentally.

"Now then, you need a name."

This makes Harry's head dart up, and he eyes Snape nervously.

Snape chuckles again and says "I believe it would be best to assess your personality before I name you. Get some rest; I'm sure the trip tired you out."

Snape sets him gently back in the tank and turns on the heat lamp before turning to leave. Just before Harry passes out again he hears Snape say "My name is Severus by the way."

Harry smiles in his head, before drifting off to dreams of flying on Buck Beak.

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Dymphna007: I'm setting the timeline as the summer after Harry's 5th year. He spent the beginning of his summer learning to become an animagus. He had been studying the theory behind it throughout the previous summer and school year. He simply needed to work on the actual transformation. Sirius helped him get started on that before he returned to school at the beginning of his 5th year. Harry decided to keep persuing it after Sirius fell through the veil so as to honor Sirius' memory the best he could. I hope that makes sense, and isn't to confusing. :)