Yoshizilla: Well, after several introductions of the characters, here's the first boss battle! And no, it's not one of the bosses in the Subspace Emissary - they'll show up, but not yet. Instead, here is a logical boss that serves as a great representation of Pokemon! Read and enjoy!

Yoshi and the Pokemon Trainer both dove into the water, with the Pokemon Trainer using Squirtle. Yoshi managed to keep his breath in as they dove downwards within the large blue-green colored lake, noticing the various fish and marine life around them. Swimming under a school of Goldeen, Yoshi and the Pokemon Trainer paused in front of a strange wall, seeing the bubbles coming out of the crack. Curious, the Pokemon Trainer sent Squirtle to observe. Squirtle nodded, and he swam up towards the cracks, screaming as he swam back and hid behind his trainer. Confused, both Yoshi and the Pokemon Trainer swam close to the cracks, and gasped as they were blasted away by the explosion of the wall, and emerging was a large, blue-colored, dragon-like Gyarados, which roared loudly with rage.

As Yoshi, the Pokemon Trainer, and Squirtle were knocked onto the lake floor, Yoshi opened his eyes to see the Gyarados approaching swiftly. Squirtle performed a water gun, hitting the Gyarados in the face, while Yoshi grabbed the Pokemon Trainer and placed him on his back, turning around and tossing his homing, green-spotted eggs at the Gyarados. The Gyarados roared angrily, and it snapped at Yoshi and the Pokemon Trainer, catching them within its monstrous jaws. As Yoshi used his flutter kicks to knock against the teeth of the beast, the Pokemon Trainer commanded Squirtle to use Take Down. Hearing his trainer, Squirtle nodded, and he hid in his brown-colored shell, spinning around and then, in full force, tackling into the Gyarados's body. Gyarados roared in pain, and both Yoshi and the Pokemon Trainer swam out. The Gyarados then started to whack Yoshi and Squirtle with its tail, while the Pokemon Trainer swam down towards safety. As Squirtle was then blasted by Gyarados's dragon rage, Yoshi swam towards the monstrous dragon Pokemon, whacking it by the right side with his tail several times. The Gyarados growled, and it emitted a loud screeched, causing Yoshi to cover his ear drums as he was then blasted by Gyarados's powerful Hyper Beam. Heavily wounded, Yoshi was blasted several feet into the lake floor, moaning weakly.

The Pokemon Trainer was concerned. As the Gyarados swam towards him, Squirtle tackled into the monstrous Pokemon, making it unable to harm his trainer. Smiling, the Pokemon Trainer took out a potion and swam towards Yoshi, healing the green Yoshisaurus. Opening his eyes and gasping for breath, Yoshi was handed a free air bubble by the Pokemon Trainer, and sucking in the air and popping the bubble, Yoshi went back in action, swimming towards the Gyarados, who was chasing Squirtle. Looking at each other and nodding, Yoshi and Squirtle grabbed each other by the hands, spun around, and then whacked into the Gyarados, dealing damage as they continuously spun around and around. The Gyarados bellowed, and it then whacked Yoshi and Squirtle away, going into the lake floor and retreating.

Upon defeating the ferocious Gyarados, Yoshi, Squirtle, and the Pokemon Trainer smiled at each other as they then swam to where the wall formerly were. Still seeing the bubbles coming out, Yoshi and the Pokemon Trainer looked at each other, nodded in unison, and swam inside, curious to what was causing the bubbles...