Mario's tragic incident with the Doritos

Mario was hungry.

Mario got some nacho cheese Doritos.

Mario put on a sombrero so he would look like a Mexican while he was eating the Doritos.

Mario opened the bag of Doritos.

Mario got overexcited about the Doritos.

He crapped himself.

Mario had to go to the bathroom.

He didn't make it.

He crapped himself again.

Mario had to go to the dry cleaners.

He took off his pants for the dry cleaner to clean them.

The Chinese dry cleaner said "Ah So!" and turned Mario away.

All the Chinese people laughed at Mario and said "Ah So! We raff at you, Mario-san!"

Mario was humiliated by the Chinese people.

Mario stole their triangle hats.

He gave them to random hobos.

Mario went back home.

Mario decided to conquer his fears.

He shoved all the Doritos into his mouth at once.

The Mexican Hat Dance started playing.

Mario had a Dorito stuck in the back of his throat.

Mario choked on the Doritos.

The ambulance came.

They were the Chinese people from the dry cleaners!

All they did was laugh at Mario and say "Ah So!"

Mario died.