The Truth Behind Evil

Summary: There was one person important to the Dark Lord in the past. His name was Alexander Viator. But who was he, if not our own Harry Potter? Time-travel fic.

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Not many. Ah, Lucius was not captured or anything in the fight in the Ministry. He still walks around, free.

And, there will be Dumbledore bashing and generally some Gryffindor bashing as well.

Now I don't know the names of the old people, like their grandparents and that shit. I've only seen a few names that give me guidance so I'll make the other ones up.

Disclaimer: If I had owned the Harry Potter series, do you think Snape had died? No, so that means I don't own the books! They belong to Mrs Rowling alone, kapisch?





This is the last chapter on this story. Enjoy it.


Chapter Eight

The Gryffindors left pretty much everyone alone after those 'pranks' while the Aurors and the teachers worked overtime to figure out who did it. Dumbledore had immediately pointed out Alexander, but this time Dippet outright refused to even ask him. The Transfiguration had also apparently not seen Alexander in the same pain, the medic witch calmly informed, her face pale of fury.

Suspicions were directed towards Carmilla and Abel as well, but nothing could be proved. The three students were declared innocent.


"Tom? What are you doing?"

The boy looked up at Alexander, then back down at the parchment and shrugged. The teen sat down next to the boy and saw he had written Tom Marvolo Riddle.

"Okay, I think I need a vocal answer for that."

"I don't want to be Tom forever," Tom replied sourly. "I want to have a cool name like you or Abraxas. Even Theo has a cool name."

"I think Tom is alright."

"It's Muggle! Completely Muggle!"

"Fine, don't shout. Alright, what are you planning?"

"Creating an alias from my real name. I want everyone in the Wizarding World to know my name."

The boy looked over the parchment again, thought for a while and then said:


"Are you joking with me?" Alexander said. "Do you really want to be known as Mort for the rest of your life?"


"Alright, let me try."

The teen didn't need to try though. He could already see the name form. He dipped the quill in ink and wrote down the letter V. Tom looked on, waiting for the rest. The raven-haired teen pretended to think out several names in his head before he settled on one. It was no turning back; he had given the young Voldemort the beginning, and now he had to continue. He wrote it down.

"Voldemort?" Tom said, confused.

"Doesn't it sound good?" Alexander asked, a bit worried.

The boy tried the name a few more times and then said:

"Sounds good. But there are a lot of letters left."

"'I am' fits," Alexander said. "See? So that'll be 'I am Voldemort'."

"Yeah but we got four more…"

"Lord", Alexander said. "Lord of Tomorrow, Lord Voldemort. I am Lord Voldemort. That sounds pretty intimidating."

"I don't want to be a lord."

"Don't worry; it's just a title. And it fits. Lord of Tomorrow and Lord Voldemort. Next thing I know, you're aiming for world domination!"

Tom didn't seem to believe him, but Alexander knew better. Tom had achieved the goal of being known to the whole Wizarding World.


Dumbledore was fuming. That damn headmaster wouldn't listen on him! Alexander Viator had to be gone, or else he would become a Dark Lord! Didn't Dippet see that? Dumbledore hated the boy with his knowing smiles and cold eyes! He had to die!

Had to… but how? An Avada Kedavra? Should Dumbledore do it himself? He had to be provoked and Viator seemed to know better than provoke someone like the Transfiguration professor. But he found no other way to kill the boy than the killing curse.

The Transfiguration teacher snickered and began planning. Soon the boy would be gone and the world would be fine again. He, Albus Dumbledore, would never let the boy be greater than Grindelwald.


Alexander knew the time was closing in, and wondered just how he was going to 'die'. Custos had not told him who killed him and what killed him. All he knew was that he was going to be sent into the future again the moment the curse hit him. Or whatever would hit him.

Tom had once more snuck into his dorm, and the teen hadn't been able to fall asleep after the boy had wrapped his thin arms around the raven-haired time-traveller. Alexander sighed softly as he stroke Tom's brown locks. He didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay in this time, forever. He wanted to help this young boy achieve world domination. Lord of Tomorrow.

The teen felt Nagini come up onto the bed and she slithered over his still frame all until her head rested against his shoulder.

-Thinking again?- she asked quietly, nuzzling his neck.

-I need to ask you a favour-, Alexander said, looking at her. The snake waited. -I want you to take care of Tom if anything happens to me.-


Year 1996, Riddle Manor

Voldemort hadn't opened those few boxes from the time when he was in school in a very long time. Of course, he had been a spirit for fourteen years, but even before that he never wanted to look at them.

Now he found himself sitting cross-legged and on his way to open the first one. His long fingers grasped the lid and pulled it away. The dust flew through the air and Nagini sneezed, something very strange to come from a snake. But she was not the normal snake exactly.

-Serves you right for using my shoulder as your leaning-spot-, the man said softly to her.

-Oh, hush you-, Nagini hissed.

Voldemort chuckled and she rubbed her face against his robes to get the dust away. The Dark Lord looked down in the box for the first time in so many years, his throat tight and his body unwilling to move. He slowly picked up a robe, and unfolded it. Alexander's favourite robe, dark blue with silver buttons. He had never been able to destroy it, or even give it away. Voldemort tucked the robe against his chest and the pearly white snake came up to rest her head at his shoulder again.

-What's wrong?- she asked.

-Is he really back?- he said, looking at her with his now brown eyes.

Nagini looked at her master, the sweet little boy she had always liked. If snakes could smile, she would definitely do just that. She could feel it very clearly; she would always feel her old master's aura.

-Yes-, she hissed in delight. -He's back.-

The Dark Lord smiled a bit and turned back to the box. He picked out Alexander's old books, notes, quills and parchments. Suddenly, as he was picking out an old Potions book, a letter fell out from it. Voldemort stopped in his picking and looked at the letter. It was addressed to… Voldemort. It stood Voldemort, with Alexander's handwriting.

The man picked it up, and opened it. It was not much written on it, but it was still something:

Be sure to stay home the 14th of August 1996. And tell Nagini I will not get happy to get squeezed to death.

Your big brother,


Voldemort stared. It was the eleventh today. In three days. He had to stop and think of all the things that had happened since the eight of August.

Eight of August: In the middle of a meeting, Voldemort had felt the link between himself and Harry Potter suddenly being pulled into almost nonexistent. There had been no pain, only an odd emptiness that the Dark Lord had not been able to figure out.

Ninth of August: The pain. Harry Potter most likely killed. He had regained some of his humanity, though having no idea why or how. All he knew was that Alexander must have killed Harry Potter. He could feel it, the haunting knowledge that his old friend had succeeded killing his worst enemy.

Tenth of August: A day of painful memories as he visited Abraxas' grave. He noticed someone had put an ivy flower on the grave, but he had no idea who. He had just sat there for two hours, before Nagini gently nudged him and told him it was time to go back. He had wished that day that Abraxas was still alive.

And now he was sitting and holding Alexander's things. He put the things back and moved on to the next box. The first thing he saw when he opened the lid was it. He had not thought of that necklace for a very long time. Voldemort picked it up and said quietly:

"Lord of Tomorrow… Lord Voldemort. How did you know that, Alex?"


Alexander stretched as he walked out from the room. Finally, exams over! He had done rather well despite his fears. He set out to find some dinner, and find Tom and Abraxas.

They were both in the Great Hall and waved him over. The teen went to them with long strides, saying hellos to different Slytherins along the way. He sent a small smile to Abel, and the half-vampire smirked. He plopped down between them and said:

"Alright, what's up with the happy faces?"

"Come on, school's over!" Tom said. "Now we get to relax for one week!"

"I thought you loved school", Alexander said, smiling.

"Yeah, but someone can actually get tired of it", the boy reminded.

"Alright, explanation accepted. You have the same excuse, Abraxas?"

"Yeah", the blonde said. "I really dread next year though."

"The OWLS?"


"They're not that hard", Alexander said. "I just happened to have some bad teachers when I did the tests. Some Ministry people who had no idea what they were doing. Just study as you've done this year, and you'll be fine. Though I've heard rumours that the teachers here dump a lot of work on their students during fifth and seventh year."

"That's what you have to endure next year", the Malfoy said, laughing.

"Oh, lucky me", the blue-eyed teen said sarcastically. "What's wrong, Tom?"

"Is it true that in your third year you get permission to go to Hogsmeade if you have the permission?" the boy asked.

"Yeah", Abraxas said. "Worrying about that? They will accept, don't worry. Just tell them my parents are otherwise very happy to visit and adopt you in a second and torture the rest to death."

Tom giggled, and Alexander rolled his eyes. Suddenly a chill ran up his spine and the raven-haired teen looked up at the Head Table. Dumbledore was looking at him. Alexander narrowed his eyes, and the man smiled before looking away. The teen had not liked the smile.

'What are you trying to pull, you old man?'


The plans were made, and they were perfect. In a few days, Alexander Viator would die and everything would be under his control again. The world didn't need the boy; he was a danger to everything. He was leading young Tom Riddle to the Dark side, and Dumbledore wasn't going to allow that. Tom Riddle would be too strong if he was on the Dark side, so the Transfiguration teacher wanted him on the Light side. Otherwise, it would not go according to his plans.


Alexander knew the day had to come.

And yet when it did, it took him completely by surprise.

He had learned to take his most prized possessions with him at all time, just in case. And today he was happy he had done so.

The day began normally, with him waking up tangled up in the sheets with a disoriented snake who tried to find her way back out from the covers, cursing and muttering all the time. He had helped her out and she went hunting for a big and tasty mouse to feed on. He had taken a quick shower and dressed before John and Goyle had woken up. He then spent the next five minutes going through his stuff and put the most important things in his robe, shrunken of course.

Then he went to the common room. He never needed to wait more than ten minutes before Tom and Abraxas joined him. They had gone and eaten breakfast, then moving out into the sun for some relaxed time.

This time, however, was not going to be relaxed. And after this time, it would not be another one.

"Alexander Viator?"

The teen turned around to face an Auror. Behind him stood five more of them, all glaring at the raven-haired teen. If they thought he would be frightened, they were wrong. Immortality made Alexander a bit too sure of himself, and he knew that. And he loved every moment of it.

"Yes?" he replied, glaring back. The Aurors cowered but the head Auror continued:

"There is a teacher on the school who said himself to have proof that you tortured Harold Potter during last year. We are here to take you to the Ministry for questioning."

"I was questioned by the headmaster after that incident", Alexander said coldly. "With Veritaserum, and I had the headmaster as a witness."

"You could have been immune against the Veritaserum."

"I'm not", the teen snapped, "I can assure you that."

"Just come with us."

"I don't think so. You have no real proof, so I'm not going anywhere."

"Don't fight against them, Mr Viator."

Dumbledore stepped up and said:

"I'm positive you somehow escaped the serum and therefore you will be questioned by the Ministry. You are a legal adult, so therefore we have the right to take you there."

"Over my dead body", the raven-haired teen said, crossing his arms. His voice brought shivers to those around him. "I refuse to withstand the humiliation one more time. I never did anything of violent sort against Potter, even if he provoked me."

"Stop lying", the Transfiguration teacher said sweetly. "I know you don't want to end up in trouble, but this is just it. If you don't cooperate, they have to use force."

"Just try it."

This was it. Alexander could feel it.

"Take him away", the head Auror said to one of his co-workers.

"Wait a minute!"

They turned to look at Theo. He was glaring at them.

"You can't take a student away from here because of some unclear thing like that. Dumbledore saw it himself, when Alex was questioned. Or are you saying the headmaster is supporting torture?"

Gasps. Alexander stared at his friend, feeling grateful. They knew he had done it, and yet they still protected him.

"Yeah, that's right!" Abraxas said. "And then Dumbledore tried to kill him by pouring down a whole bottle of the serum in him! If you're going to arrest someone, arrest Dumbledore for trying to kill someone!"

More gasps. The wizard looked furious. Alexander turned to the Aurors and said:

"As I said, you have to kill me before you can move me from this place."

Dumbledore had enough. He whipped out his wand, directed it towards Alexander and screamed:


Shock made the teen's icy blue widen. Was he going to 'die' by that curse that had failed to kill him before? The green light came speeding towards him. People screamed. The Aurors rushed to get their wands out, to protect the teen. Alexander himself knew it would do nothing. He would 'die' today.

He looked over at Tom and Abraxas. They screamed, being held back by some older students. Alexander stretched out a hand, like reaching out. The curse hit him. Pain registered in his mind. His eyes widened, Tom could see the fine veins in the teen's eyes burst. The hand flexed, gripped air. In the next moment, his body dissolved to ashes and disappeared with the wind.

The only sound left was the wind blowing gently on this beautiful summer day. But only for a moment. A scream tore out from Tom Riddle:


The end

The end of my story, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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