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Ashley sighed, sitting hunched over the geology book. Two chapters to go...' She still had two more chapters to study for her exam on Monday. She'd honestly never thought that she'd find herself studying on a Saturday night, but she had done so poorly on the last exam, she couldn't afford to leave this one up to one night of late night cramming.

She had really been paying attention during class this time, but, she was sure that she had last time too, more or less.

A soft knock came at the door. "Come in," Ashley said lifting her head, surprised at how tired she sounded.

The door slid open and Karone came in carrying a tray, "Hey, I thought you might need a study break."

Ashley looked at the two mugs of hot coco and big plate of chocolate chip cookies, tempted to accept the offer. "I can't," she said reluctantly, not turning back to her book.

Karone didn't listen. She set the tray down on the bed and walked over to the desk, closing Ashley's book. "Hey," Ashley protested. She turned to open the book back to where she had left off. But Karone kept her hand firmly on the closed cover.

"Come on. You need a break. You've been studying all day."

"It's only been a few hours."

"Do you know what time it is?"

Ashley glanced at her watch, her eyes widening when she saw the time, "It's after ten? How did that happen?"

Karone smiled, taking Ashley's hand. "Come on," she said dragging her to the bed. She handed her a cup of coco, settling herself further on the bed, and picking up the second herself.

Ashley held the mug up with both hands, breathing in the warm, chocolatey sent of the coco. It suddenly occurred to her how very sleepy she was. She moaned softly, taking a sip of the coco, and leaning back against the pillows. Ashley always kept extra pillows on her bed. She liked it that way.

She watched Karone take a cookie and nibble on it. "C'mere," Ashley held out her hand, inviting Karone to snuggle up beside her on the bed. They didn't talk, just lay there for a while, sipping coco, and eating cookies.

"I should probably get back to studying," Ashley muttered after a while. Karone smiled at her. It was obvious Ashley was barely awake, and had no intention of getting up any time soon. She took the other girl's half empty mug and her own, and managed to put them both on the night table without disturbing Ashley.

Carefully, she slid down a little on the bed, making herself more comfortable. She wrapped her arms around Ashley and sighed contently. Closing her eyes, she felt herself start to doze off too.