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Where do we go when we just don't know, and how do we relight the flame when it's cold? Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing and when will we learn to control? - Serenity, Godsmack


A figure, covered entirely by unnatural shadows, moved as calmly as he could manage down the street to the pub. He knew what would happen here would be unpleasant, and he knew that the outcome would affect all of Middle Earth. The man also knew that he wanted nothing to do with another war. Maybe curiosity really did kill the cat. The man thought darkly, cursing himself once again for letting Magic draw him here.

Reaching the pub, he let a smirk creep onto his features. So Strider decided to join the fun... He chuckled, having no doubt that Gandalf was somehow involved. That man really was too much like Dumbledore for his own good.

Sitting in the dark corner of the pub, waiting for the event he knew was to come, the man allowed his mind to wander back to his friends.

"Look at this, Harry!" A girl with bushy hair called over to him as they raided the (former) Dark Lord's hideout. The black haired boy peered over his friends shoulder to see a small crystal necklace, with only one flaw in the jewel. "This is that necklace I told you about! The one that grants you immortality." She paused, entranced. "If he'd been able to remove this flaw, he would have been impossible to kill." Harry shot her a perplexed look.

"Then why would he have bothered with the horocruxes? He could have decided to bide his time until he could finish the crystal. Why destroy your soul and risk death when a better method is so close to completion?" Harry's silky voice filled the room, and the necklace began to glow strangely. The girl let out a slight shriek and dropped the necklace to the ground. Acting on instinct, Harry reached out and caught the precious jewelry, managing to catch it with little trouble. As soon as it slid over his wrist, the necklace shrunk and glowed brighter than before, and Harry saw nothing but darkness.

He woke up in the all too familiar Hospital Wing, with his friend sobbing, claiming it was all her fault. "What's your fault, Hermione? I'm perfectly fine."

"Yes." A dark voice, dripping with jealousy came from the doorway. "You're just bloody immortal. Of course nothing could possibly be wrong." The red-headed boy glared at him. "Come on, 'Mione. He obviously thinks he's too good for us." The two walked out, leaving Harry alone.

Harry, no longer a boy, sighed sadly. He never knew what had become of his former friends, the ones who had abandoned him out of jealousy, and he honestly couldn't say he cared. His true friends had sought out immortality as well, so he wouldn't be alone. He didn't know if they had succeeded. The curse he held over him ensured his leaving before they had succeeded. He sighed and focused on the door once more, waiting. The door swung open and the four Halflings walked in, looking confused and slightly nervous. He smirked beneath his shadowy cloak, telling himself that it was alright.

After all, who didn't enjoy a good show?


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