The Subspace Emissary: A Different Prospective

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Important Note: This is NOT a novelization of the Subspace Emissary. No, in fact, it's quite similar, only that it's not the exact same story-line. As the title suggest, this is shown in a different way. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fanfic!

Disclaimer: Everything in this story is owned by Nintendo, and partially by Konami and SEGA.


It was a peaceful, normal morning. The Mushroom Kingdom was brimming with energy as the mushroom people went about their business, while everyone's favorite, Italian, red-capped plumber was taking a nap on the hammock right outside of his house, snoring peacefully.


Mario was dreaming about him and Princess Peach Toadstool dancing together under the stars, but he suddenly woke up when he heard Toad cry out his name. Getting up and onto his feet, the red-capped plumber approached the young mushroom boy, curious on why he was acting so hesitated.

Upon hearing out Toad, Mario has learned that Princess Peach has been kidnapped once again... for the twelve-hundredth and ninetieth millionth time. Mario thought on how he could rescue Peach, and he then turned to Toad, nodding. Toad gasped, and he smiled, running off towards the northern direction, with Mario right close behind.

As the two male protagonists ran, they paused and looked to their right, to see a fat, yellow-capped plumber wearing purple overalls, holding a trophy gun. The strange fat man chuckled, and he aimed the trophy gun at Mario and Toad.


Mario easily recognized Wario. Not stooping down to his rival's level, Mario ran towards the mountainous cliff and jumped on the several rocky ledges, making it to the top and facing Wario. Wario turned around, and he grinned, placing away his trophy gun and getting into a fighting stance. Mario rolled his eyes, and he bent over as he watched Wario use a shoulder bash. Mario then got up, and grabbed Wario from the back, swinging the fat plumber around and chucking him off the cliff, watching him crash down hard on the concrete path.

Toad was shaking with fright as he watched Wario twitch in pain. Mario jumped down from the cliff, and he approached Toad, patting him on the shoulder. Toad smiled, and he then turned around, running back towards the northern direction, with Mario following while Wario was left behind, growling and complaining as he lied weakly on the hard concrete, his left leg twitching.


Mario Joined your Team!