China Doll

Chapter 1- The shop


Sakura looked along the shop at the fancy shopping center. The Village Hidden in the Grass, may have been small, but it was very fancy. Petite stores were everywhere, and people walked around like they would in the nicer and fancier parts of New York of Boston, maybe even England.

She looked around, looking to find a dress store.

A dance was coming up at her high school, and she wanted to get a pretty dress. One that would actually get Sasuke to notice her, maybe even to ask her to dance with him to a song, or, she hoped for, him asking her if she'd like to go out with him.

That would be the best-

Sakura stopped, something catching her eye, before she could finish her thought. she smiled.

"A China doll store, how cute!" She said, quickly hurrying across the street to the front door, where she stopped, and calmly walked in.

China Dolls sat on shelves, all around the small shop. At the cash register, a very handsome boy, sat, reading a book. His looks, might have rivaled Sasuke's own.

He had short, black hair that was a bit shaggy- like Sasuke's would be, if someone poured a bucket of water over his head. But- it didn't make him look like a chicken- but more like- a guy who was into skateboard riding or the emo and Gothic stuff.

He wore a t-shirt that was black with red slash graphics on it and had, 'Panic! At the Disco!', on it in rather large letters. A pair of DJ head phones, hung lazily at his neck, not sliding off her collar bone. He wore a pair of bell-bottom blue jeans and without a belt. Sakura stood there, unconsciously staring at him, when he looked up from the book her was reading, before giving her a sweet smile.

"Welcome to La Petite, Cutie." He greeted, her cheeks slowly started to feel very hot.

He had a pair of dazzling gold eyes, which smiled at her.

"T-Thank you." She managed to get out.

"Well, I hope you find something you're looking for. If you do, I'll help you with that so you can hurry home and put it on a shelf or something." He said casually, frowning a bit, before going back to his book.

"Um- W-what's your name?" Sakura asked, so she could ask him questions, if she found something she liked. He looked up.

"Oh- if you want, you can call me Chaz." He smiled kindly at her, getting a nod, before she began exploring the store.

She sighed after an hour, returning to the cash register, telling 'Chaz' she could not find anything, which make him smirk.

"We happen to have gotten an accidental shipment of life-size dolls-" He said. "Would you like to see those?"

Sakura beamed at him, nodding vigorously. Maybe, they had one that looked like Sasuke! Could she ask them to make her one if they didn't? Questions buzzed through her head, as he led her down a set of stairs to a cellar, turning on the light.

11 human-sized puppets, hung in a neat row of hooks, against the wall in front of her. She gasped and ran right over to them, looking at them all.

"Miss, please don't get too close. It seems there's something wrong with o-"

"AHHHHHHH!" Sakura screamed.

One of the puppets, had grabbed her wrist, its grip seemingly tightening. Chaz took a cloth, and wrapped it around the puppet's head, covering it's menacing yellow-eyes, from continuing to glare at her emotionless.

The puppet seemed to twitch,before it fell limp on the hook it hung on, once more, releasing her wrist as she fell on her rear.

"I'm so sorry, Miss!" Chaz apologized, picking up the "doll" and putting it over his shoulder. "As I was saying, the shipment, contained a defected doll."

He went over to a large wooden crate, and put the doll into it, before shutting the lid and locking it.

"This doll, was the reject one, which moves. We didn't want it in public, because of this. It escaped and I guess, it decided to come down here and hang around with its buddies-" Chaz said, laughing a bit, at his joke. "But, really now that I think about it, I don't really think you should get one-"

"I'll take this one! How much?"

Chaz turned around, seeing Sakura standing in front of a doll with messy red hair, it's eyes closed. Chaz flinched.

"I-I don't really think you should-"

"Don't dolls have a history behind them? What's this one's?" She asked. Chaz swallowed hard, but cleared his throat.

"Well, he come in the same shipment, as the rest, and it seems he was manufactured in the Village Hidden in the Sand. And that's all I know, sorry."

"Cool! So, what's the damage?" She asked him.

"E-Excuse me-?!"

"How much? How much is he?"

"I-I'd strongly advise not getting any of them-"

Sakura whipped around. "Look! It's you're fault, because you brought me down here. If you don't want to sell them, you shouldn't have shown them to me. And if you don't have a price for them, then you'd better make up one fast!" She fummed, angered, that he was refusing to sell her a doll.

It was like showing a kid some candy and saying they could have it, but then taking it away from them and eating it them self.

"A-Alright! A hundred." He said, and when she questioned him, he told her that each doll was to be sold (if sold at all), at five-thousand, so he was giving her a MAJOR discount.

When he rang her up, he only sighed and gave her a sexy smile, worry and regret slightly making his eyes a Navy-blue color.

"You know, I only sold him to you, because you're a hottie." Chaz said. "Oh, where do you live?"


He brightened.

"Wonderful! My half-sister owns a shop just like this one, there, too! If you have any problems, just go to her, ok? Her name's Liz." Chaz said, scribbling the other shop's phone number of a piece of paper, before giving it to her, and promising he'd ship box up her new doll and send it straight to her home, which she had given him the address to.

# Konoha- Sakura's House #

As soon as she put her house key in her lock, a pair of girls approached her.

"Konichiwa! Are you Haruno Sakura?" They asked at the same time. Sakura nodded, and they smiled. "We have a delivery for you from Harmano-San!" They sang happily, using team work, to lift a wooden crate. "We'll be your mail-girls, ok?"

"Alright- come on it, up the crate in the living room." Sakura said, as the two identical twins did what they were told, putting the box down, before turning to her. "Oh- do I pay you?"

"Nei. You can tell us what Harmono-Kun-"One twin said. "Was wearing today."The other finished.

"A black t-shirt and a pair of bell-bottom jeans." Sakura answered.

"OK! Have a nice day, Ms.Haruno!" They chimed, bowing, before leaving her home, holding hands like close sisters do, and shutting her house door behind them.

Sakura sighed, looking at the clock. "Jeez- it's already that late? I should seriously get to bed-" She cast a glance at the crate, shrugging, before running up the stairs. "I'll play with my doll tomorrow-"