Jump Rope


So it's been ages since I last wrote anything for fanfiction. My dad died after a long battle with cancer about two months ago. So sorry, if I'm rusty. Need constructive criticism.

This is also my first Twilight story and I adore these books, so I hope I did Bella and Edward justice.

I looked to my stone angel who was leaning against the wall in the gym. Blood rushed to my cheeks when his golden eyes made contact with my plain, brown.

I then looked to Coach Clapps as he was explaining the art of jump rope. The thought of me with a rope and jumping made me even more nervous than I already was.

Before I knew it, someone was handing me a rope and said, "We'll take it slow."

I looked up and saw it was the one and only Mike Newton.

"Ok…are you sure you want to be that close?" I asked as Mike stood in front of me, about five steps away.

"I promise my rope won't hit you," Mike replied.

It wasn't his rope I was worried about.

He began at an even slow pace, jumping up and down.

"Now join in Bella," He said as he continued.

I looked to the deathtrap in my hands and wondered if I could fake a sprained ankle.

Then I looked to the wall across the gym and saw Edward still leaning and smiling his crooked smile.

Ok, there is no way I'm going to jump now.

Then Mike stopped jumping and walked over to me saying, "Come on Bella. Just ignore him. I'll make him go away if you want me to."

Oh Mike. There he went trying to be heroic again.

"No…" I replied. "It's fine…"

I then took one end of the rope in each hand and took a deep breath. Then I threw the rope over my head and tried to jump.

What happened next was the worst humiliation known to this earth.

As I had thrown the rope over my head it had gotten wrapped around Mike's neck and as I jumped I had accidentally pulled him down on top of me.

Just as I was about to hit the floor with a full grown seventeen year old boy on top of me, I felt a strong, cold body catch me.

I opened my eyes and found my stone angel looking down at me with an amused expression.

"Nice catch Cullen!" I heard Eric yell from across the gym.

"Yeah, but would it have killed you to catch me too?" A very annoyed Mike Newton asked as he got up rubbing his butt.

I looked back up into Edward's golden orbs.

"Next time," Edward finally said, "we're skipping jump rope day…"

The End

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