Note: Parts One and Three are Dawn's diary. Part Two is Oz POV.

Buffy's been acting like even more of a freak than usual.

It all started just after that demon split Riley in two: one a complete sap and the other this total steroid jerk. Buffy and the jerk had this huge fight, yelling at each other. And then later on, Buffy yelled at the sap version, and he burst into tears. And then we got just one Riley back and he and Buffy yelled at each other some more.

Of course, when I asked her what was going on, she said I was "too young" to understand. I'm so tired of that!! I'm fourteen, not four!!

They split up, and Riley ending up leaving to go work with the army again, and Buffy spent all her time moping around and complaining at me.

Then we found out Mom was sick, and Buffy seemed to go totally to pieces. I mean, I'm really worried about Mom - we all are. I even prayed for her. But Buffy totally wigged.

I guess maybe she was still upset about Riley, as well, and that's what did it, but she started acting like she didn't care about anything, anymore. I heard Giles and her arguing about it one day when I was doing my homework at the shop. He said it was like she had a 'death wish'.

And then he said to Buffy that she should think about what her dying would do to Mom and me, and Buffy started crying!!

I don't know what it was all about (as usual, no one will tell me anything!!), but it was bad enough that Giles asked Cordelia and Xander to come visit from LA. Cordelia was really big from being pregnant. She said she only had a month to go (in between complaining about her feet hurting, anyway).

It was cool to see Xander again. He's changed, but he hasn't. Like, when he was helping Cordelia he was totally grown-up and sensible, but then when she wasn't around he did the Snoopy Dance for me, so he's still a big goofball, too!!

Anyway, Xander and Giles and Willow are going to have a big talk with Buffy. Xander called it an "intervention".

I hope they find out what's wrong with Buffy. I'm worried about her.

Buffy finally told us what is going on.

Or some of it, anyway.

There's this super-tough demon chick named Glory, who is looking for something called "the Key", which was hidden from her by some monks. Buffy said she doesn't know why Glory wants the Key. (I think it is a key with a capital K. You know, like "The Key". Anyway, it's a big deal of some kind.)

Buffy also said she doesn't know where the Key is, but she is totally lying about that. Right after she told us this stuff, she and Mom and Giles sneaked off and had this secret little conversation together. I think she was telling them what the Key is. She thinks she can keep it a secret from me, but I'm gonna find out.

Of course, knowing my luck, it's probably my school. That'd be typical ... if some super-demon came from the pits of Hell to save me from geometry, Buffy would be the one to stop it!!

I got baby photos!!

Xander e-mailed them to me. I've glued a print-out of the e-mail in here:

From: xandaddy

Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2000 8:45 AM

To: dawnster; willow

Subject: It's Alive!!


My beautiful baby daughter is officially four days old!!

Cordy and Jess are both doing fine. I still feel hungover from Doyle's celebrations two days ago, but otherwise I'm great.

Pictures attached. Lots and lots and lots of pictures. Angel got a bit carried away. (Okay, so maybe I did, too.)

All my love to everyone - we will try and come down after Xmas to show Jessica off!

Dawnie, give our best to your Mom. We hope she gets better soon - she has an almost granddaughter to spoil!.


The Watchers' Council have been in town for a couple of days, now. They've been making Buffy really miserable. And the old guy in charge of them smells funny. All musty and dried up. I'm glad Buffy got a good Watcher, like Giles, instead of that guy.

Then on top of that, Glory came to our house!!

It was really scary, though I did my best not to look afraid. She was here to make Buffy tell her where the Key was, but Buffy wouldn't. Not even when Glory threatened to hurt me and Mom and all of our friends. That was really brave, but kind of awful at the same time.

After Glory had gone, Buffy ran to the bathroom and threw up. She wouldn't tell me why. Then she said she had to see Giles, and she left.

When she got back, Buffy was really quiet. She wouldn't even tell me what happened. I had to ask Willow, and she told me all about how Buffy had totally told the Council guys to either help her to get lost. I wish I'd been there to see that: I bet it was really cool.

Willow told me that the Council said that Glory is a God. How's Buffy ever going to beat a God?

I think Buffy has a new boyfriend.

There's this guy I've seen her talking to a couple of times. She always sneaks off to do it, too. I thought at first that maybe it was something to do with the Key.

Typical Buffy. There's a God who wants to kill her and she's chasing boys.

I managed to get close enough to hear her talking to him, one time. She called him "Orlando". What kind of name is that? It's almost as dumb as "Angel".

A week ago today, we buried Mom.

I still can't believe she is gone. Buffy seems even more messed up than me ... I guess I'd kind of expected that she would look after me if Mom did die, but it's more been the other way around. She just looks so lost and scared, and she barely does anything, anymore. I had to force her to eat, last night.

I know I always complain that she doesn't treat me like an adult, but this is one time when I just want her to let me be a kid, and she can't.

Oz came back to town.

It's so good to see him, again. He and this friend of his (named Lindsey, which I always thought was a girl's name) drove up to the house in this crappy old red truck.

I thought he had come to see Willow, but Oz said they had stopped in to make sure I was OK, after Mom died.

So I told him all about Buffy, and how she was acting, and how scared I was. I haven't told anyone about that, before. Not even Giles or Willow. But I just couldn't help it. I started crying so much and I don't think I was making any sense, but he just held me and let me be a kid again, for a while.

Oz said that he and Lindsey would stay in town and help Buffy and me, at least until Glory was dealt with. He also said that he would talk to Buffy and try to find out what was wrong with her. I hope he can; when other people are around she always tries to pretend like she is okay. I think they know she isn't really, but they can't make her admit it.


I wrote this here while you were asleep, because I wanted you to know everything that had happened, and I couldn't tell you in person. You would have given me that 'little sister' look and made me stop, and I have to do this.

I know I haven't always been the best of sisters to you. I can only say that I tried. I really did.

I know who the Key is. I've known ever since the first night I met Glory. I rescued one of the monks. He'd been on the run from her for three years, but she'd finally caught up with him, just as he came to warn me about the Key. He was dying, but he told me everything.

It's me, Dawn. I'm the Key.

A few months after we came to Sunnydale, a vampire killed me. I was dead for several minutes, before Xander revived me. Or that's what we thought.

In fact, I came back to life because the monks chose to use my body as a vessel for the Key. They knew that Glory was looking for it, and they believed that this would be the best way to protect it. They had learned of a prophecy that said I would die, and they were ready when it happened. I guess that explains why I felt so strong when I came back, and how there could be two Slayers at once.

But as strong as I am, Glory's a God. I can't beat her. And I can't let her get the Key.

Last week, I found out some stuff about the Key, from some people who were trying to stop Glory from getting it. I found out that for her to be stopped, the Key has to be destroyed.

When I fought the vampire who killed me, I knew beforehand that I would die. I thought it would be easier to do that for a second time. It's not.

Oz has agreed to look after you. I told him everything, right before I started to write this note. He and Lindsey will take you to Dad, or anywhere else you want to go.

I've left Mr Gordo on your bed. Please take care of him for me.

Love Always,