The sun had come up and now we were back in the flat desert driving on a newly paved road. It was actually nice. I could tell we were getting close and so didn't speak the whole way. I wondered the whole way there what was going to become of us and if this was it.

My mind kept telling me 'yes' but Jazz spoke to me saying-

"Don't worry baby, it'll all be okay."

I just sighed and sunk in my seat. I wanted t believe him I did, but I couldn't. Just as soon as I let out another sigh, out of nowhere Jazz jerks right around and drifts on the other side of the road. I held onto the armrest and the door for balance so I wouldn't fall too far to the right.

It was so unexpected I didn't know what to do afterwards and when I sat up in my seat I found Optimus before us and soon they had stopped. I immediately got out against Jazz's wish.

"Maggie wait, wait!" he bid her stay in him for a while.

I just stood up straight and gasped seeing what I was seeing. The autobots had found their friend Bumblebee after all, but then again 'you guys' as well. Then a guy by the name of Lennox comes up to me and asks me if I'm with 'them'.

"Uh, yea I guess," she said hoping he was referring to the autobots.

He then gives me a brief on what is going on and who all is involved. Once he said Keller I immediately wanted to know where he was. He was still back at the dam with Glen and some guy named Simmons trying to a signal out to the air force. I knew it was my duty to go help them and so asked someone to take me back to the dam.

Lennox ordered one of the sector 7 guys to take me back. I was too in a rush to even notice Jazz inching towards me trying to get me to stay with him. Perhaps things would have been different if I had. Oh well . . . to late now huh?

Well I went back to the dam and helped them send out the signal and fight off that nasty little bug transformer they called frenzy. After that was all over my mind shot back to Jazz. I heard that they were having an all-out brawl in Mission city. I prayed to God he wasn't dead yet.

On the way there Optimus had killed two of the decepticons by the name of Barricade and Bonecrusher. I didn't mind one bit, but this other transformer in the city was giving them quite a hassle, Devastator. I needed to be there for Jazz and so I had to leave my comrades and take a vehicle there myself.

"Maggie, wait, where are you going?!" asked Glen seeing her jump off.

"To the city!" she called back leaving hem down the hall.

"Girl's brave," admitted Simmons as they just watched her vanish behind a corner.

It didn't take me that long to get to the city; well it didn't seem that long with all this adrenalin rushing through me. On the sector 7 radio I kept hearing about the fit. Something about a transformer, a giant transformer, named Megatron. Starscream I heard as well.

I didn't hear anything about the autobots, but I guess that was a good thing. That meant they were still alive and so I could sigh in relief. It was then I heard something about Optimus Prime, but all it really said was that he was absent in battle, stuck somewhere on the bridges. I knew he needed to be there the most. He just couldn't leave his men to fight this Megatron all by their selves.

They die! Jazz would die! My heart couldn't possibly take it if anything happened to him. It was then I heard something about Bumblebee being shot by a missile. Something about he was missing half his body. They kept talking about this and I was blind to what the others were doing or what state they were in.

I wanted to hear Jazz. I wanted to hear what became of him, but I got nothing. I entered the city and immediately Lennox came to tell me I can't pass, but soon he recognized me and so seized me and told me to get down and find cover. Once I got out of the vehicle a missile had blown it right up.

God I was lucky Lennox was there when he was. I was flung off my feet, but I got back up just as quick. Instead of staying by Lennox I ran off in search for Jazz. Before Lennox knew anything or shook off the blast I was gone.

I looked franticly for him, but couldn't find him in all the turmoil. I just followed most of the soldiers around to where or what they were attacking. It was then I saw this hug tank shooting at everyone and everything. I knew it had to be a decepticon.

It was then, in a half a gasp, I saw Jazz speed up and transform flipping on top of it and messing up his shooting. It then transformed and Jazz just tried his best to take away most of the weapons, but once his arm was grabbed he was flung off that thing just as quick as he jumped on.

"Jazz!" Maggie gasped watching Jazz hit the side of a building and fall to his side.

He got back up though and charged right into battle with that shield of his. He was the most impressive warrior I ever saw. He was sliding and shooting at the same time. His shield guarding him from the vilest attacks.

He was something he was. He was my knight in shinning armor . . . he was. When Ratchet had managed to chop off an arm of Devastator and then shoot him to the ground it looked like easy work for the autobots. They were kicking his can in and so I made my way as close as I could to Jazz just standing a couple feet behind him.

It was then I backed up a little as Ratchet shouted out-

"It's Megatron! Retreat! Fall back!!"

It all happened so fast. Ratchet and Ironhide fled. Jazz was going to do the same thing, but once he turned he found himself looking at poor defenseless me. I could see on his face despair and him wishing I wasn't there.

Like I said it happened so fast, but once I looked at him I could see so much. I saw his wish through his facial expressions. I could see his struggle from running away from this monster and having to guard me from him since I could not get out in time. It was a no-brainer for Jazz though.

He wasn't gonna let any human get killed on his watch . . . especially me. Megatron came out of the alley way and Jazz turned to him and held his ground with his shield raised high to guard him and those behind him . . . me. I was instantly grabbed by one of you guys and drug away from him. I watched as Megatron shot underneath his feet and Jazz was flung and tossed back off his feet.

"NO!" she cried wanting to run up to him and help him. "Jazz!"

It was then my horrors came to life. Megatron just took him and flew up in the air with him. I fought to get free from that guy's grasp and once I had I ran to where Megatron was taking him. I was at the building's feet and I saw everything . . . I saw it all.

It was then I watched Jazz's last struggle still being that macho 'bot I came to love. The last I ever heard him say up there was-

"You want a piece of me? You want a piece?!"

Megatron said something, but I didn't catch it. He then . . . took Jazz . . . and ripped him in two.

"JAZZ!!" cried Maggie covering her mouth, her tears bursting free as if some invisible dam had been broken.

I stood there stunned for who knows how long. I just starred up there at them. I was shot out of my stuness as Optimus came in and Megatron looked at him just throwing Jazz away like a piece of trash. His two parts fell in separate directions and I ran to his top part.

When I got there I slowly made my way to the limp part of his body. His head was off to the side and so I wondered if he was still alive. I could hear the gun shooting and blasts in the back ground, but soon it all seemed to drown out as I feel to my knees before him and just cried . . . just cried.

"Jazz!!" she cried gripping his chest. "Don't leave me!!"

I then felt him stir and heard a gasp of pain. He was still alive! And so I came closer to his face where he weakly turned back and forth trying to find me in his darkness.

"Maggie, Maggie," he managed to gasp out.

I came and cupped his face saying-

"I'm here, I'm here."

"No, no," he gasped out shaking his head and touching her arms. "It's . . . not safe."

"I'm not going to leave you this time!" she chocked out as tears fell.

It was then he began to ramble on about something. I heard that when people are about to die they say some pretty weird things and so it made no sense what he was saying, but . . . perhaps someday it will.

"I know . . . I know what will happen," he rambled out his last words. "It's too late . . . I'll wander . . . no rest . . . I choose . . . I choose you."

"Jazz please!!" I cried gripping his hand on his chest not wanting him to let go of life just get. "PLEASE!!"

It was too late for my pleas and begs. He let out his last sigh and his head fell to one side of his shoulder and he went limp for good this time. I saw this light come out of his body and extend to the heavens. I think it was his heart or spark whatever they call it.

I can't recall an event to where I was so emotionally distraught in my life before . . . I loved him so much, even though I hardly knew him. In my sadness I felt Ironhide push me away so Ratchet could look at Jazz. Ratchet did all he could, he did all he could. Nothing . . . Ratchet bowed his head in defeat. This was one life he couldn't save.

. . . and now here I am," said Maggie as it all comes back to her telling the story, tears filled her eyes from hard sadness of the memories of Jazz she carried so dear. "And here . . . he's not."

Maggie couldn't speak no more about this account. There wasn't anything left to say. She told her story of how she met him and then how she he left her. It was so hard on her that after her last word she shoved her face in her arms that rested on the table and wept and mourned for Jazz for he wasn't coming back, he was gone . . . gone.


The End

Hot Shot's girl: I was listening to a piano version of Memories by Within Temptation, was so horribly sad for me ,( I hope you do know this story was angst. I warned ya, but anyways I told you I changed it around a bit, but the only thing I changed was barricade dying. Just wanted him to die like in the book. Anyways I was wondering if you guys wanted a sequel and if so what would you have in mind happen next? I'll be willing to write one if you're willing to read it. All for you readers :) Well I hope you liked the story. Bye guys with love from Hot Shot's girl and JESUS!! :D