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"In Her Eyes"

By: Josh Groban

She stares through my shadow
She sees something more
Believes there's a light in me
She is sure
And her truth makes me stronger
Does she realize
I awake every morning
With her strength by my side

I am not a hero
I am not an angel
I am just a man
Man who's trying to love her
Unlike any other
In her eyes I am

This world keeps on spinning
Only she steals my heart
She's my inspiration
She's my northern star
I don't count my possession
All I call mine
I will give her completely
To the end of all time

I am not a hero
I am not an angel
I am just a man
Man who's trying to love her
Unlike any other
In her eyes I am

In her eyes I see the sky and all I'll ever need
In her eyes time passes by and she is with me

I am not a hero
I am not an angel
I am just a man
Man who's trying to love her
Unlike any other
In her eyes I am
In her eyes I am

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Written by: Lourdes, a.k.a. I Fancy Hugh Dancy

Rating: T – MA for violence, language and adult situations.

Genre: Romance/Drama/Crime/Action

Summary: Fifteen years after her father's brutal murder, a woman is out to avenge his death. When the boundaries of good and evil are blurred, will that of love and hate follow suit?

Disclaimer: This story is pure fanfiction. People, places and names have been altered to fit the plot. I do not own the Saints or any of the recognizable characters from the film. I own Lita and the various other stock characters that appear in the story.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! This is my gazillionth Boondock Saints fic. Yes, I'm quite productive in this fandom. This one I'm just writing for fun, so don't kill me if it sucks! I just needed to let loose and not care about how good my writing is for once. Hope you like it:)

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I would love to hear from anyone and everyone. Any comments, questions, corrections, constructive criticism, suggestions and encouragement are welcome and appreciated! xx IFHD

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Chapter 1: Karma

Flashback, 15 years ago

"Daddy? Daddy, what's happening?" Lita could feel the ruthless thumping of her heart, the beads of sweat trickling down her forehead. Wide-eyed in simultaneous fear and panic, her gaze then drifted through the tinted glass towards the lone, shadowy figure in front of them. Through the dim headlights, she could make out the silhouette of a tall man, his head coolly bent downwards and arms loosely clasped behind his back.

He was waiting.

Lita's father clenched his jaw in anger, though placed a comforting hand upon her head. "Stay in the car, sweetheart. I'll be back soon." Her panic was only heightened when her father made a move to open the door. Disregarding her pleas, Ernie Ville-amour nonchalantly stepped out onto the sidewalk, cheerfully greeting with open arms, "Well, MacManus, we meet again." And with that, he shoved the door closed, locking Lita inside.

The next few moments would traumatize Lita for the rest of her life.

Without so much as a flinch, the cloaked figure stiffly raised his arms, simultaneously firing the two pistols that he clutched in his hands. To Lita's utter horror, bullets continually punctured her father's chest, his lifeless, blood-covered body falling upon the gritty pavement in a matter of seconds. With shouts and wails of agony, she kicked the driver's seat open, consequences be damned. Lita crouched beside the lifeless corpse, delicately holding her father's head upon her lap. Through blurred eyes, she caught a glimpse of the male figure stepping back into the darkness, just as he had come.


End Flashback

Whistling a merry Irish tune, Murphy MacManus casually strolled through the dimly-lit hallway towards his apartment. Cigarette loosely tucked in between his thin lips, he felt the pockets of his pea coat for any sign of his keys. Furrowing his brows at the sight of the slightly-opened door, he cautiously pushed the door wide open, peeking into the main room of the apartment for any sign of his brother. Ensuing to flick the light on, he surveyed the mess that was their apartment, finding that everything was just as he had left it. Feeling that nothing was amiss, he scoffed to himself.

Connor, that rat fuck! Trying to play another prank on me, huh?

It was then that he felt something press upon the back of his head. From past experience, it was definitely the barrel of a gun. As the distinct click of a lock supported his educated guess, he merely smirked and rolled his eyes. "Very funny, Connor, but this shit won't work with me again. Ye may have gotten me ta scream like a lil' bitch last time, but I've learned me lesson, ye fuck."

"Move an inch without my saying so, Lucky Charms, and I'll blow your fucking brains out."

Murphy's back immediately tensed at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. That wasn't fuckin' Connor! Connor. Where the fuck was Connor?

When Murphy made a move to twist his head in order to face the female speaker, she repeatedly clucked her tongue in warning and pressed the barrel of the gun even harder upon his head. "Uh-uh-uh, not an inch, motherfucker! That is, unless you want to be sent to your maker, in which case I'd be more than happy to oblige you."

Holding out his hands to his sides in silent surrender, Murphy snarled through clenched teeth, "The fuck do ye want?"

In response, the woman violently shoved the gun upon the back of Murphy's head, sending him flying forward. "Move!" Prodding him to walk, she pushed at his shoulderblades while keeping the gun firmly pressed upon the side of his neck. Kicking at the back of his knees as they reached the dilapidated couch, she sternly ordered, "Sit the fuck down."

Murphy didn't say a word and obediently did as he was told. Finally able to look up at his surprisingly unmasked "captor", as it were, he was taken aback to find her quite…striking. Her long, flowing back hair reached her waist, so neat it seemed as though she had just combed it. She stood only a few inches shorter than he, he reckoned, her back straight and proper with a perfect posture. Her delicate, tanned skin betrayed her young age, and Murphy hypothesized that she was only slightly younger than he. But it was her eyes – her dark, brown eyes – that called for Murphy's attention even in this less-than-pleasant situation. So much anger, so much hate emanated from within them that now he genuinely wondered what her motives were. "Well, are ye gonna fuckin' shoot me or are ye just gonna stand there all night and point the fuckin' gun at my face?"

The woman snarled at the confidence that Murphy exhibited, encouraging her to point the gun even closer to his face. "Before I blast your fucking brains out, Paddy, tell me where your father is."

Murphy furrowed his brows in utter confusion and narrowed his eyes in response. "The fuck ye talkin' 'bout?"

She simply declared, "Your father killed mine, and now I'm going to kill yours." Seeing the bewildered look that plastered itself upon Murphy's countenance, she let out a short laugh with a shake of her head. "Karma's a bitch, isn't it?"

With a cool tilt of his head, Murphy replied in a mere whisper, "Ye can say that."

In a lightning move, Murphy snatched the woman's outstretched wrist, twisting it to the side. Accidentally pulling the trigger, she sent a bullet flying through the ceiling, which ensued to send slabs of concrete crashing towards the floor around them. Crying out at the pain that Murphy inflicted on her arm, she tried to repeatedly kick at him in retaliation. Murphy expertly defended himself, merely twisting her arm even more to the point of almost breaking it. Growling through the struggle, Murphy pushed her upon the couch, pinning her there. Straddling her, he commented mockingly as he pulled her hair back, "Well, I certainly like this position. Don't ye?"

Even more inflamed by his comment, the woman utilized all her strength to push the MacManus off her form. Swiftly turning and punching his solar plexus, she managed to render him immobile for a few seconds, giving her just enough time to find her gun lying under a table. "Fuckin' Mick prick!" She cried in rage, diving for the weapon. "I'm going to fucking kill you and your brother!"

Just when she reached the handle of the gun, Murphy crushed her hand with the heel of his boot, causing her to cry out in utter pain. Catching his breath, he snarled through tight lips, "First o' all, we don't tolerate alliteration in this apartment," then, rudely pulling her upwards by the hair, he ensued to roughly pin her back upon the wall, "Second o' all, ye'll never kill me or anyone o' me family members. I can assure ye that."

The rage in her eyes suddenly transformed into an expression of great calm. With a sly smirk, she leaned conspiratorially into Murphy's ear and whispered, "We'll see about that, Murphy MacManus."

Murphy didn't even heed what she had stated and wasn't even bothered by the fact that she knew his true name. Instead, looking up at the battered ceiling, he thought to converse with God Almighty himself. With a sigh, he muttered, "I hope ye'll forgive me fer doin' this."

And with that, he swiftly elbowed the woman upon the side of the head, rendering her fully unconscious.

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A/N: Well, THAT was certainly fun for me to write! How'd you all like that? Want me to continue this fic?

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