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Have You Ever Wondered...?

Part I

Tyson smiled. His dark eyes were closed and his body was as still as the wind, lying below the sky in the long grass. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the flies were having sex; it was just a nice summer's day. Except the flies were actually getting a little annoying.

It was their mating season and everywhere he turned he'd see flies having sex in the most random places. In the grass, in the air, on dog poop. Worst of all, they had taken a weird liking to him, and every five seconds he found himself swatting off horny flies, and to his horror, most of them liked doing it in his hair.

"Hn," He heard a grunt next to him and that small noise itself was enough for him to open his eyes, and he glanced over at his friend who was now sat up, brushing a pair of flies off his arm.

Tyson smirked. "Heh heh. Must be attracted to you as well. They're so annoying!" He caught another pair of flies having fun on his hand and swatted them away, sighing. "Have you ever wondered whether flies make out?"

Kai threw his crimson gaze onto Tyson, throwing him off guard slightly with his deadly scowl. "Flies do not make out."

This time, Tyson had to sit up. "How can you be so sure?" Kai rolled his eyes then slumped back down into the grass, that grassy crinkly noise left unheard behind Tyson's voice. "...I've seen dolphins kiss. And dogs, actually. Well, more like licking each other's rear end, but kissing is kissing, right?" Tyson suddenly blinked. "Not that I would want to kiss anyone's butt or anything!"

Kai didn't reply. A heavy sigh left Tyson's lips. Conversation with Kai was just as good as being alone. In fact, he'd have more fun talking to himself than Kai at times. He fell backwards and as his back touched the grass, he was in direct line with the sun again, the sharp blaze burning his eyes. He closed them, falling back into his dreamy relaxed state.

On the subject of kissing, it suddenly occurred to him he hadn't had one in a long time. His first and last was... he shivered. A girl who bit his tongue. The damage was so severe he had to go to the hospital. Pretty much after that, he'd totally gone off the whole idea of kissing, especially with girls.

Moments of silence blessed them, the enjoyment of the world for once being so peaceful they didn't want it to end. Tyson smiled to himself and let his head fall onto the grass now, removing his arms from underneath. He placed them above his head and snuggled against himself.

"Hey, Kai..." It wasn't long before another thought popped into Tyson's head and a sigh escaped Kai. "Have you ever wondered what it's like to kiss a guy?"

There was nothing. It was as though Kai hadn't heard the question. The same sounds filled his ears and as he waited for a reply to the rather forward question, he found himself cringing slightly. He had the funniest spur of the moment things at times.

He opened his eyes when he heard Kai grunt again. From the corner, he saw Kai's shoulders rise and fall, shrugging. "...Hm. Not today. You?" Tyson had to echo Kai's words throughout his own head to comprehend what he had just heard. His eyes widened and he sat up with a start, amusement twirling within them.

"Not today? You mean you have?" Tyson grinned at the boy who didn't seem embarrassed, and Kai casually opened his eyes like he hadn't said anything of the sort. Tyson's whole body was now being crushed by his strong, mesmerising red gaze.

Kai didn't smile. "I asked you first."

"Huh..." Tyson stared at the older boy, losing himself in the depths of his friend's eyes. He forcefully shook his head, a very amused grin on his face. "You want to play it like that, pal? Fine. I wouldn't have asked if I've never thought about it." He paused, still gazing at Kai with a ponderous face. "...Wanna try it?"

He bit his bottom lip as Kai's intimidating eyes continued to stare.

Kai pouted. "Hn. Why not."

Tyson grinned. "Watching all these flies making you want some of the action, huh?"

He watched as Kai rode onto his side and suddenly Tyson felt his strong hand clasp onto his yellow shirt, pulling him down to the ground. He let out a gasp as Kai's frame slid above him, hovering gently overhead like a taunting desire. For a second, Kai held himself out of Tyson's reach with his muscly arms, balancing up high.

Tyson's eyes widened, the clash between their bodies sending sparks flying up his body and a shiver of delight slithered down his spine. He wanted to eat Kai there and then, his hot body so close yet so far. Finally, Kai came crashing down and closed the gap faster than the time Tyson had to gasp, his lips thrashing against Tyson's.

Kai's movements at first were gentle and soft, letting off a lustful steam. Tyson was surprised, the simple affection and lovingness Kai seemed to hold when kissing a total shock to him, but that didn't mean to say he wasn't enjoying it already. He felt Kai's body lower closer, the hinge on his arms bending like it was a game of chicken limbo.

Tyson grinned into Kai's mouth, earning a quiet groan from the unpredictable phoenix. He felt Kai pull away for half a second, so little he didn't notice too much but going in for another, this time Kai seemed to possess a fiery charm. He pressed deeply against Tyson's lips, opening his mouth wider and wider but before Tyson could have the pleasure of entering, Kai hastily pulled away, a nice slobbering mess hanging between them.

Kai took a moment to wipe away Tyson's liquid then sat up on his elbows, still firmly placed above him. He saw the teen below him looking rather happy, an expressed smirk on his face.

"I know what makes Kai horny," Tyson sang. "Flies having sex on him," He smirked but Kai didn't even crack a smile, his face still as dry as the sky. "Well I found it funny." Kai didn't say anything again. "You know Kai, you're a better kisser than the only girl I've kissed. I think I prefer you."

Kai could still feel the heat from Tyson's body beneath him. He blinked, having to inevitably lick some left-over dribble from his lips before it fell. "...So now I know."

Tyson looked confused. "Know what?"

"What kissing a guy is like. And so do you."

Tyson frowned. Even though short lived he'd grown fond of Kai above him- there was something very comfortable about it and for some reason, entertaining. He almost felt trapped by Kai's sturdy arms blocking his way to escape.

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to tongue a guy?" Tyson asked suddenly, so casually Kai just had to raise an eyebrow. "You know, like French kissing." He waited patiently for an answer off Kai, his smirk slowly recycling back onto his face.

"My answer is the same as before," Kai stated, still staring like an owl into Tyson's eyes. He just had no idea how Kai could stare for so long and not laugh or even smile at least once. He'd win a staring contest any day.

"Okay so... wanna try it?" The younger boy asked, smiling sweetly up at Kai.

"My answer is the same as before," Kai repeated again and Tyson felt his head spin. Kai the riddler, Kai the bloody riddler! Why did he always have to be so god-damn clever? The sudden thought of Kai dressed as the Riddler in a tight, green suit with question marks all over the place doing a little jig played nicely through his head, a slight giggle leaving his lips. He looked so damn sexy. The tightness was riding up Kai's crotch.

Unexpectedly, a smack roped across his lips and his erotic thoughts drifted away, the power of Kai's touch enough to make everything black out before him. His attention dived onto Kai as his eyes pulled open, caught totally off guard. Hotness streamed from his lips, the burning Kai was surpassing onto him hot and heavy, devouring his lips hungrily like a savage tiger mauling on a piece of meat.

Oblivious to his own eyes closing, the sensation that ran up Tyson's spine was unbelievable, Kai's touch feeling so good every touch fried him, and to his delight, Kai finally used one of his hands to hold his face, gripping it tighter and tighter the wilder he got, seeming to want to ride up to the ultimate pleasure.

Even Kai's hand felt good, it was so strong and balanced and everything Kai did seemed so effortless that Tyson felt he just had to make more of an effort. Smiling into the kiss, Tyson let his hand wander down Kai's muscled abs, upon feeling them gasping into Kai's mouth, a fluttering feeling inside aching viciously but he had the desire for more. He slid his tongue against Kai's bottom lip, purposely long and wet to wander slightly off edge just to taste his skin. It was like sea salt, only better. Slightly sweet but strong, the scent flowed throughout him, his body shuddering in satisfaction.

He entered his tongue as he felt up Kai, managing to make the boy above him squirm at his touch. Tyson couldn't help but chuckle slightly, amused Kai could ever be moved by his touch, his tongue bobbing up and down inside Kai's mouth as he giggled, though came to a quiet stop when he felt Kai's tongue rub against his, sliding down it and poking at the tip, making it clear he existed. Kai edged further inside Tyson's mouth now, running his own on top of Tyson's tongue, surprisingly not sloppily even though he was a very deep and wild explorer.

Deeper into Tyson's cavern Kai went, gliding along his walls then clashing with his tongue, fire burning in their mouths. Kai's hot, blazing breath caressed Tyson's face, hairs all over his body standing up and when Kai grabbed a hold of Tyson's hip, that combined with the hot air he blew into his mouth sent shivers throughout all of his body, guiding him to a new base of pleasure.

Now Kai was getting a little more passionate and eager, Tyson sped, raising his head slightly from the ground and held the back of Kai's head, pushing his snaking and needy tongue further inside Kai's cave, before sending a lick to Kai's lips which he responded to by gripping Tyson's thigh harder, the younger boy letting out a groan at this, his hands now digging into Kai's hair, messing it up.

The sensations seemed to go on and on, exploring each other over and over again, always finding something new to poke at. Seeming to be able to read each other's mind, their tongues carefully pulled out of each other's mouth, the two of them gasping for air, panting like dogs. Kai lifted his body up slightly, his arms weakening only slightly from being on hinges all the time.

Heavy gasps echoed from his mouth, in line with Tysons although his were much stronger, Kai obviously being fitter than he was. It was truly amazing a kiss could make them lose their breath, but then again, they hadn't really gone up for air. All Tyson knew was that he'd never experienced anything quite like it.

They simply gazed at each other, a dirty smirk on Tyson's face but Kai still hadn't managed one, and there was silence for the moment as they tried to catch their breath.

"That got... rather interesting," Tyson grinned. "Turned out to be quite an adventure."

He watched as Kai rolled his eyes and suddenly a weight he enjoyed lifted from him, the sky visible again as Kai rolled away, landing beside him casually. Suddenly he felt so cold, so icy. Kai's body had been warm and fiery, and not only that, it had been such a delightful feeling there was apart of Tyson that didn't want it to end.

A smile was still played across his lips, resting his head dreamily against the grass again. Kai acted like nothing had ever happened. That was so him.

There was a sudden brace of quiet, and neither of them spoke for a while. Neither of them felt awkward about what they had just done, and Tyson could even fall back into a relaxed state again, his eyes slowly closing.

Just then, there was a slight wind which brought Tyson to open his eyes again. He looked across at Kai, smirking, his eyes glittering with mischief.

Kai turned and looked blankly and humourlessly at Tyson's cunning face, his eyes flashing eagerly. He followed Tyson's gaze and to his surprise, it landed further down Kai's body, directly on his groin.

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to..." Kai could see where this was going. Out of nowhere, he raised his hand and clasped it over Tyson's mouth, successfully shutting him up.

At last, after a long hard journey trying to find it's way, a small but visible smile took over Kai's face completely, his whole complexion lighting up. Tyson wanted to laugh in triumph, a deep sigh leaving his lips. Slowly, Kai removed his hand, his smile still firmly placed.

"Somewhere else," He stated simply, his glowing face irresistible. Tyson grinned. Together, they stood up, wandering to another place for more wondrous adventures.

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