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Baby Blues Chapter 14: Party in the house.

At the house

Inuyasha was getting irritated. They had been playing hide-n-seek for the past two hours. None of the guys could find the twins. Inuyasha thought hard, what room didn't he look in? A light bulb went off in his head; he knew where his twins were. He ran to his bedroom. There they were, asleep in his bed. Inuyasha smiled, put them in their pajamas and into their respective beds. Downstairs, the rest of the guys were watching TV and Sesshomaru had gone to put Kagura to bed. When he got back there was an idea going around the room. Two word, beer pong. Miroku, the reigning champ of this childhood game, was smiling. After a couple of hours, at around three in the morning, Inuyasha was starting to get worried. Kagome wasn't the type to stay out all night. Also, he hadn't okayed an outfit for her. He wants her to be safe, not being mauled by drunken guys. They had a plane to catch in the morning, Spain, their first stop.

The club

Kagome was tipsy and a bit disoriented. Rin's feet hurt so Ayame took her home. Kagome and Sango were dancing the night away. Mostly with each other, sometimes close enough to turn on nearby men. Soon, they grew tired and decided to sit for a bit. They met a group of guys around their age and sat with them. Conversations started and soon a small game of 'truth or dare' broke out.

"hey Kitten. Truth or dare?" one of the guys asked

"Dare, of course." Kagome replied, ignoring the nickname.

"I dare you to kiss your friend over there. That little vixen."

"Wow, be more creative next time, won't you?" Sango commented.

"Dude, it's like forever, we have to go." Kagome slurred.

"afraid?" the guy asked

"Sango scoffed and looked at Kagome.

"Just give them what they want." Kagome said, shrugging.

"With tongue. Get into it ladies." The guys specified.

Kagome sighed and pulled Sango to her. Sango shrugged her shoulders. This wasn't new for them. They had been dared to kiss before. And they did it exactly how the guys wanted it. Kagome broke it off after a few seconds; the guys were nearly falling off of their chairs.

Sango just laughed and grabbed her purse. Kagome followed suit and they took to Sango's Volvo. Kagome was gigglier when she arrived at home. Inuyasha was waiting for her, the rest of the guys already home waiting for or sleeping with their respective people.

"oh hey babe! It's late, shouldn't you be sleeping?" Kagome slurred.

"Just waiting for you, Kagome," Inuyasha smiled, "I was worried."

"Lemme make it up to my baby…" Kagome said, swaying to her fiancée

"Sounds good to me." Inuyasha said, capturing her lips.

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