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Part II

Mmmm. The hot, steamy scent of Kai still lingered in his mouth, his lips sizzling at the thought of more. Tyson smirked cheekily to himself, staring at the back of Kai- or more specifically, Kai's bum; it was so firm and suddenly he had the urge to feel it, the sweet tenderness...

Somehow, Tyson resisted when Kai stopped, having led him to his own Dojo now, and turned around, his crimson eyes serious as though they were about to do some sort of business meeting, pulling a sedated and professional face. Tyson licked his lips at the boy, grinning. Professional... certainly liked the sound of that.

Tyson stepped forward, his thoughts drifting into a whole new erotic state. He began to walk down the steps towards the door, listening to the sexy footsteps of Kai behind him, the sweet tune clustering the gravel. Never in a million years did he expect to feel this way about a boy. But after that kiss, he was convinced it could turn heterosexual boy gay.

He opened the door and moved to the side, staring at Kai's perfectly worked out body as he walked past him, his eyes almost tripping over when he caught a glimpse of Kai's tensed muscle on his arm. He shook his head hastily, smiling to himself. He shut the door then walked to where Kai had stopped, standing beside him.

"Say, Kai... have you ever wondered what it's like to foreplay in a bathroom?"

The stronger teen looked down at him, his eyes cold and showing no signs of lust or affection. He simply answered, "It's never crossed my mind."

Tyson grinned. "Do you want to find out what it's like?"

Kai stared at him for a moment. "Whatever."

Tyson lowered his eyes. Was that a yes in Kai's world?
"WOA!" Suddenly his smaller wrist was gripped by a tight hand, and he felt his whole body being taken away, his feet sliding along the floor, being led by Kai.

Tyson laughed nervously, his chuckling loud when the grip was released but only for him to be thrown into the bathroom, probably not as hard as intended he thought as he slipped on the floor, diving towards the wall. He was still laughing despite being in pain, his head having clunked off the sink.

His glanced up, seeing Kai stood in the door way looking mighty hot, his arms folded, and he closed the door behind him, leaning against it seductively, his eyes calling out for more now, flashing hungrily. Tyson groaned, staring wide-eyed, struck by Kai's beauty. Sitting up, he managed a smile from his dropped jaw, leaning his back against the sink with his legs unintentionally wide open.

It was then that Kai started to move towards him did Tyson let out a little squeak, the tall, glowing young man closing in-

And Kai leant down, jumping on top of Tyson like an angry animal. Tyson's throbbing head once again knocked clumsily against the sink but this time the pain was blocked out, the sensation of having Kai so close like a dream. Still leant against the sink, Kai crawled over his body, grabbing one of Tyson's thighs, making the boy squirm beneath him. Tyson blushed madly as Kai's face slowly slid beside his cheek, feeling Kai's luscious, dangerous, hot breath against his ear, a shiver dancing throughout him.

Eyes closing to the pleasant shudder, he whined to the small, taunting lick Kai gave him, the simple seductive charm Kai seemed to hold giving him the willies. How could any guy feel so good... For a moment, Kai continued to nibble Tyson's ear, and suddenly he felt the force of Kai's hand slam next to his head, onto the cold sink, licking his cheek and ear, breathing deeply against his face. That as well as the pleasure of having Kai sitting on him in a straddling position, grinding their hips together, caused Tyson to cry out in what sounded like pain. Strong, amazing, pain.

To his disappointment, Kai pulled away but his delight regained once he felt Kai's lips hover over his. He gasped when Kai's other hand pushed one of Tyson's arms to the wall behind, keeping him annoyingly out of reach of his lips teasingly. They hovered so close, only inches away, Kai's breath radiating gently onto his face. He was getting impatient, Kai certainly knew how to frustrate his victims, leaving him hanging on the edge of his seat.

Slowly, Kai's eyes closed and he felt the gap close, his lips landing strongly and heavily against Tysons. Immediately his eyes slid shut, crusades of shivers and pleasure burning him, Kai moving closer, his body pressing Tyson's further against the sink, their hips still squashed together, raging to be released. He straddled closer to Tyson's body, the blazing heat of the collision between their desperate bodies setting alight, something amazing whispering against them.

The dragon deepened the kiss, using his one free hand to wisp down Kai's face, his fingers apart, tickling him slightly. A very masculine moan trickled from the phoenix's throat, very deeply Tyson felt it echo through his body, rattling his insides. He followed suit and groaned into Kai's mouth, earning himself a harder grip on his arm, Kai's strength unbelievable but very controlling, something that Tyson grew to enjoy.

It was then he felt Kai lick his lips, demanding entrance, scrolling magically hard against Tyson's body, now practically sitting on him. Tyson obeyed and opened his mouth, allowing Kai to enter. Something slimy, wet, but all the more energetic and such a spine-twister slipped inside, cold sweat raging from his forehead now, and he could feel Kai's hand beginning to sweat as well. He played lightly with his tongue, licking his insides, running along the top of his cave whilst Tyson playfully nibbled Kai's lip, a groan escaping the phoenix's hot throat.

The clash between their groins now was agony, Kai could already feel Tyson's throbbing member beneath his pants. It felt good so Kai edged forward a little, a cry streaming from Tyson's lips. Just then, Kai stood on his hind legs for a second and Tyson watched him wondrously, the heat from Kai's body no longer soothing his own.

"Oh Kai, stop playing with me..." Tyson smirked but Kai didn't even answer and he grabbed a hold of Tyson's other hand, pulling him upto stand on his feet much to Tyson's confusion, their bodies resting close in the air. Tyson's eyes widened when Kai gave him a little push, and he fell back directly into the sink, his legs open. He raised his eyebrows.

"No point being in a bathroom if we're not going to use the objects," Kai stated bluntly and Tyson laughed out loud.

"I get the feeling this sparkling clean sink is about to get dirty..." He sniggered lowly, watching a half-smile play on Kai's lips for a blink of a second, but before he could comment, a pair of very rough hands landed on the rim of Tyson's pants, causing his eyes to glow, feeling the hotness inside his pants. Kai touching him like this wasn't fun when he taunted. It made him want it more. Desperately.

Tyson gulped when Kai began to undo his belt, easily drawing down his jeans. Upon seeing Tyson's upbeat underwear, Kai raised an eyebrow then briefly looked at Tyson, a 'ready?' expression on his face. Tyson didn't comply, his head was thrown back by the powerful grip on his thighs, Kai's sturdy hands amazingly warm, sizzling his skin.

Kai felt evil. He slowly, tauntingly drew down Tyson's underwear, and was greeted with a rather large, hot, pounding erection burning in pleasure. Tyson groaned when he felt Kai's fingers touch it, a whole new grinding, torturous outburst lifting his body to a new high. Just then, something wet tickled the tip, pointing, then pulled back.

Tyson moaned. "P-Please don't do that to me Kai..." He heard Kai chuckle deeply, his breath flowing onto Tyson's member. "You bastard. Ugh-" Kai continued to play with him, steaming his hot tongue against him, using his hands to glide along it slightly. "MAN KAI YOU EVIL..."

This time, his pain was taken away. Long, broad fingers wrapped around him, the simple grip causing Tyson to jolt, his legs shaking. Slowly, Kai began to jerk his hand, sending piles of pleasure through out Tyson. Unexpectedly, Tyson's hand reached out and grabbed Kai's chest, causing a massive shake to flow through his body. The phoenix grabbed Tyson's hand whilst still pleasuring him, moans echoing from Tyson's mouth.

He guided Tyson's hand down his chest, his claws stabbing into him, taking out his fierce pleasure on Kai, leaving his destined mark. Kai growled a little, feeling pieces of flesh part from his body, Tyson's animal-like nails really going for it.

Suddenly, Tyson gasped. His hand was now touching something hard, glaring between his smaller hands. Scarcely opening his eyes, having to blink a few times due to the rocking his body was having to handle, his eyes caught Kai's flashed privates, and his own hand now cupped around it.

A nervous smirk cruised to his lips and he once again swung his head back, beginning to somehow enlighten Kai on what it felt like to have someone else do it for you, despite his mind being only on one thing- his own bruised, raising penis, still being pulled by Kai, streaming with sweat, hot impulses driving him insane. Any minute now.. he could feel it. It was coming.

Kai moaned, Tyson's grip ravaging him, and he almost slipped from edge on Tyson, his unbalancing mind wandering.

"Oh!" Wonderful, wonderful feelings erupted inside Tyson. At long last he finally climaxed, his head spinning out of control in pleasure. It was unreal. The grip on Kai's member tightened, sending him to cry slightly in pain as Tyson finished his final moments, his breath becoming rugged.

He panted for air, still giving Kai the benefit of the doubt. Suddenly, he reached out with his other hand and pulled Kai's head towards his, landing a deep, lustful kiss against his lips, Kai's moans of pleasure rasping into his mouth. He could feel the warmness of Kai, his hardness causing him to become slightly illusioned again, throwing his eyes back.

Kai came quickly, and Tyson smiled, gliding his hand much harder, his lips still pressed against Kai's. Whiteness spewed around them, Kai now panting for much needed air.

Hearts pounding, their breaths were still lost. They stared into each other's eyes, for a glistening second, Tyson was sure he saw something else other than lust in there. He blinked and pulled away slightly, making sure Kai noticed the glow of mischief within his orbs. Kai raised his eyebrows.

He watched as Tyson pulled off his shirt, revealing a fine set of abs and smooth chest, a treat for Kai's eyes.

Tyson grinned and grabbed Kai's vest, pulling his head closer. Kai looked slightly bewildered, his eyes flickering with what looked like nerves. So. He had the same effect on Kai as he did to him. Knowing that, it made it a lot more fun.

Suddenly Kai was pushed back, Tyson's tall frame bouncing out from the sink and pulled Kai to the floor, a big tangled mess flailing for a few seconds. This time, Tyson slid on top of Kai, the cold floor of the bathroom making him shiver slightly, but when Tyson began to kiss Kai, that melted away and once again sizzling heat crashed against him.

Their pants were still pulled down, their parts crashing together, wanting to be together, wanting to be felt again... Kai arched his body into Tyson, the devilish grip Tyson had on Kai's face and on his chest burying him in more delight, his sharp yet soft touch mauling his body.

Tyson smirked against his lips, happy for once he was in control. He pulled apart from the kiss, using his arms to rest his rather oblivious weight from Kai. "Let's get you bare..." He smirked, and sat up a little, beginning to take off Kai's vest.

Kai helped, purposely flashing his naked chest into Tyson's face, causing drool to slip from his mouth. He was so hot and arousing...

Unable to resist, Tyson's naked body slumped against Kai, grabbing him into yet again another kiss.

Red eyes shot open. Kai lost his breath, feeling something run along him, between his legs. Tyson smirked. He slithered down Kai's body, away from his face, and Kai felt something hot and steamy glow against him. Tyson's hot breath hovered over him, teasingly, just like he had done before. Tyson gave him a slight lick. Pulling his tongue back into his mouth for a moment, the wanted to taste Kai. Hot, like having a pepper in your mouth, or an onion, a slight tinge of salt in there too. Overall? Tasty.

Kai couldn't look. He closed his eyes, Tyson's hot breath again flaring against him. Another lick came, then something more, like it was being covered by a giant hole, purposely slow and agonizing, the feeling out of this world. Kai kicked a little, arching, his legs unable to move due to Tyson's weight on top of them.

The rim of Tyson's mouth began to slide seductively down, his tongue flicking the tip lightly, dribble wandering down. Kai gripped a hold of the back of Tyson's head, pushing his head further down and Tyson smirked in response, enjoying Kai's hot member in his mouth, continuing to suck like it was a lolly pop.

Kai growled loudly, squeezing Tyson so hard the younger boy cried in pain, but continued, sending his tongue around the tip again to get the same reaction out of Kai. The tight grip went further, Kai's nails digging into Tyson's head, his hips shaking in delight, thrusting himself further towards the Tyson.

He felt like he was going to explode any minute, into sheer bliss. Tyson finally hit the spot and the last blow sent Kai into a world of his own, his eyes narrowing, his other hand now holding Tyson's face as he climaxed. Tyson groaned, still licking Kai, causing him further pleasure.

The phoenix felt a smirk against him, and once again white fluid came dancing from him. Tyson pulled away hastily, looking down at Kai tiredly. Panting, Kai stared, his dark red eyes looking rather shocked. Sweat poured from him, which Tyson took a pleasure in noticing, glad he'd made the infamous hard Kai Hiwatari anxious

Tyson didn't waste any time and pounced back onto Kai, sending a lick across his cheek. He groaned in response against Tyson's neck, then clasped his hand onto Tyson's chest, his jaw closing tightly shut. He pulled his face towards him and they kissed, hot and heavy.

Tyson above him was sort of... nice. But not half as good as when he was on top, Kai just loved being in control. No matter what the situation.

Suddenly, Kai's legs wrapped around Tyson, sending a gasp to escape from his mouth, and quickly, was turned over, Kai managing to swap places and landed brutally on top of Tyson, their pelvis' rubbing together fiercely, burning, aching to be used again.

A glance was shared between the two, their eyes filled with undoubted amusement. Well, Kai's looked more like they were on the brink of anger, but Tyson guessed that meant he was enjoying himself. He wasn't the only one...

Kai now on top, in control of the situation once again, dived down and kissed Tyson, one hand gripping around his penis and the other resting above his head, a moan vibrating from Tyson. He entered his tongue, mauling his lips between his teeth, Tyson opening his mouth wider, enjoying the exchange between saliva.

Tyson dug his hips into Kai, wrapping his legs around Kai's thighs, and squeezing, before pulling apart momentarily, and he looked up at Kai.

He grinned. "Have you ever wondered what's it like..." He watched Kai's face turn pale. Tyson looked down, gesturing towards their lower bodies. "... to have sex with a guy?"

Nothing was a surprise any more. Kai couldn't help it. He let the free-will grin spread across his lips, looking rather dirty and eatable, Tyson so raunchily thought. Diving back down again, Kai caught Tyson's lips into a hard kiss, pressing down like there was no tomorrow.

They played around for a while, feeling each other up, touching each other, sending their tongues flying against one another and wrestling, their hot breaths radiating like the heat of the sun, super nova. Kai began to massage Tyson's face with his lips, beginning to kiss his jaw now, wandering down slowly to his collar bone, and as his body moved down, Kai began to thrust his member further towards Tyson's hole, though was hesitating quite greatly.

To speed Kai up, he sent him a nod against his lips, training his hand onto Kai's hip. Still kissing, Kai slowly edged down, positioning himself as Tyson opened his legs a little more and moved his body upwards, resting them against Kai's hips. They parted for only a second, inhaling a great deal of air then went back in for more, Kai still playing around at the other end.

Something hard and brutal brushed against the rim of Tyson's bottom hole and he let out a strangled gasp, his breath caught in his throat. He knew it was going to hurt, and would be sore for a while, too. It wasn't exactly off putting though, and he simply nodded again, making sure Kai got the message loud and clear by thrusting his hips against him.

Kai kissed Tyson softly and soothingly, trying to keep it as sweet as possible. With a heavy push, Tyson was finally thrust into, a cry of pain about to leave him before Kai aided him, sending kisses across his lips, getting more passionate as he continued to moan quietly, the pain actually incredibly torturous, being stretched open like an elastic band.

Slowly, Kai began to move steadily, still keeping Tyson under brinks and made out with him passionately, his tongue kept firmly in his throat this time. Steam foamed from their mouths, the gentle rocking of Kai's hips into Tyson's lower body gradually feeling like electricity, the pain slowly rotting away from Tyson and beginning to replace with undeniable pleasure. Fire shook the two into turmoil, their bodies moving with the rhythm, still kissing wildly.

Faster and faster Kai got, not wanting to hurt Tyson in any way but began to build up to something greater, his sloppy breath now becoming rugged and panting, sweat draining from their bodies. Pure bliss started to settle in completely and all pain melted away, becoming oblivious behind the mounts of incredible boiling pleasure Tyson endured.

"Ah..." Breathless, messy, wet. That's what it was, all combined into one. Kai's eyes shot open suddenly, calling out Tyson's name, beginning to brink on the way to the ultimate delight. His legs turned to jelly, his body weakening immensely above Tyson, his groin just about ready to erupt. He could feel it. Not long left...

Tyson called out Kai's name in between their kiss, something amazing happening to him. He was throbbing, so hot, so prodigious. He wasn't going to last long either, if the heat continued like this, able to turn them both to whitering messes.

Finally, a gasp left Kai's mouth, long and drawn out, his body shaking as he was torn into a phenomenal state of satisfaction, the moments he had with the feeling being welcomed so greatly. He cried out, a deep, deep murmur whispering against Tyson's lips.

It was then Tyson couldn't last. That simple sound from Kai caused him to climax, the indulged orgasm rocking his whole body. Sending a satisfied cry into Kai's mouth, the next few moments came and went rather quickly, their heads aching in enjoyment. After that, they could both feel their kicks sliding away and almost directly together, white liquid oozed from them.

"Huh...uh..." They demanded air, their breath totally taken away, whispering heavily for more, sweat covering their bodies. Even a few drops from Kai's forehead fell against Tysons, their hot bodies smelly, sweaty, although pleasant and for seconds, they stared into each other's eyes, magic clashing between them.

Before long, Kai collapsed against Tyson, well and truly warn out. Tyson didn't mind; he liked being so close to him. Slowly, his eyes drifted together, along with Kai's, both falling into necessary sleep.


Kai's eyes shot open. He found himself staring directly at a ceiling, his legs feeling rather bare. He glanced down at himself, only to be greeted by his exposed body, causing him to raise an eyebrow. Everything flashed back. And he remembered. Tyson, kissing, foreplay, sex...

"Hey sexy," Kai looked to his side and saw Tyson lying next to him, his hands placed on his chin, sitting casually. Kai jumped up a little in shock, Tyson's eyes glittering childishly.

"...Have you been watching me sleep?" He asked warily but was hidden well enough through his cold gaze.

Tyson shrugged. "You look cute when you sleep."

Kai narrowed his eyes. He couldn't work out whether that was good or bad. "Right, thanks."

"Did you enjoy last night?" Tyson suddenly asked. Kai sighed. He knew that question would pop up eventually, anyway. Before he could answer, Tyson spoke again. "Hey, Kai. I've just realized. This all started because of those flies."

Kai blinked.

"Have you ever wondered what it's like for the second time?"

He blinked again. Then smiled.


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