(Well, it finally happened. I'm sick of hearing people whine and complain about power levels and how I'm pissing them all off, so I've decided I'm just not wasting anymore of my time writing this story when everything I hear about it is angry and pissed, so here is what I promised, this is the remainder of the plot outline I wrote months ago and finished. It is a SINGLE LONG paragraph that contains over 10,000 words. There are NO quotation marks or any real details. I'm sorry if you liked this story and were looking forward to it, but I can no longer find the motivation to finish it, and this at least wraps up the plot of Naruto and has a somewhat happy ending. Enjoy the outline, and if you were looking forward to me fleshing this out, I'm sorry, but it simply isn't going to happen, so this is the best you're going to get.)

Plot Outline

Scene closes, reopening the next morning, her narrating that they ended up doing it again anyway. They now are dressed, along with other shinobi and the rest of the Konoha 11 and their sensei sans Neji, her thinking he's too busy to be here, awaiting the arrival of the five Kage. She asks herself if this could possibly be enough to be considered a proper welcome for the leaders of the shinobi world. A procession comes down the road, flanked by shinobi on all sides, with the 5 Kage and Killer bee among them. She locks her eyes on Bee, asking who he is, and how his chakra can be so inhuman. She thinks he might be the only other Jinchuriki, but she doesn't say anything out loud. The procession passes her by, Naruto next to her as she stands tall and proud, looking the part of a Sage. As the Kage and their subordinates walk past, they all look at her with scrutiny, and in the Raikage's eyes she sees disrespect, while Gaara has appreciation, the Mizukage and Tsuchikage guarded interest. She tries not to let her apprehension show, telling herself that she deserves to be standing here, a part of her not believing it in the least. The procession finishes, the shinobi hand picked by Kushina following along with the two of them and other members of the Konoha 11. They are led to the now expanded tower, a set of high end rooms attached to the structure. She chooses not to follow them inside, Naruto and Shino staying out as well. Naruto asks if she's going to continue to follow them, and she says no, she doesn't want her presence to cause any problems among them, silently adding to herself that she doesn't want to complicate her life unnecessarily. Shino says that they will probably want to see her, and she says that she'll burn that bridge when they come to it. Scene closes there, reopening with the three of them seated at Ichiraku. Hinata narrates that shinobi now patrol the streets in uniform, the entire village jumpy at the arrival of the 5 kage and the 4 other nation's shinobi being allowed access to the village. She narrates that it's been 3 hours since the Kage have arrived, and she's seen shinobi with various headbands walking around. She's also taken note of the ANBU activity, and how it's increased since the arrival. It's then that Kanna and Kiba and Akamaru approach the stand, Kiba calling out as they approach, the 5 of them exchanging greeting before the 2 sit while Akamaru lies down behind his master's stool. Kiba sighs tiredly, Kanna saying I heard that. Naruto asks what's up, and Kanna says they have been acting as tour guides for the Kage for the last hour and a half, showing them the site of reconstruction as well as the monument to the fallen and other sites around the village. Naruto says that sounds as fun as a barrel of monkeys, and Kanna says you don't know the half of it. Kiba says that some of the entourage are looking forward to meeting the so called reincarnation of the SOSP, Kiba looking at her and saying I don't envy you in the least. Kanna looks at her and asks if she can have a word with her in private, and Hinata says me, Kanna nodding her agreement. Hinata says sure, getting up and following her until they're out of earshot. Kanna keeps her voice low, saying she knows that she hardly knows her but she has to ask, just what is so wrong with her that the people of this village are only now acting like you're worth something, in spite of the high opinion the fourth has of you. Hinata asks your parents never told you to treat me like dirt, and Kanna says that she and her family moved here from Kumo when she was six, she and her family have no idea why people act the way they do toward you, but her parents noticed years ago that whenever your name comes up in conversation people tend to get angry, and she'd just like to know why the people of the village seem to hate you until recently. Hinata looks around, suddenly feeling like an insecure 12 year old all over again. She thinks that there is no law saying that she can't tell people, and Kanna doesn't seem like a bad person. She says that when she was born her father sealed the Kyuubi No Kitsune into her. Kanna says that's the reason they've been treating you the way they have. She says it is, and Kanna asks why do other people refuse to speak about it. Hinata says Minato decreed that no one other then me is supposed to speak about it, the hope that I will have a chance at acceptance with the people of my generation, but the older people all tell their children to hate me and ostracize me but they can't say why. Kanna says that must've been miserable for her growing up, and she says that other kids would avoid her, call her names and pull pranks on her, and it made her feel so alone. It wasn't until she met Naruto that she found someone other than her grandmother who didn't scowl at her all the time. Kanna says that even her own family hated her, and Hinata says the branch houses despise the main house because of the seal that's placed on them. Plus when she was small she was a timid little girl that didn't act like a member of the main house should've, and they hated being subservient to her and her aging grandmother. Kanna says wow, and Hinata says now she knows. Kanna says that she understands now, she won't ask anymore. Kanna says she won't say anything to Kiba or Sakura either, though she needs to start telling people about this, she can't keep it a secret forever. She says she knows that, but it isn't easy to tell one person, much less everyone she sees. Kanna says they should head back, Hinata agreeing with her. They both walk back to their stools, and Kiba comments that they were gone a while, Kanna telling him to close his mouth. She sees the food has been served, and Naruto leans in, asking what was that about. Hinata says they'll talk about it later, and the scene closes, reopening with the three of them approaching Kurenai's apartment. She narrates that it's been a while since they saw their first teacher together, and Naruto was the one to bring up the idea to pay her a visit. It isn't late, and while it is sort of rude to just drop in, if things seem intimate and Asuma is there, they'll just leave. Approaching the door, Hinata knocks on the door, and she can hear Kurenai's voice on the other side, yelling just a moment. The door opens, and a flustered looking Kurenai standing in the doorway, looking a mix of surprise and exhaustion. She says their names, and Hinata asks is this a bad time. Kurenai says that Norito has been crying and there's nothing she does seems to calm him down. Hinata asks if she can take a look at him. Kurenai says all right, and they are led into her apartment and into Norito's room. Seeing and hearing the crying child Hinata looks at him closely, seeing his yin and yang chakra is out of balance. She narrates that Nagato dropped that bit of wisdom on her, when the yin and yang are out of whack, it causes emotional turmoil. Kurenai asks can she see something, and Hinata asks if she may touch him. Kurenai looks alarmed, saying she can try, but Norito doesn't like it when other people touch him. Hinata says it'll be okay before she turns her head toward the baby, speaking gently and reassuringly, saying it'll be all right as she puts 2 fingers on his forehead, closing her eyes she goes to work, injecting yin chakra into his body, she brings the balance of yin and yang into balance, and Norito stops crying, and when she opens her eyes Kurenai has an expression of stunned disbelief on her face. Norito slips off to sleep happily after Hinata takes her fingers from his forehead, and Kurenai quickly pulls her into the living room, closing the door behind her. She immediately asks how did you do that, what did you do. Hinata says that his yin and yang was out of balance, all she did was bring it into balance. Kurenai looks at her with surprise in her face. She says if you could bottle that and sell it, you'd make a killing. Hinata says that she only did to try and help, she's just glad that she was able to help. Kurenai looks at Naruto, saying she'll be a great mother with that trick. Hinata blushes tremendously, and Naruto quickly asks how Kurenai's been doing. She says things have been hectic, from Pain's attack to assisting with rebuilding and taking care of the baby, if not for Ino and Shikamaru she probably wouldn't have been able to sleep the last few days. Hinata says if she ever needs someone to watch Norito for a while, she'll do it, Naruto and Shino both adding their names as well. Kurenai says that she might take them up on that offer, especially Hinata with those amazing eyes. Hinata says that she'd be happy to help, but she doesn't know when she'll have to act. Kurenai says she appreciates the thought and the intent behind her words, but Norito is her baby, and she needs to take care of him. She says that now that he's asleep, would they like something to drink or eat. Naruto says they just ate at Ichiraku's, Kurenai saying oh in understanding. She asks what they came to see her about, and Hinata says that they just felt like they should stop in and saying hi, she was their first teacher after all. Kurenai says she's happy that Hinata and the others remember her and bother to stop in and say hi, it means a lot. Kurenai asks about the disaster and what's going on, and the scene closes, reopening with her narrating that they've left Kurenai's apartment, now well into the night, and she's surprised that a messenger hasn't come for her, looking to bring her before the 5 Kage for her worth to be judged. She inwardly sighs and thinks that she is SO looking forward to that little meeting. Naruto asks what Kanna asked her about back at Ichiraku's and she remembers, thinking that she hasn't told them about it. She says Kanna asked her about why people treated her like dirt, and both Shino and Naruto look at her, the obvious question on both of their faces. Naruto is the one to voice the question. She says that she told her about the Kyuubi. Naruto says what'd she say, and Hinata says that she was understanding about it, and said that she would keep it to herself and encouraged me to tell more people, that it isn't healthy to keep it bottled up inside. Shino says so another shinobi knows her secret. She says yes, and Shino says that she should really consider telling others, the law only allows her to speak about it, and Hinata says she'd like to say something, but she feels like she'll be back to square 1 if she broadcasts it and alienates herself from everyone. Shino says if people choose to hate her for that then they aren't worth having as friends. She says she knows that, but it doesn't really seem like the time. Shino says she must make it the time before saying that he has to go, he'll see them later. They both wish him well and he leaves, and then there's a gust that blows through, and Temari lands on the street in front of them. Folding her fan closed, she greets them, Naruto returning the greeting. Hinata asks what she's doing here, and Temari says that Gaara wishes to talk to the both of them, but not as the Kazekage. She doesn't know what to say to that when Gaara and Kankuro both land near Temari on either side of her, and she looks up to see a blanket of sand flow into Gaara's gourd. Greetings are exchanged, and Hinata asks what Gaara wishes to speak to her about. He says that he never got to properly thank her for what she did those many years ago, if she hadn't stopped him he never would've realized the error in his ways, he wouldn't be who he is today. She says she only did what she felt was right, the same as she's always done, no need to thank her. Gaara says she is the first Jinchuriki he met and she made a big impact on his life. She asks what he really wishes to talk to her about, and he says the Kage are contemplating pitting her against the 8 tail, as a test of her abilities. She asks who thought of that crazy idea, and he says the Raikage thought of it, he wants to prove who is more powerful, his brother the Hachibi or the Kyuubi. Naruto says that's idiotic, what if they seriously injure or kill each other. Gaara says if that happens then the alliance no longer has to worry about Akatsuki getting their hands on the Bijuu, and whatever they need them for won't happen. Naruto says his father would never agree to that, and Gaara says that three out of five agree, they override his authority and this is going to happen, the official decision will probably be made tomorrow. She says she can't raise her hand against an ally, and Gaara says it's very likely that she'll lose then, as the Hachibi has no qualms about it. Scene closes there, reopening with her in the mansion's dojo in Sage Mode, Naruto lying on the floor wearing only his boxers and nothing else. There's jutsu formula inscribed all over his body, save for the small portion covered by his underwear. She holds a small gag in her right hand, asking if he's ready. He says he is, and she says that it's possible that this won't work, that it could seriously hurt him. Naruto smiles at her and says that he trusts her. She smiles at him and puts the gag in his mouth, saying bite down on this, and try not to stay conscious. He nods and Hinata puts her hands together, making a long sequence of seals to focus her chakra, all the chakra she can and survive before she places her hands on his stomach and channels the energy into Naruto's body, the formula written on his body glowing with light as Naruto bites down on the gag, screaming with gritted teeth at the incredible pain that floods through his system. She thinks please survive, and the scene closes, reopening the next morning with her approaching the Kage council chamber. She's alone, and narrates that Naruto managed to survive the treatment, though she isn't sure exactly what will happen to him as a result of the procedure, but if it works the way it's supposed to he'll be something…more. She thinks she doesn't have the time to think about that, if she's made to fight him then she'll find a way to win without using the Kyuubi. She narrates that she left Naruto in bed asleep and at peace. She made food for him and put it in the fridge, leaving a note for him at his bedside that the food is there and how to reheat it. She narrates that she is now inside the tower, on her way to see the Kage Council. She sees the two guards stationed outside the door to the chamber, and they recognize her and wave her inside, one of them opening the door for her and she steps inside, the door closing behind her. She now stands in the chamber with the five, Minato sitting in the middle of them, Killer bee standing near the Raikage. Minato says welcome Hinata Hyuga, and she says it is an honor to be in their presence. Minato says that she's been called here because a test has been proposed, and she thinks that this must be about her dueling against the Hachibi. She asks what test, and Minato says the five Kage wish to test the strength of the Jinchuriki, to asses their capabilities. They plan to do that by having a match between the two. She says that such a contest could leave one or both of them seriously injured or dead. Minato says there will be rules, and if neither have any objection they'll all sojourn to the match area. She says she has none, and the scene closes, reopening with her and Killer bee standing apart from one another in the exam stadium and he raps at her, saying it's nice to formally meet her. She says it would've been better to meet him under better circumstances. He says yeah, and she looks up to see the 5 kage seated in the VIP section, watching and waiting. Genma stands between them, saying that they should avoid using lethal force, but ultimate it is okay, but techniques that affect the stadium will not be tolerated. He says if neither have objections, start. He jumps back, and Bee grins smacking his hands together, saying bring it girlie. She puts her hands together, thinking that she doesn't have any choice; she'll have to hit him as a Sage. She draws the energy into her body, shifting into Sage mode. He says oh, what's this as she makes two shadow clones, the clones jumping away as she assumes a taijutsu stance. She says she'll end this quickly, leaping at him and hitting him with a Sage straight right to the jaw. He doesn't flinch, saying that if that's all she's got, she's not gonna last long. She jumps back just as he swings, and she skids backward, thinking to herself that he took that punch and didn't even flinch. He asks if that's all she's got, and she says no, not by a long shot. She holds her palm out to him, saying Bansho Tenin, and he seems to jump toward her, her right arm coiling back she says how about this, hitting him with a Tsunade punch, her attack hitting him square in the jaw, and he flies backward, slamming into the far wall. With a smile she thinks that should've taken his head off or smashed his skull, but he's still alive. The dust clears and bee stands up, dusting himself off he stops rapping, saying that's one helluva punch. He draws his swords, assuming his odd stance he comes after her, and she thinks there's no chance in hell she'll let him get that close. She uses Shinra Tensei, knocking him back and surprising him. He lands on his ass and gets to his feet, saying that was an impressive attack. She grins, saying if he likes that, he'll love this. She uses Chibaku Tensei, trapping him inside a sphere of rock from the ground around him, and she concentrates, hoping that it will hold and knowing deep down that it probably won't. She hears an animalistic roar, and the sphere shatters, bee in the middle with a six tailed veil around him. He says that he doesn't expect any less from another Jinchuriki. She thinks that he must somehow be able to control his Bijuu, normally at 6 tails she's a berserker. He roars, ready to run at her with a full head of steam and she asks herself how is she supposed to stop a six tail. He charges, ready to hit her with a lariat and she ducks, barely avoiding the blow she sticks her foot out to trip him, but he steps over her foot, running for a few feet before he stops and spins, a grin visible on his face. He asks if this is all she has, all there is to the vaunted Kyuubi Jinchuriki. She thinks she really only has one option, hit him with THAT. Scene closes, her remembering her last session with Nagato inside her mind as she finishes explaining the jutsu, Nagato saying that's a rather powerful technique, one that's impossible without the Rinnegan. He asks if she's able to move while using it, and she says no. He looks at her and says that it seems to take a lot chakra. She says it is chakra intensive, if she had to use it in a fight against multiple people for anymore then 5 minutes she'd probably pass out, even in Sage mode. He nods, saying but the trade off seems worth it, to wield that kind of power for any length of time is incredible. She says maybe, though her odds of actually using it in combat are rather slim, she has to be motionless to use it and must be motionless to maintain it. If she were ever forced to move the jutsu will shatter, and any ongoing effect it had will immediately vanish. He says still though, the fact that she created it is proof that his decision to give her the Rinnegan was correct, no Sharingan, no matter how powerful will be able to mimic it. She says it had occurred to her that she could use it against Madara, though with that teleportation jutsu of his she doesn't know how well it'll fair, but at least she can try. He says a jutsu like that will be necessary to stop Madara. She says it's all thanks to him; his ability to manipulate the rain is what inspired her to create the jutsu in the first place. Scene closes reopening with he thinking that she's never tried it before, but she doesn't really have a choice. She puts her hands together, taking a deep breath she reaches out with her mind, molding all six natures of chakra around her body, a rainbow shimmer surrounding her. Bee asks what is this, and she lowers her arms to her sides, saying come at me. He grins and says you got it. He runs at her, and at the last second a chunk of earth shoots up from the ground, hitting him in the side of the head and knocking him off course. She doesn't move as Bee tumbles off at an angle, thinking to herself that she can't move as the arch of dirt lowers into the ground. He says that was pretty impressive, and a bolt of lightning leaps from her and hits him, thunder roaring through the arena as he is knocked back, into a wall. She remains motionless, her thoughts betraying that she hopes that's enough, and bee gets up, now with 8 tails. He says he doesn't know what she's doing, and around her a ball of lightning forms as a ring of water condenses and spins at waist level. A chunk of the ground rises and hovers as a fire ignites in mid air and floats there. The wind swirls, fluttering her hair as she remains motionless and speechless. He says not gonna talk huh, dropping into another charge when Minato yells that's enough. Bee is surprised, and so is she, but she doesn't move, CAN'T flinch. Minato says the match is over. The elements around her disappear, and she breathes a sigh of relief. Genma says both of them are free to leave. It's then that Minato and the Raikage appear before her, Rai looking less then pleased at Minato. Minato says she can manipulate the five types of natural chakra at will, and she says that last thing was an untested technique, and it's only when she's in that state can she do what she did. She turns to Rai and says your brother is quite powerful, were he allowed to enter Bijuu form he'd become unstoppable. Rai seems to smile at that, and that's when Bee walks up, now normal rapping hey little lady whaddya know, you're quite the dynamo. Rai shakes his head, and Hinata thinks that all Jinchuriki must be quirky. Scene closes, reopening with her leaving the arena to see Shino waiting for her. She greets him, and he returns the greeting. She asks what he's doing here, and he says he tracked the kikai on her to the arena, and when he got here he was barred from entering. She says she had a test that she had to pass, and Shino asks what does a bolt of lightning and a crash of thunder have to do with her test. She blushes and says you heard that huh. He looks at her, the expression enough to tell her that he still wants to know the answer to his question. She says that she fought the Hachibi in a match to test her strength, and she had to use a new technique, that's what caused the lightning bolt. He says something to do with the Rinnegan, and she says sort of. She says it's something she hopes will be enough to stop Madara, and Shino says he'd like to see that jutsu himself. Hinata says she'd rather not use it unless she has to, and Shino says that he'll have to make sure he's with her when she finally stares down Madara. She says she hopes that if she has to use that jutsu, she hopes he's far, far away. He raises his eyebrows in questioning but doesn't say anything. She says she's going to head home, and he asks where Naruto is. She says the last she knew he was still at her home asleep, and Shino says that his kikai hasn't moved for the past while, and he says it's strange that he didn't accompany her to the arena. She says that last night he volunteered to be a test subject for an experiment, and as a result he had to rest this morning. Shino asks an experiment, and Hinata says she created something that could change the shinobi world forever if it works. Shino asks that she doesn't know whether or not it worked, and Hinata says as far as she can tell it did, but she won't know until Naruto wakes up, assuming he does wake up. Shino says he's sure he will, and Hinata thanks him for his support. Changing the subject Shino says this new jutsu of hers must be quite powerful, for her to create a noise like that. She says that she didn't know how powerful the jutsu would be when Naruto himself runs up, saying her name and that he was worried, what the hell was that crash of thunder he heard a minute ago. She blushes and asks that he heard that, and he says yeah, the whole village heard it, scarred the hell out of a lot of people, some thought something was going on with the Raikage. She says everything is fine, and he asks how the match went. She says neither of them got seriously hurt, and the Kage are satisfied and know the limits of her abilities. Naruto says well, at least the stadium is still standing, that's a plus. She asks if he thought the stadium was going to be brought down, and Naruto says she has the same power as Nagato and even more chakra, she could probably level the whole village if she wanted. She shakes her head and says that doing that shortened Nagato's overall life span, she isn't going to do it, and she doesn't know if she could bring herself to kill on that massive scale. Shino says that he and Fumiko are getting together tomorrow night for a relaxed meal at his home, nothing major, just an opportunity to relax, and he would like to extend an invite to both of them. Naruto says they don't want to intrude, and Shino says nonsense, waving his hand dismissively. He looks to her, checking to see if she agrees or disagrees, and she nods her assent, and Naruto says as long as they aren't imposing, they'd be happy to come to dinner with him. Scene closes, reopening the next day in the afternoon with her lying on the floor shirtless wearing a purple bra the same color as her jacket. Naruto kneels on her right, a scroll unfurled next to him. She narrates that his skin and eyes are vibrant and he practically glows now, thinking that at least her experiment on him worked like it was supposed to, a good omen for once. Naruto asks are you sure you want to go through with this, and she says yes. He asks are you absolutely sure this will work the way you think, and she says she just thinks he wants to keep looking at her in her bra. He shakes his head and says that isn't it, this is the seal that holds the demon in her, and he doesn't want to mess with it unless he knows exactly what he's doing and what will happen as a result. She says these modifications to the seal will alter it and perfect it, restricting the flow of the demon's chakra and allowing her to theoretically draw on six tails of chakra from it without the effect of burning her skin off and allowing her complete control. He asks if this is really necessary, she doesn't use the Kyuubi's chakra anymore, and she says she doesn't use it out of fear that she'll draw too much, but with this modification to the seal she'll be able to feel the chakra and the seal will stop anything beyond six tails worth of chakra. Naruto says the Kyuubi probably won't like this, and she says that the demon will live with it, being imprisoned in her is better than dying, it's told her that itself. Naruto says all right, his apprehension showing in his voice. He looks to the scroll, making hand signs before he separates his hands, the fingers on his right hand bent like he's holding a softball his fingertips glowing a very dark blue, and she concentrates, the sealing formula appearing on her stomach as Naruto puts his hand on it. He asks if she's ready, and she says yes. Naruto looks at the scroll, double checking what he's supposed to do before he does it. He rotates his hand, and she grimaces in pain, narrating that it feels like her insides are being twisted around, fighting the urge to scream in pain. Naruto says just hold on Hinata, it'll be over soon. She nods acceptance, and she feels his fingers shift and slide across her stomach, feeling the modification to the seal happening as Naruto's fingers move against her stomach, any tickling sensation lost to the pain. After what feels like an eternity, the pain subsides and dulls, and she opens her eyes to see Naruto kneeling over her, concern painted on his face as he asks if she feels all right. She says yes, she feels fine, sitting up Naruto says here, handing her the shirt she normally wears under the jacket and she takes it, pulling on the shirt she thanks him, and he says what inspired her to do something like this, and she says that she was inspired by Killer Bee and his abilities to control his Bijuu. He says that it looks like they've both come through unscathed. She says yes, but she doesn't want him to push himself and think that he's suddenly got unlimited stamina. He says that he's never felt so strong, and Hinata says please don't push yourself; she doesn't want him to end up hurting himself because he thinks he's invincible. He says that he knows he isn't invincible, but he just feels good, and she says she wants to grab a shower before dinner. Naruto says okay, scene closing and reopening with Hinata turning off the shower before she steps out of the bathroom, grabbing a towel from atop the sink she starts to dry her hair and body for a minute before she exits the bathroom, emerging into her bedroom and seeing Naruto sitting on the bed without a shirt, and she walks out toweling her hair as she emerges, and Naruto looks at her, giving her an approving look, smiling at her and she blushes, asking what's the matter as she looks herself up and down, trying to see what he's looking at and he says nothing, he's just admiring her. She blushes deeper and says that she knows he likes it when she walks around like this, and he grins, saying can he help it he likes seeing a naked girl. She smiles and says so long as he isn't looking at other girls, she's fine with doing this every once and a while. He stands and says she really should get dressed, or else he might wanna do that. She agrees, saying if they do it she'll need another shower, and then they'll be late for their meal with the Aburame's. Naruto sighs in resignation, saying yeah, you're right. She goes to the closet, getting dressed as Naruto goes into the bathroom. She dresses while Naruto is in the bathroom, and she dresses in her normal clothes, stopping at the Sage haori, she asks herself if Shino would want her to wear that, and Naruto emerges then, looking refreshed he asks what's up. She says that she doesn't know whether or not to wear her Sage haori, and Naruto asks why he wouldn't want her to wear it. She says it's supposed to be a relaxed dinner, and she doesn't want to make people feel weird and it doesn't really seem appropriate for her to wear it to a dinner that isn't meant to be political or anything like that. Naruto says it'll be okay, just wear it, Shino will be annoyed if she doesn't. She says she guesses so, scene closing, reopening with the two of them approaching the Aburame home. She glances to the trees, struck by a vivid memory of the last time she was here, the assassin jumping out of the trees and then being covered in kikai, going down with a crawling squirming and chittering blanket of kikai. Naruto says her name, and she blinks the memory away, asking what's up. He says she was spacing out, and she says she was just thinking about the last time she was here, when she fled the Hyuga home and came here with an assassin in tow and some of their kikai covering the assassin and stopping him cold. He says yeah, back when her own family wanted her dead, and she says that all of that is in the past now, what matters now is that she's only a Hyuga in name only, and Naruto says yeah, you're right. They arrive at the door, Hinata narrating she chose to wear the haori and just when Naruto is about to knock when the door opens and Shiroi stands there, a smile on her face, saying that they're right on time. Naruto opens his mouth, saying how before he stops himself, and she thinks that he was going to ask how they knew that they were coming, even though he knows that Shino put a scent producing bug on them a long time ago. Shiroi asks if there's something wrong, and Naruto says nah, he's just amazed at their timing. Shiroi cocks her head to the side, saying timing as though she doesn't understand, and Naruto says it's nothing, don't worry about it. Shiroi says then please come in, standing aside to allow them to come in. They both enter, and they take off their shoes before they enter the home, and Shiroi says this way please, motioning toward the dining room, and both she and Naruto follow Shiroi's direction into a homely dining room, and Hinata thinks to herself that the Aburame home has recovered nicely since the disaster, and she's glad that there aren't insect farms everywhere. She sees Shibi and Shino in the dining room, and Shino greets them, saying they both look good, and Naruto asks what's on the menu. Shino says the meal will be traditional cuisine and again Hinata asks herself if they should be here without contributing something to the meal. Shino bids them take a seat, and they sit next to one another. Naruto sits straight and Shino says to please relax, this is only supposed to be a relaxed dinner, not some sort of meeting. Naruto apologizes, saying he just isn't used to this kind of thing. Shino asks what is he used to, and he says making the food himself and eating with only a single other person. Shino says to please relax; otherwise they won't be able to have an enjoyable meal together. Naruto says he'll try, and Fumiko enters then with a plate of food and the food is served, Hinata thinking that the food looks really good. Scene closes, reopening as the five of them sit around the table, talking about the disaster and how things have finally begun to improve and efforts have finally started to improve, an one of the big reasons for that is the people have held on to hope, and she's been a major force in that, giving the people something to believe in, and she's been out there, working alongside people, inspiring them. She says that she never really asked to be a symbol for anyone; they're the ones who chose her. Shibi says regardless of the reason, people see her as a sign of hope, how can she deny them that. Hinata says that she only wanted to get stronger to protect the people she cares about, not to be a symbol for people to worship. Shino says that the two of them look rather youthful, and something is amiss in their chakra. Fumiko agrees, wondering aloud if they did it before they came here, and if doing that really makes you feel that good. Hinata's mouth hits the table and she says that isn't what happened. Naruto says Hinata created a jutsu that she's testing on him, and she's modified the seal that contains the Kyuubi. Shino says he will be a subject if she wants, and Hinata says that she doesn't know how the jutsu would affect the kikai, it could kill them or do something horrible, and she couldn't live with herself if she destroyed his kikai or made it impossible for him to use them anymore. Shino says he understands and appreciates her concern, and Shiroi says she can use her new status to preach to people, teach them about her ideals and bring peace, changing the subject. Hinata says maybe, but she isn't going to force people like Madara, she's going to help people, not control them. Shibi says that sometimes people need to do things they don't want to do, because in the long run it will be good for them and others. Hinata asks herself that there must be another way, a way to change people's minds without resorting to killing people or manipulating their minds. Naruto says that people will see when Madara goes down, with the alliance now it will be even easier to bring everyone together and show them how pointless infighting amongst ourselves. Hinata says she doesn't know about that, once Akatsuki is gone she's sure that people will go back to hating one another without a common enemy to direct their hatred toward. Naruto says he doesn't believe that, there has to be a way to create peace without force, to make people understand one another. She thinks that she swore that she would find an answer before Nagato gave her his eyes, she can't back out now. It's then there's a knock at the door, and Shibi says he will go see who it is, asking to be excused before he gets up and exits the room. Shiroi takes the opportunity to ask if the two of them have set a date for the wedding yet, and Naruto barely avoids spitting up his drink. Hinata asks herself how they knew, and she reminds herself that Shino figured out she was the Jinchuriki on his own, he would take note of the band on her finger. Naruto asks how did you know, and Shiroi says their son has always been rather insightful, just like his father, while Shino fidgets uncomfortably at the comment, saying mother before Shibi returns with the Chunin with the scar on his face, and Naruto says his name in remembrance, asking what he's doing here before Shibi says the Hokage wishes to see Hinata. The scarred Chunin nods his agreement, and the three of them stand, the Chunin saying that Naruto and Shino weren't asked for, only Hinata Hyuga. Naruto looks at her and then the Chunin, saying he's going, he's a higher rank then the Chunin anyway. Shino says he shall accompany his friend as far as he can, and the chunin sighs, saying whatever, why couldn't the Hokage have sent ANBU instead he doesn't know. Scene closes, reopening with her narrating that they now approach the kage/council chamber, two shinobi standing guard at the door, the scarred Chunin saying he brought Hinata as requested. The one guard says she may enter; the others are all to remain outside, by order of the Hokage. Naruto opens his mouth to argue, but she puts a hand on his arm, and he looks at her, the look she gives him telling him it isn't worth it, and Naruto reluctantly nods. He looks at the guards and says the first sound of trouble in there; they'll have to physically stop him. She looks to Shino, who nods approvingly, and she steps forward, the guards opening the door enough for her to step through and she does, the door promptly closing behind her. She notices Danzo and two ANBU flanking him standing before the 5, and she asks herself what he's doing there, none of the other village council is here, and she notices his chakra, and how it seems to travel toward the 5, and she thinks that something must be amiss, the chakra wave looking like a genjutsu, but not at the same time. She asks what's going on here, and Danzo turns, saying she's too late, he's already won. She asks what he's talking about. He says go ahead everyone, please tell her. As one, and in a trance-like voice they say that they have unanimously selected Danzo to be the new supreme leader of the Alliance. She thinks what, that can't be as she sees the chakra wave come toward her, the chakra trying to infiltrate her body, and she feels a lucid feeling start to creep up on her, and she hears something dark, furious and primal in her mind roar no, and she shakes her head no, screaming no in denial and feeling anger and terror replace the lucid feeling. She thinks he was trying to manipulate her, but she isn't going to let that happen. She lashes out with a Shinra Tensei, hitting Danzo and his ANBU and sending them flying out at a diagonal angle. She thinks damn, she didn't crush them, and the Kage remain motionless, still under the effect of his technique, and Hinata walks forward, yelling out all of them wake up, they were being controlled. The door bursting in as the kage blink, slowly coming out of the daze Danzo put them under. They all ask what's going with Naruto in his now pulsating flash mode. Hinata does her best to explain what she saw, and Mizu says that the last thing she remembers is Danzo entering the room claiming he had something to discuss about Akatsuki. Hinata says that was likely a ploy to get them together, so he could take control of them and effectively conquer the world. Minato says he never knew, and Rai says that he was careless to allow someone with those goals to become so close to him. Minato says that none of them suspected that Danzo was plotting to overthrow them and take over the alliance. Hinata thinks thankfully they're all still all right, and whatever Danzo did had no permanent damage. Gaara says that he doesn't see the point in bickering amongst themselves, now that they have yet another enemy to deal with. Mizu agrees, saying that they need to strategize what they plan to do, and how they'll deal with Danzo's ability. She says that his chakra was strange, and she believes the Kyuubi's presence is what saved her from its effects. Rai says that's dandy, not all of them are Jinchuriki. Hinata apologizes, and Minato says you have nothing to apologize for; they should all be thanking her. An argument ensures with Rai calling for the election of another supreme leader and for the five of them to be moved to another hidden village. Hinata thinks he's ambitious, and she can tell he wants the reins of leadership. Finally she says that none of them were at fault over what happened. Minato shakes his head, saying there's something more important to deal with right now, looking at the guards at the door he says to bring her in. Hinata thinks who is he talking about and a minute later Konan is brought in wearing a plain black cloak with no designs on it. She says her name, and Minato says that they caught her trying to sneak into the village, she knew that you had the Rinnegan and described in detail how she obtained it. Hinata says that this woman was with Nagato, and has sworn her loyalty to me. Minato looks at her and asks if this is true, and she says it is. Minato asks her why, and she says Nagato was like family to her, Hinata now carries his hopes and dreams. Minato says that's very poetic, but she was once their enemy, how can they trust her so easily. Rai nods agreement, the other Kage all showing signs of agreement as well. Konan says she knows where Madara is hiding, and Minato gets a very serious look, saying what before she says that she knows where he is, and she'll show them. Mizu says this smells like a trap, and Rai asks how do they know this isn't a scam to lure them all into a trap. Konan swears that it isn't, that if they go they'll be able to locate Madara and put a stop to his ambitions once and for all. Hinata says I'll go, and Minato shakes his head, saying he can't risk one of their biggest assets on what could be a trap. Hinata says if anyone is in a position to defeat Madara, it's her, and she trusts Konan explicitly. Minato says he can't send her on a mission alone with a woman he hardly knows. Naruto steps up, saying I'll go, Shino right next to him, offering his service for the mission as well. Minato looks at Rai, who says there is no way he's sending Killer Bee as well. If it turns out to be a trap Bee will be the only thing between Madara and his goal of gaining the ten tail. Hinata looks at him and says please, and Minato sighs, shaking his head he says even if I say no you'll still go, and if you really wanted to you could beat anyone who physically tries to stop you. He says go, he expects good news when she returns. She says yes, scene closing and reopening with the 4 of them on the move, packs on their backs as they jump from tree to tree, Konan saying that Akatsuki's main base is hidden deep within the land of rain, Madara is there, preparing to attempt to summon the ten tail's body down from the moon. She asks how he plans to do that, and Konan says that he has the chakra of 7 of the 9 Bijuu, and he's going to use that chakra to summon the remains of the ten tail. Hinata asks what good will it do, without the Hachibi and Kyuubi he doesn't have enough chakra to make up the ten tail. Konan says that he's found an equal valance to the two Bijuu, and she asks what could be equal to the strongest two Bijuu. Konan says massive human sacrifice, he intends to sacrifice every person in the land of rain including all the innocent civilians and the cloud prisoners taken since the war began. Naruto says that's unthinkable, and Konan says she doesn't know how long until he'll be ready to complete the jutsu, they have to hurry and stop him before he does, or he'll be unstoppable. She curses to herself, thinking that she always thought that as long as she was free he wouldn't be able to fulfill his plans, but now it looks like things are going to happen anyway, how many innocent people to make up her bijou's place. She thinks no, she can't afford to think like that, she has to focus on stopping him here and now, or else there may be no hope left for the world. Scene closes, reopening with her narrating that they don't stop overnight, they run straight through, popping stimulants to fight off the fatigue. Konan says they're getting close, and Naruto asks where are all the border guards and the sentries. Konan says since the war most of the shinobi are tied up fighting the cloud shinobi, and those that aren't are busy dealing with controlling the people. With Nagato gone the people have been wary about their leadership, and she's heard of at least 2 riots that have broken out since Nagato disappeared. Hinata thinks wow, and ahead they see a rather large tree appear from the fog, and Konan says that Madara is there. Around the tree the forest is thick and Konan says they can't just walk up, Madara has manipulated the forest to form a barrier around the tree, the second they breach the barrier Madara will know. It's then that a fire ball streaks out from behind a tree, and Hinata stops dead in her tracks, the attack roasting the branch she would've jumped to. All eyes turn to see Sasuke stride out from behind the tree, wearing a cloak with his Sharingan activated. Hinata thinks at least he isn't going after Konoha, and he says long time no see. Naruto asks why he's siding with Madara, does he believe in the Mooneye Plan that much? Sasuke laughs, saying he doesn't care about any of that, his sole purpose for living is to punish Konoha for what it did to his clan. Naruto says he can't take that anger out on Hinata. He smirks and says no, not Hinata. He's going to get revenge on the Senju and anyone appointed by them. Naruto says his family has nothing to do with the Senju, none of their families do. Sasuke says that's where you're wrong. He says your father was chosen by the Senju to carry on their beliefs and ideals, they are for all intents and purposes Senju, and Sasuke is going to wipe them all off the face of the planet. Naruto narrows his eyes, shifting into flash mode as his weights pop off, hitting the ground with audible thuds. Sasuke says his chakra is different then before, and Naruto says he's evolved. Sasuke glances to her and says he's sure it has something to do with her Rinnegan, he'll enjoy torturing it out of her in the Tsukuyomi. Naruto strikes then, hitting Sasuke with a knock out punch. The Uchiha goes flying, and Hinata thinks it didn't connect, at the last second something stopped Naruto's punch. Sasuke flips, knocking over a tree before he comes to a stop and says that's rather impressive, he felt some of that even through Susan'o. Hinata asks herself is that what that thing surrounding him is, narrating about the giant skeletal torso that has appeared around Sasuke. Naruto thinks that's new, and Sasuke grins, saying Naruto can't get through, it's an absolute defense greater then even Gaara's. Naruto says we'll see about that, and the two of them clash, Naruto using wind jutsu as Sasuke retaliates with Amaterasu. Naruto forms a Rasengan, saying try this and hitting Sasuke with it only for it to explode harmlessly against Susan'o. Sasuke says that pathetic jutsu like that won't break Susan'o, nothing can penetrate his defense. Naruto says we'll see, doing the shadow clone jutsu and creating 20 copies of himself, Sasuke grimacing and saying that his trick blocks the Sharingan's predictive power and insight. The clones all seem to jump at once, Sasuke gripping two and crushing them like grapes with Susan'o as more punch and kick, trying to damage him as Sasuke swats and crushes them, growling where are you coward as he crushes all but the last one which stands back from the others. Sasuke says ah, you must be the real one, Susan'o's arm raising to crush him like a fly, and Hinata thinks no, her muscles tensing to jump in when the ground beneath Sasuke splits, and he looks down to see a swirling golden Rasengan come to meet him. The Rasengan seems to explode inside Susan'o, blowing the Uchiha back and into a tree, the real Naruto standing there, asking himself did it work. Sasuke gets up, an abrasion on his face accompanying the scar across his nose. Naruto says he should just stay down, and Sasuke says that he didn't break Susan'o, nothing can. Naruto scoffs, saying he hates to do this to a former comrade, but he doesn't have any choice. Narutos hands are a golden blur beneath the aura, and he disappears, reappearing in front of Sasuke and reaching out, touching Susan'o, and Hinata can see chakra begin to flow from Sasuke into Naruto at an astonishing rate. Sasuke goes to smash Naruto with Susan'o, and the arm hits Naruto, driving him into the ground, and she's about to call out when she sees chakra is still flowing out of the Susan'o, and Sasuke grimaces, pulling the arm up to see a golden blur latched onto it, and Sasuke yells for him to get off, and Naruto says not a chance. Sasuke then shuts off Susan'o, dropping Naruto who deftly lands on his feet. Sasuke says what did you do, and Naruto says it's a chakra absorption jutsu that takes his opponent's chakra and stores it in his aura. Sasuke says he's never used anything like that before, and Naruto says he never had to. Sasuke says his hatred won't be extinguished, glaring at Naruto and she realizes what he's doing a half second too late. She opens her mouth to say something when they both drop to their knees, panting heavily in exhaustion. Naruto says that was intense, struggling to get back to his feet, but he stands, Hinata thinking he weathered the Tsukuyomi, somehow. Sasuke says his hatred won't die, forcing himself to his feet he says as long as he draws breath he won't stop. He crackles with lightning as Naruto shifts back into flash mode, saying it's time to put up or shut up. Lightning crackles on Sasuke's hand as a ball of spinning chakra forms in his hands, his expression set in concentration. Sasuke says its time they ended this, and Naruto says he couldn't agree more. Sasuke goes to charge, and Naruto reels back, throwing the Rasen-shuriken as Sasuke runs. They're too close for him to avoid, so he charges in, thrusting his hand forward there's a blinding explosion, and when it clears Sasuke stands just outside of arm's reach of Naruto, a happy smile as he says mom, dad, we'll finally be together again before he falls face down into the dirt, his eyes closed and his chest not moving. Its then that Naruto collapses, dropping out of flash mode and landing with his limbs splayed. Both Hinata and Shino are at his side in a heartbeat, and she's glad to see his eyes open, still very much conscious. He says that Sasuke hit him with that genjutsu, made it seem like he was being tortured for days. Shino says his chakra is very low and he's at borderline shock. He says someone will have to tend him, and Hinata looks at Shino who merely nods, saying for her to go ahead, he'll tend to Naruto while she goes after Madara. She nods her thanks, tells Naruto to be safe and that she loves him, Naruto returns the sentiment before she and Konan take off, heading for the large tree in the distance. Konan says Madara is there, and the scene closes, reopening with Madara standing before the statue with the Bijuu sealed inside, Hinata narrating that she and Konan hide behind rather large roots that go up to the gargantuan tree. Madara has his back to them., and she narrates that she's already in Sage mode, the plan to hit Madara hard and fast so he won't see it coming. She nods to Konan, and both of them pop out, Konan throwing paper shuriken while she unleashes a Shinra Tensei. Both strike an invisible barrier, and Hinata curses as Madara tsks, saying it isn't nice to sneak up on people when they're waiting for you. Hinata asks are you trying to convince me to give up the fox, and Madara says no. He says for them to have gotten here means Sasuke must be dead, Madara shaking his head, saying such a waste. Hinata glares at him, saying what does he want. Madara says the so called reincarnation of the SOSP will witness his final victory, the moment where he gains the power of the ten tail and finally does what not even the SOSP could do. Hinata says she won't let him, and he says it's already too late, he's filled the statue with all the necessary chakra, all he has to do is combine it into it's original form, undo what the Sage did and become the most powerful being in existence. Hinata says you're insane, and he says we'll see, turning around he says watch, the barrier separating them cannot be penetrated unless it's done from five different points simultaneously. He says without the Byakugan she'll be hard pressed to find them all on her own, and she asks him to please stop, if he stops now they can still work something out, find true peace. Madara says he is on the verge of achieving his goal that he has waited for longer than she's been alive, there's no way he's stopping now. He puts his hands together in a hand sign, and she sees the statue begin to glow as the nine sources of chakra inside begin to mix, forming s larger and larger mass, and she asks herself just how big is this thing going to get before the mass becomes one, and the statue cracks, cracking more and more it shatters, and a chakra in the form of a creature with ten tails appears, roaring inside the barrier. Hinata thinks maybe it will kill Madara for a half second before he appears in front of it's head and grasps it, the monster suddenly freezing in place as Madara begins to absorb it. She thinks there's no way that a human body can hold that much chakra, it isn't possible. She watches in amazement as Madara absorbs the demon into his body, his chakra swelling immensely. He flings his head back and laughs, he says the power, the chakra, it's incredible. He turns and looks at her, and he removes his mask in time for her to see the wrinkles and lines disappear from his face as his body reverts to a young man's, and he takes off his gloves, looking down at his hands he grins and says this is incredible. She thinks it's impossible, he can't turn back the aging process. Madara says now, all he has to do is deal with the two obstacles here, and his goal will be in his grasp. Hinata looks at Konan and tells her to leave, she has to survive. Konan nods, saying win before she takes off, and Madara says it really is a shame about her and Nagato, with his hatred he had such potential, but instead he's squandered it, giving up his precious eyes to a teenage girl. Hinata says that she is the one who will bring about peace, and Madara asks did you decide that. She asks what is he talking about, and he says her belief that she is the messiah, did you decide that or did someone else decide it for you. She opens her mouth to retort, but stops and asks herself, did she ever really choose that. He says it was thrust upon you wasn't it, without a word or thought given to how you might feel about. She says that everything happens for a reason, and it's her destiny to stop him and be the true messiah. Madara grins and says that he feels that it's his destiny to kill her and bring about lasting peace. She says fate will prove which is right, and Madara says the strongest shall prevail. She jumps at him and slugs him with a Tsunade blow, the man barely moving she thinks that's incredible. Madara asks that she's a student of Tsunade. She jumps back and Madara asks is that all you're capable of. She uses a Shinra Tensei, hitting him as hard as possible, and he grunts, getting knocked back and plowing through a root in the tree. She watches the dust, wondering if the attack did anything as he stands up and brushes himself off, saying he felt that nudge. She curses, putting her hands together she uses the summoning, bringing out Ken. She thinks she trained a lot with him not only during her time on the mountain but also when Jiraiya trained her to try and toughen up her taijutsu skills. Ken says it's rare for you to summon me Hinata, and she says she needs his help. He says anything, and Madara says do you honestly think that a summon will help you against the ten tail Jinchuriki. She says she won't know until she tries, her hands coming together, she uses water bullets, and Madara replicates the jutsu, cancelling each other out. It's then that Ken jumps, spewing up oil all over Madara Hinata thinks now for a match. She uses a fire jutsu, igniting the oil and sending flame rushing to Madara, who jumps to avoid it. Ken uses his tongue, wrapping Madara in it as she makes hand signs. He says go ahead. She uses her weather jutsu, a Ken flicking Madara into the air as a bolt of lightning hits him, frying him and dropping him to the ground. Ken lands with her still on top of him, and Madara stands up, brushing himself off he says that's a rather unique trick. The ground then shoots up, a pillar of earth hitting Madara right in the jaw. He stumbles, saying interesting as blades of wind lash out at him, cutting through his clothes a fire sparks out of thin air, spinning around her and launching toward Madara. He hits it aside, saying that's quite enough of that. A water cannon blasts toward him, and he sidesteps, saying she's manipulating the weather in a localized area. He says that he's had enough of that, his body surrounding in a gray chakra veil that begins to get bigger and bigger as more tails appear from it. She looks at Ken, and the toad understands, dispelling as she jumps from atop its head, landing as Madara lets out an animalistic roar. She closes her eyes, thinking she only has one choice. Scene closes, reopening with her standing before the bars, the fox growling on the other side. She says it knows why she's here, and the demon says she seeks its help. She says she wants to transform into Bijuu form, and it says you know that will mean it has complete freedom. She says that Madara can control it, if it doesn't help her then Madara will turn it into his slave. It huffs, saying it can't believe that it's agreeing to this. She says if you don't help we'll both die, and the demon growls I know. It says this once it will help her, but if that truly is the 10 tail, even it won't be powerful enough to stop it. She says they have to, there's no other choice. Scene closes, reopening with her looking through the eyes of a shadow clone as the Kyuubi surges forth from the trees, the ten tail waiting as the two clash, clawing and biting at one another, flesh tearing and ripping as they claw and bite, tails hitting one another as they rip at each other. The Kyuubi kicks it off, getting to its feet it opens its mouth and releases a beam of chakra, annihilating an ally above it as the ten tail jumps. The beam disappears and the Kyuubi raises its head, looking at the now floating ten tail it releases another blast of chakra, hitting the ten tail and exploding. The 10 tail comes through the cloud, tackling it to the ground and biting at it, the Kyuubi returning the attack. Scene closes, reopening with her opening her eyes and asking what happened, the demon whispering that they fought to a standstill, until neither host could maintain their Bijuu form. It says whatever that is isn't the ten, and if it could get truly free it wouldn't have a problem squashing it. She mumbles not gonna happen as she gets to her feet. Nagato whispers that they have to remove the seal holding the Bijuu in place, and she agrees. Seeing Madara just standing up as well she quickly realizes that going into Bijuu form and fighting the Kyuubi took a lot out of him, and he's just as worn out as she is. He says who'd have thought that a teenager would be the one to stand in his way. She says she's the messiah, its her destiny to stand against people like you, and to make peace a reality. He says her peace can't happen, and she says we'll see about that. They both tense to attack, when Naruto yells out Rasen-shuriken. They both look to see his attack fly, hitting Madara and ravaging his body. Nagato whispers now, and she jumps forward. Knowing that Naruto's attack will do little other than stun him, Hinata makes hand signs, her right hand reaching out and grasping his chest. He looks down, asking what does she think she's doing as her hands interact with the seal on his stomach, saying demon's seal, release as she closes her fingers and shatters the seal keeping the beast inside his body. She jumps back as he screams in pain, the 10 tail ripping him apart like a suit many sizes too small. It emerges, looking down at her with power in it's eyes. She thinks that she only really has one choice left. She moves to use the sealing method, but the demon jumps at her, it's chakra flowing onto her and into her. She feels it inside of her, permeating every cell in her body. She thinks it was bodiless chakra, it had to merge with her or it would've ceased to exist. She looks at her own hands, asking herself is this really the end. Scene closes, reopening 2 years later with her narrating that with the threat of Akatsuki gone and her containing two of the most powerful Bijuu in existence, the kage wished to remain allied with Konoha, lest they fight the Jinchuriki of the 10 tail. She thinks that since the 10 tail merged with her she hasn't heard or felt the Kyuubi, maybe it merged with the ten tail, returning to the chakra that spawned it. She narrates that for the last 18 months she traveled around the world as a goodwill ambassador, preaching her message of peace to anyone who will listen and trying her best to help those in need. She thinks she only just returned to Konoha a month ago, and since then Minato has finally stepped down as Hokage, and a reluctant Haruka Uchiha accepted the position, the first Uchiha to be named to the position, and the council only accepted the appointment because of her and her explanation that Konoha created Madara and made him the way he is, that and she personally vouched for Haruka, which went a long way in the eyes of the council. She narrates she sits on top of the tower, hands behind her head, enjoying the afternoon sun against her skin. She thinks that it was intelligent to give up being a shinobi, she couldn't very well preach peace and turn around and kill people. Naruto appears next to her, and she smiles as he grins, saying the Hokage won't like her being up here. She asks if he's gonna say something, and he grins and says nah, he was just worried that she just disappeared like that. Hinata says they don't know for sure if she's pregnant yet, and Naruto says still, he doesn't want her exerting herself and doing something that might cause problems. She asks herself how will her being a Jinchuriki affect her baby, but she quickly pushes the thought aside. She says she won't, and Naruto says that they're holding a dinner in her honor tonight. She sighs exasperated, thinking ANOTHER one. She asks about Shino and Fumiko, and Naruto says that they're engaged, and she gently twists the white gold ring on her right hand with her left, thinking that was first thing she did after she returned to the village, formally getting married to Naruto and taking a nice relaxing honeymoon. Since they returned from the honeymoon, the so called nobles of the village have been heaping praise and gratitude on her, though the prominent shinobi clans aren't happy that she's actively working to make shinobi unnecessary. She thinks to herself that it will probably never happen, that no matter how much she does or how hard she tries shinobi will never disappear, that and people still need their services, even if people stop fighting amongst themselves leaders will never completely disarm because they don't want to risk being defenseless if they should come under attack. Naruto says her name, and she blinks, saying what is it. He says she looked like she was thinking about something, and she says that she was just thinking that she still has a lot of work ahead of her, and Naruto says that she has a hard road ahead of her, but he'll be there for her. Scene closes, insert Haruka's coronation scene, Minato moving his things out, make sure to mention that Hokage manor refers to wherever the Hokage lives not any one particular building. Hinata sees Haruka before the ceremony, talking to her about how she's going to do her clan proud, and she's going to restore her clan to it's former glory, and work to assure that what happens never repeats itself. After coronation she stands atop the monument with Naruto next to her. She smiles, thanking him in her thoughts, looking up she thinks that the sky really is beautiful. Epilogue begins, cutting to 10 years later. She narrates that she never got pregnant, that after a year of trying a visit to the hospital confirmed that it's medically impossible, her body literally never ovulates, making it impossible for her to bear children. She hasn't aged a day since her battle with Madara, and left the village 8 years ago. For 5 years she lived the life of a nomad, going from village to village, follow

ing the path of the SOSP, but unfortunately she hasn't been able to cause complete disarmament, and shinobi still exist, in spite of her best efforts. She narrates it's been eight years since she last saw Naruto, the last time she saw him he was asleep in the bed they shared. She let in the middle of the night, using her abilities to sneak out, leaving a note with Haruka to not look for her. For the last 8 years she's been alone, and now she kneels in a tree, through the Rinnegan she can see through the eyes of the shadow clone in the distance, the clone in a tree overlooking Konoha. She asks herself if she really should do this. She could just as easily as hire a messenger to deliver the small box, her hand drifting to the ring still on her finger. She reaches into her pocket, withdrawing the rectangular jewelry box and opening it to reveal a simple necklace with an orange cylindrical crystal. She thinks that the stone is a one of a kind substance that's been forged through the use of the 10 tail's chakra. The stone amplifies the chakra of the wearer, making them stronger and more powerful than they were before. She says that in time this stone will rival the First's necklace given to Tsunade, and that in time it will be a treasured artifact passed down in Naruto's family from generation to generation. She thinks that she'll be alive to see his children, and his children's children, and even his death. She narrates that the village hasn't changed much since she left, and she should be able to locate him and his family easily enough. Stealthing her way into the village she confirms that not much has changed. She walks past people who pay her cloaked figure no mind, her gaze drifting up to see the Hokage mountain, Naruto and Jiraiya's face carved into the rock. She says that he must've been appointed some time after she left. She thinks that he and his family will probably be furious at seeing her, but she still looks exactly as she did back then, while they all still age like normal people. She again wonders if she should be here, she knows that the way she left she couldn't have made them feel good, but she couldn't bring herself to tell Naruto that she'd be leaving and never come back. She spots the signs of a party ahead, asking herself if that's the party she's looking for. She moves closer, hearing familiar voices that she recognizes. she thinks this is the place, commenting that this is the house she was given after she became the SOSP. She thinks that Naruto must've continued living here after she left, telling herself that she can deal with that, he should keep the house, since she abandoned him. Cloaking in the invisibility jutsu and hopping the fence into the back yard she sees a gathering of people, all of them relaxed and enjoying the day. She takes note of Sakura standing close to Naruto along with several children running around playing. She walks to the table slowly, gently placing the small box where people aren't likely to notice it, the group of adults around Naruto laughing at something, and she wishes him well, telling herself that she doesn't belong here, not anymore. Carefully leaving the place she starts down the street and walks for 10 min before a body literally materializes in front of her, the older form of Minato standing there, looking down at her curiously. She starts in surprise at his presence, and he says its been 8 years, and she says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Minato tells her not to lie, he's memorized her gait and voice, he knows that its her. She asks what he wants, she only wanted to give Naruto one last gift, and he says he wants to know why she left like she did. She pulls down the hood and shows him her face, saying that she hasn't aged a day since the battle with Madara, how could she stay, she can't bear children, can't even call herself human anymore. Minato says that Naruto has gotten married to Sakura, and she says she figured, she's better for him than Hinata. Minato says he misses her, and she says in time he'll forget. Minato shakes his head and says you should go see him, he'd like that a lot. She again says no, if she went to see him now it would only dredge up memories that are best left forgotten, she doesn't want to interfere with his happy life with Sakura, and Minato reaches into his pocket, withdrawing the box and saying then take this with you. If he receives this then it will be a constant reminder of her, and Hinata says to please give it to him, tell him its from you or a random villager. He asks what it does, and she says its a chakra stone that amplifies the wearers chakra, doubling their total capacity. Minato says incredible, and she says to please give it to him, so at least he'll be able to live a long life and retire as a shinobi. Minato says he will, and Hinata goes to walk around him when he says he's sorry, he should've done more for her growing up, and Hinata smiles at him, saying that she never blamed him, and she never will. Minato asks if she'll reconsider seeing him, and she says no, he's happy now, that's all that matters. Scene closes, reopening 40 years later at Naruto's funeral, Sakura and their children and their grandchildren in attendance, Hinata standing back as nearly the entire village pays their respects to Naruto's grave. Rain falling and with her hood up Hinata thinks that they're all so somber, and she can't help but cry at the somber scene. The service goes on, Sakura is the last to stand there, and Hinata approaches the grave stone, putting a bouquet of flowers on the grave. Sakura notices her standing there with tears in her eyes. Hinata says he's so sorry for your loss. Sakura glares at her, muttering her name, asking how dare you show up here of all days. Hinata opens her mouth to apologize, and Sakura reaches out, slapping her with everything the elderly woman has. Sakura calls her a bitch, saying she left him in the night, and Hinata can't say anything as Sakura continues, saying he loved you, thought the world of you, and you repay him by running out on him, giving his father a necklace made by her to give to him, and then running out again before he can even see her. The only thing he wanted in life was to see her again, even on his deathbed he wouldn't tolerate her speaking bad of Hinata. Hinata says she's sorry, she knows there's nothing she can do, but she couldn't stay around and watch him grow old and die while she didn't change. Sakura says you're right; you can't do anything to make up for what she's done, if you really loved him get out of this village and never return, stay out of their family for the rest of time. Hinata says all right, turning around she says I'm so sorry before walking away. Story ends there.