The Truth Behind Evil

Summary: Harry Potter thought his life could not get worse. How wrong he was. Follow him to a life he could never imagine; protector to the young Tom Riddle! Time-travel fic.

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Not many. Ah, Lucius was not captured or anything in the fight in the Ministry. He still walks around, free.

And, there will be Dumbledore bashing and generally some Gryffindor bashing as well. Quite Dark!Harry

Disclaimer: If I had owned the Harry Potter series, do you think Snape had died? No, so that means I don't own the books! They belong to Mrs Rowling alone, kapisch?





Chapter One

Harry Potter, fifteen years old, woke up abruptly and sat up on his bed. He glanced around the room and then slightly relaxed. Then he remembered his dream and got up from bed. He had dreamt about that dreadful night in the Ministry again.

It had been three weeks since Sirius died, and he was back at the Dursleys. Ever since he had arrived there he had not gotten one single letter from any of his friends, or anyone else for that matter. He growled slightly as he thought of that; Dumbledore must have told them he 'needed' to be alone. He sighed after a while and looked at the time; nearly four in the morning. Hedwig hooted to him and he went over to her cage.

"Hi," he whispered and scratched her head a bit. "Want to go out hunting?"

Almost like she could sense his sadness, the wise owl curled up and nicked his finger tenderly.

"Thanks," he said and sat down.

Hedwig left the stick and landed softly on his shoulder. She looked on as he began with a sigh doing an essay since he could not sleep.


Voldemort paced his room, staring at the envelope he had received just a few minutes ago. His birth name was written on it with poison green ink and he recognized the writing. Merlin only knows he had seen the handwriting so many times and admired it. The Dark Lord slowly let one hand touch the envelope and stroke over the writing. The ink was not old, and it was that that made him both terrified and strangely enough, hopeful.

"Alexander…" he whispered.


Harry was startled from his homework when an owl flew into his room. He looked at the owl and did not recognize it. It dropped a thick envelope in front of him, and he offered it some water, not knowing what else to do. The owl drank a little, hooted its thanks and then left.

Harry looked at his own snow-white owl that also happened to stare after the unknown owl, and said:

"Well, that wasn't expected." Hedwig hooted her agreement.

He opened the envelope and out fell a letter first. He picked it up and began to read:

Dear Mr Potter,

You are hereby requested to attend to the reading of Sirius Black's will at 25th of July at eleven a.m. As we of the Gringotts staff have just been informed of your godfather's death, we offer our deepest condolences for your loss.

Also, of the wishes on Mr Black's side, if his death was to occur before you turn seventeen he requested you would be offered to become of legal age. The following parchments in this envelope are papers on your declaration of age. Sign them if you wish to and they will automatically come one copy to Gringotts and one to the Ministry. As soon as you have signed them, you are an adult in the society of the Wizarding World. Once signed, no one can make it undone.

If you have any questions, it is just to write and ask me, Ranglook.

If it is not too much of a trouble, you can come to Gringotts at the day for the reading one hour earlier, so you and I may discuss your other vaults.

With much sorrow and regret,

Ranglook, Chief of Gringotts Bank

Harry looked at the letter with wide eyes. Then they narrowed in anger and he stepped up. That Dumbledore, keeping things away from him as usual! He probably did not want Harry there on the reading and the teen growled. And what other vaults? He had not been informed of any other vault than the one he got money from; had the old headmaster kept that from him as well? He knew the man was trying to manipulate him, mould him into the perfect weapon and only after Sirius died Harry realized how stupid he was for listening on Dumbledore. He paced around the room in anger, and Hedwig flew to her stick again. It took the teen a good ten minutes to calm down and then looked at his desk. The letter and envelope laid there and he decided to screw all of this. 'Screw Dumbledore', he thought. 'I'm sick of being a toy to the Light.'

He almost threw himself over the envelope and shook out the parchments. He read them through and then signed his name on the places Ranglook even had pointed out to him; otherwise he would not have found every place. As soon as he finished, the parchments filed into a neat pile and disappeared. The raven-haired teen looked blankly at the desk for a while, and then realized with a start he was an adult. He thought of what to do, not really used to this kind of freedom. He looked around the room and thought: 'Well, for starters, get out of here!'

He looked at his owl with a smile and said:

"How about we get out of here, Hedwig?"


It had been ridiculously easy to get away from the Order members guarding the house and Harry had gone a few blocks before he took the Night Bus to London. He had waited a day before he left, as the Dursleys had been gone and would return until the evening. He had only stayed long enough when they came back to tell them he was not coming back. None of them had complained and he had quietly left, all of his things shrunken in his pocket and Hedwig on his shoulder.

He had put himself under a glamour so that Stan on the Night Bus would not recognize him. He was currently lying on a bed in the horrible bus, trying to relax. He was exposing himself to danger, he knew that but did not care. He felt more freedom than he had ever done and felt happy for the first time since he had seen his godfather die.

"Where in London are you going to jump off?" Stan asked.

"The Leaky Cauldron, please," Harry replied and then turned to Hedwig. He was not in the mood to converse.

At the moment, he looked like a twenty-year old brown-haired man with blue eyes and his scar hidden. He wore a normal black robe so that no one would connect him and Privet Drive with the Dursleys once they discovered he was gone. He was brought out of his thoughts as the white owl rubbed her head against his palm and smiled. The owl seemed to want to stick with him for a bit. He appreciated the company. She was much better than anyone else at the moment.

They dropped him off in front of the Leaky Cauldron and he stepped inside with Hedwig perched on his shoulder. The barkeeper looked up and greeted him.

"I need a room," Harry said.

"For how long?" Tom asked.

"A month."

The barkeeper nodded and looked through his log. Then he pressed a key in Harry's hand and said:

"Room number five."

"Thank you."

The teen left before Tom could answer. Tom looked after the youngster and then shook his head. Everyone was so impatient these days.


It took Harry a few days to get used to his freedom. Tom greeted him on the morning after he had arrived, but looked a bit puzzled since Harry had come to the pub around three in the morning and was up by eight. To be honest, Harry had not been able to fall asleep that night at all; instead he had paced the room waiting for a more reasonable time to go down for breakfast.

On the third day, he ventured out into the Diagon Alley. The meeting at Gringotts was not until the day after, but the teen needed to think and he had been isolated himself enough. Even though he did not want to talk with anyone, he was sick of feeling alone. The place was crowded as usual, despite the news that Voldemort was back. He looked around the crowding stores and decided to go somewhere he thought he never would: Knockturn Alley. It had been already earlier that year that he had begun interesting himself for Dark Arts and things the Golden Boy should not do, even though Dark Arts were associated with Voldemort. Dumbledore would probably have locked him inside a cupboard if he had voiced this interest of his out aloud.

He snuck into the alley and quickly threw some other glamour on himself. Now he had long, black hair and golden eyes. His skin was pale and he had an earring in his left ear that looked like a rune. Those who read Ancient Runes would know it stood for 'dark'; he knew it was a classic one but the truth was that he had seen very few runes, and this one was one of them. He had changed his normal robes to a midnight-blue colour and a black cloak over that with a big hood he immediately dragged over his head. No one would question him here, and if they did he would hex them without consequences. He walked along the street, people moving away from him. They stared after him with wide eyes but he paid no mind. He had to control himself so not the grin would come to his lips. Pretending to be dark was so much fun! But was he really pretending anymore?

The teen in disguise came to the old store he had accidentally come to when he was twelve, Borgin & Burkes, and stepped inside. His eyes widened slightly as he saw Lucius Malfoy with his son in tow but that was the only thing that indicated his surprise over seeing the elder Malfoy outside Azkaban. Strangely enough he could not even summon any normal hatred against the two Malfoys. Mr Borgin almost floated over to him and said:

"May I help you?"

"Nothing at the moment," Harry answered with his deep and chilling voice, not even bothering looking at the man.

Lucius and Draco turned to look at him. He swept past them to the section of books, ignoring all three. He scanned his eyes over the titles, barely interested as most of them were 'legal' books. He took out one and flipped through it before returning it to its place. He almost laughed as he thought of what Dumbledore would do if he saw Harry in a store with dark items. He glanced briefly when Draco entered the same section, but the blonde just did as he did. Scanning the titles and looking bored. He did notice the teen glancing in his direction more than once, but he did not turn around to look back. He wished he had Hedwig with him; she was a good company and according to Remus and Sirius she had quite a fearsome glare.

Harry moved to the dusty monitors, wrinkling his noise slightly and looked at the necklaces. His eyes widened with interest at one in particular. It was a thick and heavy silver chain and the jewellery itself was a snake in emerald and silver. Harry felt he wanted it badly. Below it there was a note that said: Can only be worn by Parselmouths. He chuckled, drawing Mr Borgin's attention again. This time, the teen in disguise turned and said:

"May I have a closer look at this one?"

The man behind the disk paled and Lucius look to see what. When he saw the item, he paled a little as well.

"Sir, you must understand that only those with the ability of Parseltongue can wear it, let alone touch it," the clerk said. "Otherwise it sucks out your soul. It has already killed countless people through time."

"Just bring it out," Harry said, bored. "You do it, or else I blast the glass away and take it out myself."

Mr Borgin complied, looking slightly confused over his desire to see the necklace, and the two Malfoys looked at him with slightly wide eyes. The clerk carefully levitated it to the disk, and said:

"It will be not on my responsibility if you touch it."

Harry ignored him, concentrating only on the necklace. He felt his magic swirl as he looked at the necklace. In his excitement, a hiss of delight came out from his mouth. The clerk jerked away and the elder Malfoy took a step back. 'This aura is so like the Dark Lord,' Lucius noted with sweat covering his forehead. The teen in disguise hardly noticed he had shifted over to Parseltongue:


The two males stepped away from him even more but he did not notice. Harry took the necklace in his hands, and smiled as the necklace vibrated in his hands. This feeling was so wonderful, despite it being dark. It filled his heart, completing it and easing his sorrow. His smile made the other two by the disk shrink away a little bit more. His golden eyes were almost shining, and the only thing Lucius could think of was that telling Voldemort about this man.

"How much?" he said to Mr Borgin, almost breathlessly but not taking his eyes from the necklace.

"Ten Galleons," the clerk said. At Harry's look, he continued, "No one would buy it otherwise."

The teen in disguise let ten Galleons fall down to the desk and exited without another word, the necklace already being put around his neck. The door closed, leaving three people to look after the stranger that had just touched Salazar Slytherin's necklace without dying.


Around ten the next day, Harry moved into the coolness of Gringotts and got up to one of the desks. He still had his glamour on, the one from the day before and said to the goblin:

"I'm here to meet Ranglook."

The goblin looked at him and then called to see if the chief was free. It turned back and said:

"Mr Potter?"

"Yes? I'm wearing a glamour," the teen replied.

The goblin looked at him with amusement. It could not help but add:

"Your aura has changed quite a bit."

"But you have stayed the same, aura and looks, all since I met you, Griphook," Harry replied without missing a beat.

The goblin looked at him in surprise, but then smirked and led him to a door. Griphook pushed it open and the teen nodded his thanks before entering. Ranglook looked up from his papers and said:

"Mr Potter."

Harry let the glamour drop and sat down with an affirmative nod. Harry had noted that he was no longer so comfortable dropping his charms and showing who he really was. He only hoped he could put the glamours on again soon.

"Now when you are an adult, you have gained access to your family vaults", the goblin said. "It says here you have had no knowledge of them, and that Albus Dumbledore has taken care of them so far."

Harry snorted when Ranglook had said 'taken care of'. The goblin looked up at the sound and a faint smile touched its lips. Seemed like the Golden Boy was no longer a fan of Albus Dumbledore.

"Has he been able to access any of my money?" the teen asked, referring to the old wizard while he drummed his fingers on the arm rest.

"No," Ranglook said. "They have not been touched since your parents died, though it seems like Dumbledore tried."

"Bloody old coot," Harry growled.

Ranglook looked fairly amused at the insult and it was with a chuckle that the goblin continued:

"You have inherited the three Potter vaults, the four properties the Potters owned and a strange account as well."

"A strange account?"

"Belonging to an Alexander Viator," Ranglook said and checked over his papers. "Apparently, he is a relative of the Potters, but a very distant one, and your father inherited his vault."

"How much did this man have?"

"Around 3 million Galleons," Ranglook said. "And he was quite young when he died."

Harry stared wide-eyed at the goblin, but also noted that the goblin did not seem to believe this Alexander Viator was dead. Ranglook looked up at him and said:

"The gathered amount of money of the Potter vaults goes up to around 10 million Galleons, and together with the four properties, you are a very rich man, Mr Potter."

The teen thought he would faint. He grabbed onto the desk while the goblin looked on.

"You seem shocked," it remarked calmly.

"I have never owned much money," Harry replied with a dreamy look. "It will take a bit to realize all of this."

Ranglook chuckled yet again at this comment and Harry leaned back in the chair, happy that Dumbledore did not know the contents and had not been able to take over the money. Meanwhile Ranglook pondered over the earring he had seen the teen wearing while in disguise. He recognized it very well; it had belonged to Alexander Viator.

"The reading of the will is not until another half-hour," the goblin said after a while, glancing at the teen while he tried to figure out why Harry had that particular earring.

"Do I have to be me in person?" Harry said and looked at the goblin. He had no big desire to do so.

Ranglook looked thoughtful.

"No, not really," it said at last. "I can arrange so it looks like someone else will gather your inherited things."

"Can it be me with glamour?"

"Yes. Just a name and then we'll be going."

"Just say Mr Viator."

The goblin smirked and nodded, while thinking back in the past when he first had met this strange Alexander Viator and remembered one particular sentence:

"Just say Mr Viator."


Harry slipped into the room with his hood up and his glamour firmly in place. Almost the whole Order was there and he growled softly. Ranglook had not been able to stop them, since there was no order not to allow them.

As he entered, the Order turned to look at him. He placed himself at the furthest back, in the shadows. He saw the Malfoys sitting as far away the Order they could, and they shoot venomous glares at each other. Harry shook his head at them.

The old goblin looked at them and coughed to get their attention.

"While we are in this room, or in Gringotts, there will be no attacking each other," it said. "Whoever may be called up, we will not tolerate a fight erupting."

They all mumbled their agreements and the goblin started:

"If this will is to be read, I, Sirius Black, must have passed on abruptly. Either by my own stupidity or someone else's fault. My will be absolute; no one can change it."

At this, some in the Order glanced uncertainly at each other. Dumbledore looked confident though, and had a satisfied smile on his lips. Harry was tempted to hex him. The goblin coughed once more and began reading the will:

"I hereby will three-thousand Galleons to Remus Lupin. Moony, buy yourself some new robes."

The werewolf went over, slightly unsteady, to sign and accept the money while Harry looked on. Poor Remus. He walked back and sat down next to Tonks, his eyes blank but filled with hurt and pain.

"To Nymphadora Tonks, I hereby will one-thousand Galleons and you and your mother is back at the Black tapestry. You two deserve it, Nympha."

The woman stumbled up and signed while her tears threatened to fall. She fell back to the seat.

"To Narcissa Black, my cousin, I hereby will the summer-house in Wales", the goblin continued. "Put it to good use."

The Order sent murderous glares as the blonde woman went over and signed. Harry could not raise any hatred towards her as she looked a bit paler than usual. Maybe she had a little emotions left for her dead cousin. She turned back and almost ran to her seat. Lucius placed a calming hand on her shoulder and Draco looked nervously at his mother. Harry looked away and concentrated on the goblin. It met the teen's eyes and Harry knew it was coming. And soon enough, the old goblin coughed to get their attention and read out:

"To Harry Potter I will the rest of my money, Grimmauld Place and all the items inside, and the two summer houses in Scotland. Use it well, my little Prongslet…"

The goblin looked up just as Dumbledore was about to speak, maybe to claim it, and said:

"As Mr Potter is not present, Ranglook asked Mr Viator to accept on Mr Potter's behalf. Mr Viator, Ranglook gave you his full confidence. Do not break it."

"Would never dream of it," Harry answered and got up from the chair.

The Order turned around and looked at him while Lucius narrowed his eyes; he recognized the voice but from where? The hood fell from his face and he walked forward. When they saw the cold, golden eyes the Order rose up and went for their wands.

"No fighting," the goblin said. "Proceed, Mr Viator."

Harry continued and signed carefully.

"Will you inform Mr Potter directly after this?" the goblin asked and the teen in disguise looked up at it.

"Of course," he replied with the unique dialect he had chosen. "I will go there immediately."

The Malfoy males froze and Lucius remembered this particular voice, those special eyes. It was the same man that had bought the necklace at Borgin & Burkes yesterday! Why was Potter with such a dangerous man?

Harry stepped down and pulled the hood over his pale face, ignoring most of the people in the room. He stopped by the werewolf though. Remus looked up at him with tired eyes and to their surprises, the pale man smiled slightly and said quietly:

"Harry sends a hello, Mr Lupin. He misses you."

They hardly noticed that he a moment later was gone.


"A man who is can speak Parseltongue you say?"

Lucius nodded, not moving from his kneeling position. Voldemort looked thoughtfully at the blonde and said:

"Did he have golden eyes?"

Lucius whipped his head up with wide eyes. He stared at the Dark Lord. The man put his head in his hands and said:

"Oh Merlin…"

"What is wrong, my lord?" Snape asked, as he was the only other Death Eater present.

Voldemort rose up abruptly and said:

"He's here… oh my god, he's alive."

"What do you mean?" the blonde Malfoy asked.

"Let me guess the rest of this man's look," Voldemort said with a faint smile. That nearly gave Lucius a heart attack; Voldemort was not the type that smiled. "Raven hair to his waist, pale skin matching his eyes, dressed normally in midnight-blue robes with black cloaks, a black ring with a red stone and an earring with the rune for 'dark'. Am I right?"

"Yes," Lucius breathed.

"That was… is, I guess I should say, the favourite disguise of a friend of mine. Let me guess; his last name was Viator?"


Harry sighed as he looked around. He had been trying to clean up one of the summer houses Sirius had willed him but the house was full of dark items.

It had been two weeks since the reading, and Harry had done some drastic changes. He had used some illegal spells to permanently change certain things about him. Gone was his glasses and scrawny body. He now looked a bit more like a sixteen-year old.

He had changed his hair so it now was reaching his shoulder-blades, and it was much smoother now, and was dressed in a midnight-blue robe to match his now icy eyes. He had put a glamour over his eyes so that no one would recognize him. To most people when he was in Diagon Alley, he was just another dark person and not the perfect Harry Potter, the saviour of the world. They avoided him but he paid them no mind. He was mostly in Knockturn Alley, since it was there he could make the most business. He remembered when he had been to Borgin & Burkes once more:

Harry stepped inside the dark store and sighed when he saw the Malfoys once again. This time he had Hedwig perched on his shoulder, a light contrast against his dark looks. Draco turned around and widened his eyes when he saw the pale man. Lucius did as well, but the clerk shone up and said:

"Ah, Mr Viator. I got your letter!"

It seemed like Lucius had lost all blood in his face and he was staring openly at Harry. The teen in disguise chose to ignore the blonde man.

"How lucky," Harry answered dryly. "I presume you accept my offer?"

"Of course, good sire," Mr Borgin said. "No man like me would say no to items you have so carefully described. Let us go in the back and make up."

Harry swept past the two Malfoys and Hedwig hooted to him. He scratched her head and said:

"That's why I told you to stay in my room."

The owl hooted again and he sighed.

"You would have had a much better time with Harry," he said. "This is the last warning."

The owl did not move from him.

"Fine," he said. "Don't blame me when you're bored later."

He moved behind the clerk, and the snow-white owl curled up on his shoulder.

He had made a name out of himself already, as Mr Viator and his strange and rare items. The earring from his glamour from those days was now real and hung in his earlobe. The necklace he had bought hung around his neck. He had the Black family ring on him, as well as the Potter with another ring that had followed with the name Alexander Viator. It had been a black ring with a red stone in the middle. Harry had not found out what it was made of, or who this Alexander Viator really was. It was official that the man was dead, but somehow Ranglook's behaviour had made him unsure that the man was gone forever.

He stretched and decided to get outside for a bit. He put on his best cloak, made sure he had both wands with him (he had bought a custom-made one in Knockturn Alley) and took a final look at himself. He was about to move out when something fell down from a shelf.

A small stone. Harry crouched down and looked at it. Was it dangerous or not? He waved his wand over it, and detected no magic. He took it in his hand and suddenly everything went black.


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Chapter two: where did Harry end up?

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