Hot Shot's girl: Okay I have been thinking about this couple for a long time, but never knew of a story plot for them. After reading 'Morning Tea' it urged me onward to write about the two and so here it is. I wanted to do a story like I said, but I couldn't think of anything to do with them. I did and so I hope you guys like it. Story may be short. Don't know :) Of course though I'm going to change it around a bit like what if circumstances had been different during the movie and Jazz and Maggie actually met.

"Maggie Madsen please tell us how you knew him?" asked an agent holding up a recorder before her.

Maggie hated it there. She didn't get why she had to be there. What was the purpose? She already told them what they wanted to know.

Yes she knew the transformers and yes she knew Jazz. What more did they want from her? Did they want her to confess she had his alien baby or something?! She just wanted to leave. She already was distraught enough and wanted to be left alone, but no . . . they weren't going to leave her alone or let her go till they got what they wanted.

The agents tried being nice to her and patient, but they were getting tired with her not answering their billions of questions. They knew all she had been through and hoped she wouldn't forget everything after what happened. They wanted it from the beginning to the end. They wanted nothing to be left out.

They wanted it all, but Maggie didn't feel like sharing it all at the moment.

"For the record?" asked the agent holding the recorder closer to her.

"For the record," started Maggie leaning closer to him. "You can stick that up your a--!"

Maggie jumped up from her seat and pushed the table at the agent causing him to fall out of his seat to the ground. Maggie tried heading to the door, but it was locked soon other agents coming in to sustain her as she cried to get out.

"Calm down Ms. Madsen!" they said grabbing her as she revolted against them.

"NO!!" cried Maggie struggled in their grips. "I just want to go home! Why do I have to be in this go- da-- room?!!"

Soon enough she was calmed and was led back to her seat. The agent she knocked over straightened himself and tried once more holding the recorder before her.

"Now can we try this again Ms. Madsen?"

Maggie didn't look at him. She just kept her gaze down. After a few inhales she shook her head replying 'yes'. One lock of hair fell out in front of her face and so she took it and placed it behind her ear looking up at him ready to start. Once she saw he had pressed the record button she opened her mouth and began.


"It all started with my favorite color . . . Chrome . . .

I had saved up for what seemed like a lifetime for that ideal car of mine. I wanted something that fit my personality, was sleek, smooth, and sexy, cool of course and chrome. I found the perfect car in my search. A Pontiac Solstice . . . that was the vehicle to get.

Like I said I saved up money for it since it seemed to cost a bit more than I had saved up already. My job was great and everything but it wasn't bringing in enough money for my dream car. So I had to wait and that is what I did. I was patient so it was easy for me.

I knew time would come till I had enough money to buy it and sure it enough it came soon, actually it took a couple months, years if you count it all together, but it came. I was assigned to my job at the pentagon before time came for me to go buy the car. I thought it was going to be my last taxi drive, but I was wrong. The next day when I went to go buy it I find that something was wrong with it . . . hhh, wouldn't you know.

"What do you mean it's messed up?!" asked Maggie angered that she couldn't buy it after all the time she's waited for it.

"Well something hit last night," said her car dealer. "Do you remember the asteroids that supposedly hit earth last night?"

"Yea, what about it?" asked Maggie placing her hands on her hips and pushing her jaw further to the right not wanting to hear his lame excuses.

"Well something like that hit near here as well," he said. "Somehow it messed up the car's electronical system."

"So what," said Maggie. "I'll just drive it without listening to the radio or nothing."

"It's not that simple Ms. Madsen," he said. "We've sent it to the shop and are having it worked on. I'm afraid it won't be ready in days, or at least till we find out what the damage is to it."

"Hhh, this is a bunch of bull you know that?!" grumbled Maggie.

"I'm sorry Ms. Madsen it's the way it is," said the car dealer. "I have another model of it though, but it's not in your favorite color."

"Then no!" said Maggie. "I'll just wait!"

And so I waited, but soon they caught my attention and I hadn't really thought about my car for long time. I was too busy trying to find out how hacked what and what they took or was looking for. There were a lot of things on my mind at the time . . . too many things. Why think about a car when the whole world depends on what you hear?

Yea . . . because of me catching the hack you guys . . . took an interest in me."


"Um, please . . . a little more detailed will you Ms. Madsen?" asked the agent. "These are our records so you can say our organization."


"Hhh, fine . . . Sector 7. Well like I was saying. You guys too a big interest in me. You guys took a big interest in any person who was guessing too close.

I never thought my life would change like that . . . so fast. One thing led to another and soon I find myself . . . meeting giant alien robots. I can say I guessed right, but I never knew it was true."

"So what happened Maggie?" asked agent. "How'd you meet him."

"Well," smiled Maggie remembering. "He beat you guys to Glen's before you could even blink. He was fast he was . . . Jazz . . . the car of my dreams."

Hot Shot's girl: Well I hope you guys like it so far. Don't know when the next chap will be up. Depends when you guys want it up. Well till next chap bye :)