Lois awoke the next morning and blinked. She looked around the still dark room and turned her head to the side. The glowing red numbers on the alarm clock read 5:43. She moaned tiredly. She knew she had to get up soon. Jason usually got up around 6:30 on Christmas day. All kids seem to have the sense to detect when it's Christmas and to get up early.

She turned her head to the side and kind of jumped when she saw Clark's face so close to hers. But she immediately recovered and smiled slightly as she admired him. He looked so peaceful when he slept. His dark hair fell over his forehead and she reached up and brushed the hair out of his face.

His face twitched. Lois ran her finger gently across his cheek. He had a long day yesterday and he was probably exhausted.

She continued to watch him as he slept. It was a rare sight to see this man asleep. The people of the world probably don't even think he sleeps, even though he said that he did in their first interview. She smiled fondly at the memory of their first interview.

"Is it true you can see through anything?"

"Well, pretty much."

"What color underwear am I wearing?"


"I'm sorry I embarrassed you didn't I?"

"Oh no, no, no. It's just this plant must be made of lead. See, I have a sort of problem seeing through lead."




"Pink…I'm sorry Miss. Lane I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"You didn't embarrass me…"

Dear God, she acted like a love struck teenager that night. It was totally not the Lane style at all. She was almost shy around him. She did and asked things carefully as to not upset him not like in any other interviews where she would twist someone's arm off to get them to talk.

"Do you like pink?"

"I like pink very much Lois."

She remembered that she felt like squealing at that moment. He was flirting with her.

And then he arrived as Clark. She realized now how stupid she was. The most galactically stupid woman, she once called herself. She was visited by the same man in one night but in two different outfits.

"I mean, I really was nervous about tonight, well I thought, darn it, I was going to show you the time of your life."

"That's Clark nice."

Well he did show her the time of her life that night. That is one night she will never forget. She loved the feeling of being in his arms up in the sky, away from every one and everything else. She wanted to stay up there forever with him. But then reality came and slapped her hard in the face.

She didn't even realize how much time had passed when she looked at the clock again. 5:57. it was almost six o'clock. She turned back to the sleeping form beside her. She didn't want to wake him, but she knew that Jason would definitely want his father present and Clark would want to be there as well.

"Clark," she called out softly, "Wake up."

Clark moaned quietly.

She chuckled and pressed her lips to his lightly.

"Come on, wakey, wakey."

Clark remained still for a few moments and then slowly blinked his eyes open. Lois smiled at him, "Good morning."

"You seem oddly cheerful." He mumbled.

She gave him an exasperated look, "What Lois Lane is not allowed to be cheerful?"

"Lois, the sun isn't even up yet."

Lois propped herself up on her elbow, "Well, it'll rise soon, come on." She sat up as Clark groaned and flipped over onto his other side so his back was facing towards her.

Lois huphed, got out of the bed, slipped on her robe that was hanging behind the door and walked back over to the side of the bed. She reached for a pillow, grasped it in both hands and brought it down hard onto Clark's side, "Get up!"

"Lo-is!" He whined.

"Oh stop it, you're acting like Jason."

"He's my son…." He muttered.

"Yea, and he's six years old and you're a fully grown adult!" She whacked him again with the pillow. "Clark, we've got a six year old boy who is excited about Christmas, he's going to get up around 6:30. And it's…6:03. And I sure as hell need my coffee before we start opening gifts and you need to be up before Jason is."

Clark didn't move and remained completely silent.


Still no response.

"Clark, you did not fall asleep on me!"

The superhero didn't move.

"Clark Kent, get up!" She raised the pillow to whack him again and started to swing it downwards when all of a sudden she was swept off her feet and taken to the other side of the room. She looked up to her captor and found Clark smirking down at her. "You were awake the whole time." It wasn't a question. Clark only grinned. "You jerk!" She slapped his chest playfully and he chuckled.

"Come on Miss. Lane, I believe you said something about coffee." He opened the door with her still in his arms. "Clark, put me down." She said somewhat forcefully.

"Not a chance." He replied as he made his way down stairs. When she realized she wasn't going to be let down, she surrendered and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He carried her down to the kitchen and placed her down onto the chair. They shared a small smile and he walked over to the counter and started a pot of coffee.

"You know…" Lois slung her arm around the chair and looked over to him. "I am perfectly capable of making my own coffee."

"Well, I felt like making coffee for you, is that a problem?"

Lois smirked and shook her head, "Not at all."

He smiled slightly and walked back over to the table and took a seat next to her.

Twenty minutes later, Lois and Clark heard two little feet scamper across the floor upstairs and then on the stairs.

Lois sat with her coffee in one hand and one of her legs crossed over the other. Clark sat across from the table.

"Wow!" The familiar little voice reached their ears and soon the face to match appeared in the kitchen doorway.

At first Jason didn't see his father and he looked straight at Lois, "Mommy, did you see the presents?! There are a lot!"

Lois smiled , "Yes, honey I saw."

Jason grinned and his eyes suddenly caught sight of Clark and his smile grew. "Dad!" He ran over to Clark, faster than either of them had seen the boy move and hopped into his lap and wrapped his arms around him.

When he pulled away, he started to bounce up and down, "Dad, Santa came! And he brought lots of presents!"

Clark smiled and chuckled, "Yes, Jason I saw."

"Can we open the presents now, can we huh, can we?"

"Not yet, Jase. We have to wait until Grandma wakes up." Clark told him.

"I'm up, I'm up." Martha Kent's voice was heard.

Jason's face lit up even further and he crawled off his father's lap and ran into the living room.

"Kids have so much energy." Lois muttered and rose from her seat, the cup of coffee still in her hand. She gave Clark a quick look and he smiled at her. She rolled her eyes and walked into the living room. Clark quickly followed after her.

Jason was seated in front of the Christmas tree bouncing up and down in excitement. Martha was already seated in an arm chair smiling at her grandson.

Lois noticed that the older woman still looked tired. "Martha, you didn't have to get up, it's early."

Martha looked to Lois and shook her head lightly, "Honey, when you live on a farm you are used to getting up early."

Clark nodded. "It's true. Mom was always up at the crack of dawn."

Lois looked between mother and son, "Well if you're sure."

Martha smiled, "I'm positive, don't worry."

"Mommy!" Jason called in attempt to get their attention to him and the presents that sat under the tree.

"Okay, okay." Lois walked over to the tree and kneeled beside Jason. Clark came over and sat down and leaned his back up against the couch.

"Jason, you can pick out the first present."

Jason reached out and just happened to grab one of his own presents. "It's for me!" he exclaimed happily. The adults smiled at him.

"Who is it from?"

Jason flipped the wrapped gift around until he found the name tag. "Uh…" He furrowed his brow, "I dunno, I can't read it."

Lois tilted the present towards her and read the tag. "It's from your grandmother."

Jason quickly looked over to Martha, grinned and she returned it, and he turned back to his present. He unwrapped it quickly and found a white box.

Lois knew what that meant. Clothing.

Jason opened the box and pulled back the tissue paper. What was staring back at him was blue cloth and right in the center was Superman's Symbol. Jason's eyes widened and he took the clothing out and held it front of him. What he held in front of him was a shirt and also in the box were a pair of pants and a red piece of cloth.

"Look!" He exclaimed and showed it to his parents. Clark and Lois' eyes widened. "Mom!" Clark looked to his mother.

Martha shrugged sheepishly, "I was looking for the perfect gift to give him. The saleswoman asked me if he liked Superman. I knew that Jason had to be your biggest fan and she suggested this. They are pajamas, so it's not like anyone is going to actually see him in them except you two."

Lois reached out and slid the box over to her and took out the rest of the clothing. The red cloth had two Velcro patches on the top and she noticed that so did the shirt on the back. She watched as Jason held it up to him.

She was amazed at how much he looked like Clark, or rather Superman, with the actual Superman costume on him. "Daddy's little boy." She glanced over her shoulder at Clark and noticed that he had a huge smile on his face.

"Thank you Grandma!" Jason ran over and hugged Martha's legs and then ran over to the Christmas tree.

Lois grabbed a rectangular box, looked at the name and passed it behind her to Clark.

Clark took it from her and looked at the tag. He smiled over at his mother softly and she only smirked at him.

He unwrapped the nicely wrapped gift and there was another white box. He opened the box and his eyebrows raised and he shot an exasperated look at his mother.

"Don't look at me like that Clark!" Martha laughed. "Lois told me you needed some ties. Says you were always dipping your ties in coffee and stapling them to a piece of paper."

Lois and Jason giggled.

"That was only one time! And it was an accident."

Lois chuckled, "Well face the bright side Clark, at least its better than socks."

He shook his head and Lois smiled at him and then grabbed another present from under the tree. That one was for Martha.

"This one is from me." Lois handed her the gift. "Oh Lois, honey you didn't have to get me anything."

"It's Christmas Martha, I had to."

Martha smiled gently and carefully unwrapped the present. She gasped when she saw what it was. A metal heart shaped picture frame framed a black and white photo of Clark and Jason. In the picture Clark and Jason were seated on a couch, Jason sat on Clark's lap and they both were grinning at the camera.

"Lois…it's beautiful. It's a beautiful picture…you shouldn't give it to me."

Lois shook her head, "Martha, we've got a professional photographer as one of our good friends and who loves to take pictures of us…especially of Clark and Jason. I can get a picture like that anytime I want to. Besides you don't have any pictures of Jason, I figured you would love this."

"And you were right…Oh…thank you." She blew a kiss across the room at Lois and Lois smiled in return.

"Mom! This is for you!" Jason shoved a square box in her face.

"Oh, thank you Jason."

She looked to see who it was from and smiled over at Clark. He realized it was his gift and his face lit up. His eyes were just begging her to go ahead and open it.

So she did and her eyes widened. Lying inside the box was a beautiful necklace hanging from a silver chain. "Oh my God Clark…it's beautiful."

He smiled gently and leaned over and pointed to the three small stones hanging from the chain. One was red, the one next to it was pink and the one beside that was white.

"The red symbolizes me and Krypton. The white symbolizes you, from earth. And the pink represents Jason and his mixed heritage."

Lois felt tears spring to her eyes. She pushed them back and stared at the necklace. Could this man get any more perfect?

"Clark, Thank you so much, it's absolutely beautiful. I love it." She scooted over to him and kissed him quickly. She handed the box over to Martha to show her and she saw Martha's smile grow.

Lois rested between Clark's legs and rested up against his chest contentedly.

They continued to open presents until the space under the tree was completely empty. Of course, Jason received the most gifts, and toys and torn up wrapping paper littered the floor of the Kent's living room.

Martha had sat the picture that Lois had given her on top of the fire place where it could be seen in full view.

As Jason was in the middle of playing with one of his toys when he suddenly looked up, looked to the empty space under the tree and then to Clark.

Clark looked around the room at that very moment and caught his son's gaze. Jason got a look of confusion on his face as he looked to the tree and the back to his father once again.

Clark swallowed and glanced down at the woman in his arms. Her hair was messily pulled back into a hair tie, she didn't have her usual touch of make up on, and she still had a tired, groggy look but yet she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He switched his gaze to the tree and sighed very quietly. "Hey, I think there's one more."

The other three occupants of the room turned their attention to him.

Clark crawled out from under Lois and over to the tree. He lifted the cloth that was under the tree and took out that small box.

"Lois." He didn't even look at the box as he crawled back over to her. "It's for you."

"Me?" She took the box from him. "Clark, you really didn't have to get me anything." She unwrapped it carefully. "The necklace was beautiful, and if this is more jewelery, I really don't need anythi.."

Lois stopped short as she stared down at the box with her eyes wide and her jaw dropped.

Martha who stood near the fire place, couldn't see the contents of the box and was about to ask what it was when she saw her son rise to his feet and pull Lois along with him and then lower himself onto one knee.

"Lois Lane." Lois's hand flew to cover her open mouth and Martha quickly followed suit.

"I love you more than anything in the world. We have been through so much together over the past few years. There was even a point in time when I had almost lost all hope of ever being with you again. I made a mistake, I've actually made a lot of mistakes but you're still standing here loving me." His heart pounded in his chest and he thanked God that Lois didn't have any of his abilities. "You have given me something that I never dreamed I would have, and that's a family. A son I know we will face a lot more challenges in the future, being who I am, but I know we can get through them like we always have, together."

He felt Lois trembling slightly and saw so many emotions playing across her eyes.

"Lois," He held the box upwards, "Will you marry me?"

For a few moments it was like the world had stopped. No one had moved from where they were and the only sound Clark heard was the sound of his own heart pounding.

Then suddenly as if the world was suddenly brought back to life, Lois threw herself at Clark and pressed her lips to his as they both fell to the floor.

He wrapped his arms around her lightly and the only thing that Clark felt in that moment was the feeling of Lois's lips against his and the overwhelming feeling of nervousness, worry, happiness and perhaps the best of all, love.

"Yes." She mumbled against his lips.

Clark's eyes snapped open and he stared into her eyes questionably. "What?"

She blinked and Clark saw the unshed tears in her eyes and she smiled brightly, "Yes, Clark Kent, I will marry you."

As fast as Clark could move, it took a moment for him to actually register what she had said. And when he had, he broke out into a ten thousand watt smile. He quickly jumped up onto his feet and swung her around. She tightly wrapped her arms around his neck and laughed.

He set her back down onto her feet.

The couple grinned at one another and Lois pressed her forehead against his.

She never recalled ever being as happy as she was at this moment. She felt ontop of the world. She had been silently wondering for the last few months when and if Clark would propose to her. And now her dream had come true.

At that moment, the Lois Lane that swooned over Superman emerged and Mad Dog Lane was locked up in her cage.

She was engaged to the man she loved more than anything and she felt like she could fly.

In fact it felt like she was flying…

She glanced down and found that they were about a foot off the ground. "Clark!"


"You're floating!"

"Hm, what? Oh." He lowered them back down to the ground. "Sorry, that happens sometimes when I get too happy."

She smiled, "And that's a bad thing?"

A bright smile lit his face, "Not at all."

He suddenly caught sight of the box that was now on the floor. He picked it up and opened it again. He took her hand and took the ring out of the box.

She bit her lip as Clark slipped the ring onto her left ring finger. She examined the ring more carefully now, "Clark, its beautiful….is it real?"

"Of course it's real."

She glanced up at him, "But how could you afford this?"

"It's wasn't much." He shrugged, "Though it helped that I made the diamond."

Her eyebrows shot up, "You what? How did you make a diamond?"

"Simple. A diamond is formed when carbon is under pressure and heat."

"Yes, I know that smarty pants, but I thought that it needed extreme pressure and heat?"

He smirked, "Do you forget who you are talking to?"

"No, but I didn't think you were that strong."

"Lois, after you've lifted a kryptonite infested continent into space, forming a diamond isn't really that big of a deal."

Lois nodded and glanced back down at her ring. She let out a breath and smiled happily.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jason sitting near his toys with a grin on his face. "Jason, are you happy about this?"

"Of course he is." Clark answered for him, "I asked his permission."

Lois turned her head to the side, "You asked his permission?"

Clark nodded, "Sure, I know that you don't have a good relationship with your father and you don't see him much anyway so I thought I would ask the person who would care the most and that would be Jason."

Lois couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. "Leave it to you to ask our son for permission to marry me, Smallville."

Clark grinned at the nickname. Lois only used it occasionally now a days but every time she used it, he secretly loved it.

"And I take it that he said yes?"

She looked towards Jason and he nodded vigorously still with that grin on his face. Lois laughed and her smile matched his.

Clark noticed that his mother had not moved from where she was standing and that she was extremely quiet, "Mom, are you okay?"

That brought Lois and Jason's attention to the woman standing near the fire place.

Martha snapped out of her stupor and she let out an almost squeal of delight as she came around from behind the couch and hugged Lois. Lois was surprised at first but then willingly hugged her future mother-in-law.

"Oh Lois! I am so happy! Oh!" She kissed her cheek and when they pulled apart Lois noticed that her eyes were filled with tears. Lois was touched. Did someone, other then Clark and Jason, really love her that much that they would cry in joy at her entering their family? After her mother had treated her badly when she was growing up she never expected to feel so loved by a motherly like figure. But Martha Kent made her feel welcome every time she saw her and she couldn't pick a better woman to be her mother-in-law.

Then Martha ran over and hugged her son tightly. "My baby is getting married!"

Jason giggled and ran over to his mother and jumped into her arms. He wrapped his arms around her neck and Lois smiled across the way at Clark and Martha and when she saw them smiling back at her she knew everything was the way it was supposed to be.

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