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It was a little weird, how life had suddenly caught up to them all at once.

Until the crash, it'd been a nice life really. Like time had stopped for Yuugi and anyone he was associated with. Almost as if Time had said to itslelf, they'll never grow up. They'll always be like this.

Mokuba had never really thought that anything would change. He'd always be the ten year old tag-along to his big brother Seto, who'd be eternally eightteen, running a successful company. Yuugi and his friends would always be a happy little group who he and Seto occassionally spent time with.

He hadn't thought he'd grow up, or that when time finally moves forward, people leave or die. He and Seto had moved to America permanently, but Mokuba had just thought of it as a vacation. That they'd go back in a year or two and everything would continue as usual. He hadn't realized he'd grow up, that Yuugi and his friends would eventually drift off and form new bonds, make new friends.

He didn't think Seto would have died either.

He was nineteen now, and Seto'd been dead for two years. Recently, he had moved back to Japan to escape reality, to pretend he was still ten and Seto was waiting for him in the Kaiba Corp. tower, in the office that now belonged to Mokuba.

That's where he was today, in that office, looking over applications for a new secretary. His had just gone on maternity leave, and he needed someone to replace her.

Idly, he shifted through the stack, before pausing. Shizuka, Joey Wheeler's younger sister. He remembered her. Lifting the application from the pile, he scanned it quickly, before dialing the number on the page.


Over a cup of coffee, Mokuba explained to Shizuka-as her boss-what she would be doing as his secretary. Over a second cup -as her friend- he asked if she was busy later that evening.


Mokuba wasn't sure how it'd happened, but somehow one cup of coffee turned into two, and that ended with them in her apartment.

He spent the night with her, and went home in the morning.


The next few days were awkward, neither very sure of their footing with the other, until Mokuba finally confronted Shizuka to ask where they stood.

He didn't want to know what led to having sex in his office.


Three years and an on and off relationship later, he asked her to be his wife.

Their marriage lasted four years.

She died in a car crash on their fourth anniversary.


He'd always thought it weird how life caught up with him all at once, smacking him in the face with reality and saying here look Mokuba. People die and you can't stop it.

Sometimes he hated that.