China Doll

Chapter 10- Three years


Orochimaru ran up excitedly, to his wife.

"Guess what, Rei?"

"You finally decided what gender you really want to be?" She said unmoved and uninterested. "That's great for you- now get the hell out of my room. I'm making a special set of ninja tools for Saku-Chan."

Orochimaru growled.

"Fine! I just want you to know, Sasuke-Kun, finally came over and said he'd join me!" He smiled happily, giggling girlishly.

At that single moment, something inside Ryu, snapped, and a dark and menacing shadow loomed over Orochimaru. She started stepping on him.

"You perv! Fucking child molester! how could I have EVER had YOUR CHILD?!" she hissed dangerously, continuing to step on him. When he tried to hug her and apologize for what he didn't know he did wrong, she shoved him away, casing him to fall over a chair and land on the ground on his ass.

She glared at him.

"What's wrong?" He asked stupidly.

" 'What's wrong'?! That Uchiha! You know damn well, how much I utterly hate Uchihas, and yet, you basically just ADOPTED one!"

"But-" He stopped, thinking how to get on her better side, before smiling. "W-What about if Sasuke and Sakura train together?"

"How DARE you think I'd let you come and CONTAMINATE my innocent flower of a student, with that damn UCHIHA?!" She snarled venomously, picking him up, and giving him a rough shake.

"You keep that blasted SasuGAY, AWAY from my Sakura, GOT IT?"

"Y-Yes, m-ma'am!" He said shakily, covering his head, as she gave him a dark and cold glare.

"Apparently- The fact that I'm here for you and haven't divorced you, just isn't enough, when you said it WAS." Ryu said calmly, uninterested, as his slitted pupils shrunk. "Then, Orochimaru- I think it's time we had a little time apart, don't you?"

He looked down.

"I- need to focus more on Sakura. She's too weak- I need to fix that as effectively and quickly as I can, Oreo. And I have no doubt in my mind, that you do NOT understand this." Ryu continued. Orochimaru stood as she spoke, keeping his gaze at the ground between his feet. "Pein- is getting rather frustrated that I constantly bring you here. Sakura needs more help than Sasori said, it seems."

"I-I n-need to f-focus o-on S-s-sasuke-Kun as w-well." He stammered, saddened by the situation.

"Oh, for the love of GOD, Orochimaru, stop being such a little bitch!" She hissed. "What are you? A Kage-Class Sannin, or some little kid? Toughen up already!" Ryu scolded fairly. "Look, it's not like I'm LEAVING you or anything. It's SEPARATION so we can both train our subordinates. What the fuck do you think your Uchiha will be doing or thinking, when you ditch him to come and see me, eh?"

Orochimaru glanced at her weakly, mumbling something inaudible. Ryu cast him a thoughtful glance over her shoulder, since her back was to him at the moment, as she looked out her bedroom window. She could have ignored him entirely. But Yukuta, had softened her one stone-like heart, making her more forgiving and give her a far longer tolerance strand than what she had once had, when he tricked her so cruelly.

"I'm sorry- I was focusing on how badly Sasori is trying to flirt- and how he's failing pitifully," She turned half way to the Sannin. "What were you trying to say?"

"H-How long..?" He said, in a tone that was a little above a discouraged mutter.

She held up three fingers.

"This- is how long Sasori had told Sakura, it will be, until she can return to Konoha." She explained gently and slowly, as not to overwhelm her "lost puppy" (reference to chpt.16).

"and this is also how many years, you have to find a new body and jump in it, to keep your stupid mortality up-"

"But- don't you do the same?" He questioned.

She exhaled from her nose sharply. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you just question me about how long I live- ANYWAY. If you had an I.Q. equal to my own, you'd see the resemblance in these two facts..."

Ryu frowned in displeasure, and her husband took a minute to think, before smirking and nodding. She slapped her forehead about his stupidity sometimes.

"Ok, you still with me, Oreo?" She questioned mildly, for he had the habit, of getting lost after she paused after more than four words.

"Uh-huh." He nodded, all attention on her. She mentally smiled.

"Three years- we both train our subordinates for three years. Yukuta will, probably, still be researching how to do his dream career in Konoha, so it's perfect. We'll be seeing each other in three years-"

Orochimaru flipped.

"T-THREE YEARS?! Don't you think that's a little EXTREME, Ryu-Chan? How can I go THREE YEARS!? You know damn well I can hardly go three days!" He cried, hoping she'd reconsider and shorten the time gap down. She did nothing of the sort, but smile.

"Just forget about me- don't think- be cause you'll go ballistic if you think about it. like right now. Just- pretend you don't know who I am. Or, limit yourself to trying your best not to remember what I look like. Whatever." Ryu replied calmly.


"OR, I could just stab you with this-" Ryu threatened, showing him a needle with a strange liquid. It was all to familiar to him. "You remember what this does right? How Kit used it on me? Erases all memories. All I have to do is add a drop of my blood, and you'll never remember me at all."

Orochimaru turned on his heels quickly, sweat dropping, waving to her a bit.

"O-Ok, s-see you in three years, Ryu-chan!" He said, leaving, making her sigh, before giggling.

"Stupid- he fell for it." Ryu looked at the needle's fluid, which was crystal clear white. She smiled. "It's not "Haze Sight". It's just- water."


Itachi came out of the base, approaching Sakura, who was taking training lessons from Sasori, and tips, on Ryu-Sensei, when she would teach her.

"Sasori, Kamikoro-San said you had to introduce Sakura to everyone else-" Itachi pulled out a white kimono and a maroon sash. "She also says, you have to dress up Sakura in this, and let her sit in a chair in the middle of the base living room."

"Like hell I will!" Sasori snapped, making Itachi narrow his eyes. "No way am I going to do that! That's the equivalent of throwing her into every member's room for an hour and passing her around."

Sakura looked at the two curiously, wondering what they were talking about. She spied the kimono, and how Sasori sighed, and took it from Itachi, walking over to her.

"Kamikoro-San wants you to meet everybody in the Akatsuki, Sakura, in this." Sasori said. "You don't have to wear it if you don't want to, but, she recommends it."

Sakura smiled, nodding, and thanking him. Ryu watched from her bedroom window, of the six story building- one of many in the entire village- with mild interest. Itachi was smirking, and Sasori was frowning. Sasori took off his coat, and covered her, so she could change. A huge earth wall, rose up between Sasori's cloak, and a basically nude Sakura.

Ryu smirked, looking to the boy next to her, who frowned.

"You still got that crush on her, eh?" She questioned.

"I'm not- going to let her go." He replied, sighing hopelessly, crossing his arms on the window sill, laying his head down on them.

'I'm scared-' He thought.

"But you're more daring and too kind for your own good sometimes. If you don't work for it, the you'll have less of a chance of receiving, Ryou-Chan."

He sighed, looking back at the earth wall.

"I envy the Uchiha Clan. They can get any female they wish, no effort what-so-ever."

"Oh, shut up, Ryou. You think that just because you're dad isn't the sexiest dude alive, that you're not." Ryu said sourly with a hint of bitterness. "You have no self-confidence. If you want her, you go get her then. You're not like your dad, and need I to list the differences?"



He stood up, looking at his dark and menacing reflection in the mirror. He let out a growl.

"I Look like OROCHIMARU for Christ's sake! How can you ever hint that I am not related to him, when the similarities are bone-deep?!" He snarled.

(Ryou says 'bone-deep', because he's referring to the saying, 'skin-deep'. In this case, he's saying about how much him and Orochimaru have in common, upon first glance, at their appearance alone. An easy enough stake made- only Ryou had a purple tint to his hair, his eyes are navy-blue, and he doesn't have the purple over shadow around his eyes, the snake-like slits, or the dark eye liner-like look, Orochimaru possesses.)

Ryu smacked him upside the back of his head.

"Shut up, boy!" She spat. "You're WAY hotter than Orochimaru, got that? don't the girls at your school have a hard time deciding who is better? You or than stinking Uchiha?"


"Then shut your pie-hole! You've got my charm and my battle grace, Ryou-chan! Be happy!" She scowled.

Ryou stood, looking at Itachi.

'I- I don't want to go mate less-'

"Lucky Uchihas-" Ryou muttered his jealousy through gritted teeth, as he stepped back. Wires came from all different directions, wrapping around him, and lifting him up.

"You're gettin' good with your Kekkei Genkkei, Ryou-" She complimented, wishing she had it as a child.

He reached out to touch her face, as she looked back at him. The wires glinted in the sun, as they wrapped around his wrists like heavy chains, making him give her a sad smile, as he looked down at them.

"These are my bindings. I'm only allowed so close to innocence, before I'm restricted like this..."

She kissed him on the forehead.

"My little baby boy- my angel-" she smiled gently. "You doubt and underestimate yourself- too much."

He returned her gentle smile. They understood one another. They had the same point of view. Ryu didn't feel bad, when the wires wrapped tighter around their controller, and pulled him back into the ground, from where he had come.


"...Now every one, I want you to be nice to Sakura-Chan- and not in the sexual way you freaking perverts!" Ryu hissed, her arms around Sakura's shoulders, as she stood in her kimono and her maroon sash. She smiled happily, as each one of the unknown members, introduced them-self.

A blue male who had what looked like gills, under his eyes, which were small and had shrunken pupils. He smirked, showing off sharp teeth.

"Kisame Hoshigaki." He said, bowing slightly, before standing one more. "I'm Itachi-San's partner."

"His little sister is a cutie" Ryu whispered to Sakura, who nodded, as a figure with a strange, swirling orange-mask, that had a single eye hole, jumped in front of her.

"Hi! I'm Tobi! Tobi id a good boy!" He said.

"He's hyper- ALL THE TIME." A tall male with spiky orange hair said, piercings adorned different parts of his face "I'm Pein- The Leader of the Akatsuki."

A tall male with dark skin and black stiches all over his body, approached her. He had messy black hair, and green eyes- that had black outsides instead of the normal white.

"I'm Kakuzu- Hidan's partner." He said formal, gesturing to the white-haired boy with purple eyes and the bad mouth.

A plant-like creature approached her, bowing slightly. There was a huge Venus-fly trap- like thing that was open, and vanished under his coat, going about a foot above his head. Half of him was black, with one single yellow eyes with black- surrounding it. His other half, was white, with another yellow eye.



"Yeah- he has split personalities." Pein explained. "The black one is nice- the white one isn't."

"Ok." Sakura smiled.

"Ok. You've already met Itachi, Deidara, Hidan, and of course, Sasori." Ryu said, before smiling. "Yep, that's everyone!"

Sakura nodded, Ryu suggesting that they begin he first day of training at that very moment. She turned around, not noticing the figure trying to walk past her, wearing the porcelain mask.

She accidentally bumped into them, causing their mask to fly off. Everything went in slow motion, as Sakura fell to the floor, and the person fell backwards. Their once tied up hair, coming undone, and falling down their back like a dark waterfall ob black silk.

The mask slowly fell to the floor with hidden force, shattering, between the two of them.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Sakura apologized, everyone having left the hallway.

She blushed, as the person looked up at her, through their dark hair. A pair of navy-blue eyes, locked onto her own.

"I-It's alright, S-Saku-C-Chan." They said, blushing a bit, but otherwise quickly standing up. "Oh- Um- I really haven't introduced myself before, have I? How rude-"

They pulled their black hair behind their ears, making her gasp a little. 'They' was actually a very handsome 'He'. The boy looked her age, and as it was said, looked very attractive. They smiled.

"I- am Ryou. Ryou Yukuta Kamikoro." He smiled, holding a hand out to her. "I am- Ryu-San's son."

"Oh!" Sakura blinked. "Can I call you 'Rou-Kun'?"

He smiled at her fondly. "Call me whatever you like, princess. I don't mind at all."


"Saku-Chan, you did great!" Ryu smiled. "Oh! the sun's already down! Why don't you go and tell Sasori-Kun the good news?"

Sakura nodded, bowing, before running back into the base, straight to Sasori's room. Sasori was laying on the bed, when she entered, after changing into her night gown.

"Sasori-Kun, Ryu-Sensei said I'm officially, part of the Akatsuki!" She said happily, sitting next to him on the bed. He smiled a bit.

"That's wonderful, Sakura."

She closed her eyes, wondering, what life would be like for her. Sasori was so nice- to everyone else, he was cold, but not to her. She blushed a bit, knowing she liked him. But- he's probably reject her just like Sasuke had. There was a slight warmth, making her open her eyes.

Sasori had his hand in her hand, his face in it as well.

"Sakura- I- feel strange when I'm around you. And- I'd like it- if you'd stay by my side-" He said, only turning his head in her hair, to speak to her. Sakura blushed happily.

"O-Of course-"

"Good-" Sasori said, withdrawing, turning her gaze to him with a single finger under her chin. He pressed his wooden lips to hers lightly.

Yeah- she knew that this was going to be good for her.

( End)

(A/N: Stay tuned for the Sequel, people! PEACE!)