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Chapter 15: Viva la España

IT was 11 AM. Sakura and Shiori jumped on the bed Kagome shared with Inuyasha. Only Kagome was in the bed, Inuyasha was loading things in the car. They had to leave for his father's private jet soon.

Kagome felt hungover. She had drank too much last night. She groaned and sat up.

"MOMMY!" The twins squealed.

"Girls, momma has a headache, go in the kitchen and eat your breakfast." Inuyasha said from the doorway, holding aspirin and a glass of water.

"Okay!" the girls aid, running out of the room.

"Thanks babe" Kagome said, taking the pills and the water. She gulped them down as Inuyasha sat on the bed.

"I took the girls to the doctor this morning…." He started.

"And?" Kagome said, hoping for the best.

"Saku can't have kids."

Tears welled up in Kagome's eyes, her poor baby.

"Did you tell her?"

"I told her that because of what happened to her, she won't be able to have babies like mommy and sissy can. She'll have to have the babies that no one else wants."

"And how did she take it?"

"She asked me why anyone wouldn't want their baby and she would be so happy taking care of those babies. She said, 'I'm gonna take care of them all Daddy!'"

Kagome blinked through her tears and smiled, "That's my brave girl."

"Yeah," Inuyasha said, hugging her, "and you're one of my brave girls. Come on sugar, take a shower and get ready. I'll get the kids in the car as soon as you're out."

Kagome got up, took a shower and put on her favorite yoga pants and a T-shirt. She grabbed her purse and went out to the car, where her family was waiting. They drove off into the morning, making it to the airport a half an hour early for their flight to Spain. They boarded the plane and it took off, starting the journey to Spain.

*Hours Later- Madrid, Spain*

Kagome and the twins were fast asleep when the plane landed. Inuyasha woke Kagome up with a kiss and each of them picked a twin up in their arms and left the plane. They got into a limo and started the drive to Marbella, where Kagome's family lived.

The house they arrived at was large, and there were many children playing in the spacious front yard.

"Oh Kags, it's beautiful." Inuyasha said.

"It's the family home" Kagome laughed.

Inuyasha woke up the twins and they were mesmerized by the house and the beautiful scenery around them. The limo stopped and the family got out. Before Kagome could even get the twins out of the car, Kouga and Ayame were running out of the house, being chased by Kagome's mother. Syria was laughing, holding a spatula.

"Kagome! You're here! Mom's gone mad! "Kouga yelled.

"Mmmhmm. What'd you do this time?"

"They BURNED my COOKIES." Syria yelled.

"I'm Sorry!" Ayame laughed.

"You better be!" Syria said, swatting her with the spatula.

"Okay momma, have the girls help you make more cookies while I introduce everyone."

"lovely idea darling! See, Kouga? Your sister saved your hide."

Kouga laughed, "That's my baby sister for ya."

Ayame rolled her eyes, sometimes she really was jealous of the relationship Kouga had with his sister. They were very close. Inuyasha saw that eye roll and raised an eyebrow. He'd have to watch Ayame. Kagome pulled Inuyasha's hand and led him inside. There he met family member after family member, each recognizing him as the father of Sakura and Shiori.

Later, at dinner, the whole Higurashi clan sat down at the grand dining table. They talked and laughed until one of the cousins, Alisha, asked about Mark and Steve. Kagome got quiet and the smile left her face. Inuyasha's face turned to angry.

"Mark….is in jail."

"Jail?" Alisha asked, "whatever for?"

"Uncle Mark did bad things to Saku and me." Shiori piped up.

"Girls, go play please." Inuyasha said. The girls understood that it was grownup talk now, they couldn't be there. They left with the other kids to play upstairs.

"Mark teamed up with Naraku Onigumo and Kikyo Heidoshi to hurt us. They raped my girls and now…"Kagome had to hold back tears.

"WHAT? Are the girls okay?"

"Sakura can't have kids." Inuyasha said quietly.

The room grew quiet.

"Inuyasha, Kagome I'm so sorry."

"We'll make it through." Kagome said, sniffling.

"They're gonna be in jail for a long time. We talked to SVU and everything." Inuyasha said.

Dinner was quiet after that, and once it was finished, Inuyasha and Kagome took the twins to their room for the week and put them to bed. They then went next door and went to be themselves, cuddling and Inuyasha drawing circles on Kagome's back and arms.

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