"I Don't Wanna Make Biscuits" by Tris

A/N: So…my Mom asks my sis and me if we want to make cheese biscuits from mix, and my response is, "Well I know that hopefully I'm gonna get married and so I should learn how to cook, and also I know it's good to help around the house, but I REALLY don't want to make them." I guess I'm just in a very honest mood, but of course then I was like, hmmm…what if…and this baby fic was born. It's still in its hospital blanket! The blanket is a rich yet light blue, with puffy clouds drawn on it. Toooo much visualizing lately…XD Oh I'll just give a shout out to Jake and Dan in case they drop by. HI JAKE! HI DAN! Oh and HI MOM! Don't worry you weren't like in this story. :D

Disclaimer: While I own this story, I do not own biscuit mix, Gamecube or Twilight Princess. Markus and Val copyright Atlus. It KILLS me to write that…

How many times have you read a fic where the A/N are longer than the actual story? XP

"Val, sweetie, want to help with the biscuits?"

"Mm…not really." Val's eyes stayed glued to the television screen, where Link was riding his mare up to CastleTown.

"I could really use some help…"

Link dismounted Epona and ran up a flight of stone steps.

"Miss Blaylock, you're going to be SORRY when you get MARRIED and the only thing you can make is TV DINNERS!" Her mother snapped, displaying thug-like menace as she hit her palm slowly with a spatula.

Val was now using her tongue to wrestle a popcorn kernel from between her molars. "Uh-huh."

"I give up." Mrs. Blaylock disappeared into the kitchen, and banging of pots and pans ensued.


"Urk…!" Markus clapped a hand to his jaw. "Val…did you put any baking powder in that biscuit mix?"

"No, honey, why?" Val asked, laying their freshly microwaved dinners on the tabletop. "Does baking powder give it a nice flavor?"

His tongue tentatively felt for his canine tooth. "Well, it—uh…Never mind." He smiled feebly and reached for his TV dinner.

--The End--