Hi All of you fanfic readers! I hope you will not be too critical on my, as this is my first fan fiction. If you wish to judge me, fine, just be sure to pay more attention to my latter stories.

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Chapter 1: The New Beginning

'Why am I doing this?' thought Dice Quaid as he walked wearily down the highway. 'Oh yeah, that's right, I can't find my stupid jeep so I'm wandering around with a basically useless five gallon can of gasoline.' That about summed up his life at the moment 'Careful,' he told himself sternly. 'Your lucky you've got a life at the moment. Less than 24 hours ago you were looking death in the eye and survived. Be grateful.'

Looking over his shoulder as he walked, Dice could see that smoke was still rising from the ruins of the gas station were he had briefly thought would be were he meet his maker. He chuckled. At least he wouldn't have to worry about were he would be buried. Not with the Blue around. They wouldn't let a perfectly good body go to waste.

Almost unbidden, and image of Nina rose up in his mind, but he shoved the image away. He had to worry about himself first, and those that had already escaped this hellhole later. Almost as if fate was agreeing with him, the faint sounds of gunfire and explosions drifted to Dice's ears… though they were far ahead of him. Looking at his watch (which he had taken off of a dead Second Earth soldier), Dice realized it was getting very late. He had not noticed how far down the sun had set. Deciding he would investigate the next day, Dice crawled under some roadside brush and fell asleep.

Dice woke up early the next morning and was surprised to see a glimmer further down the road. 'That wasn't there last night…' Dice thought. 'So it can't be my jeep.' Picking up his gas can, he set off to find out what it was. Looking back later on, Dice wished he had just walked the other way.