Warning: Contains yaoi...that's basically it.

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The pain I felt as I sat on the ground all alone, my mind blurred. All I could remember was that, the pain, and now I have you.

Your body holding me up from falling down to the darkness. I have forgotten that day, but I only forgot the pain, I will always remember you, how you picked me up from the cold ground.

Then you took me home, and found out why I was alone, but you didn't leave me. You didn't care, you told me you loved me for who I am, not for what I could have never change.

" What do you think you're doing, Nar-kun? "

Your voice shocked me as I fell to the bed behind me, with you on top of my stomach.

I blushed as your face mask slowly fell to your neck, your sharigan eye stared back at me. Your silver hair shined from the light of the brisk morning sun, then I notice you starting to nibble my earlobe.

" Ohhh, Kakashi...don't...stop! "

You chuckled under your breathe as you slowly removed my shirt.

I loved your touch, every movement was so lovingly and caring. You threw my shirt to the side as you began to lick at my chest, going down every second.

You then pulled away at my pants, you chuckled once again as you noticed my hard erection.

" Kakashi...please? "

You nodded, then pulled away at my boxers. I then jumped on top of you, and I pulled away at all your clothing in one swipe of my hands.

You grinned, and I did the same as I put my legs around your waist. I could feel your erection growing as yours rubbed against my own, I moaned loudly. I moved my body in perfect motions with you, I moaned even louder as you began to thrust me in your hand.

I arched my back till I feared that my entire body would fall back to the floor, and I began to buck as you quickened your pase.

I couldn't stand it any more, and I went down to your own pleading erection.

You looked back at me, I could tell you could see the lust in my eyes as your eyes said the same. I licked your head, I then heard you moan loudly.

" Naruto...don't stop..uhhh! "

I chuckled, then placed your entire erection in my mouth, I sucked strongly.

You began to buck, I tried to hold you down, but you kept hitting the back of my throat. I tried not to choke, I pulled back as I licked away at your precum.

You looked up at me as I placed your legs over my shoulders, and I just smiled sweetly. I then placed my hard erection at your entrance, I looked up at you. I looked at you, and you smiled at me.

" I wouldn't want anyone but you, Naruto. "

I smiled back, and then thrusted in. You groaned a little, but soon smiled back at me. I placed you back on the bed, my body sitting over you. I thrusted back and forth, you moaned my name even louder then when I yelled your's.

" NARUTO!! "

I thrusted one last time as we both cummed together, screaming each other's names in passion.

I fell back on the bed, you then followed my example. You laid next to me as you pulled the covers over us, you then wrapped your arms around my torso.

" I love you Naru-kun. "

I smiled as I then kissed you, holding you closer. I closed my eyes as I lay next to you, I loved your smell, your taste, I loved everything about you.

" I love you too Kaka-kun. "