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Okay, I've seen a few of these, and I've decided to do one of my own to see what people think and like. Unless people completely hate them, I'll probably wind up doing all of them in the distant future. So anyway, enjoy! These will be 1000plus word samples of what they are, plus the ratings, summary and genre.

The Flip-Side Flipped Rated K plus to T, not sure. (Action / Adventure) Extremely AU!

Summary: Ghosts reside on Earth, while Humans reside in an alternate version of Earth. Maddie and Jack Phantom are professional Human-researchers, and finally managed to make a portal to the flip-side…


"This is just plain weird." A white-haired teen said. "Mum and Dad are saying that they managed to build a portal to a place inhabited by humans. Crazy."

"I think they've finally lost they're nut." another boy replied. His skin was dark in colour. It looked as though he was African American.

"I think the statement of Danny's parents being nuts is grossly understated." A girl added. Her hair was raven-black, and by the way she was dressed, she must have been Gothic.

"Yeah," Danny (the white-haired boy) laughed. "You don't need to tell me that, Sam."

Sam smirked. "Well, at least it should be interesting. Seriously, can Tucker and I come down to your house to check it out?"

"Yeah dude, that piece of technology must be way before it's time!"

"You and your stupid technology." Sam scolded.

"Yeah, fine! I'm cool with it. My dad will probably be ecstatic you came to watch today's 'Grand Unveiling!' or some other nonsense. Still, my parent's inventions always work. Just… differently than they're meant to."

"And that's why we're coming. For the entertainment."

Danny finished putting his books back into his ghost-shielded locker, and then withdrew his schoolbag. "Well, I guess we should get going. Mum and Dad will probably lecture us about being late if we don't go now."

Sam and Tucker agreed. As they left the school, they vaguely heard Lancer yell out angrily at a student for sending an ecto-blast through the blackboard.

"Nathan just can't get the hang of controlling things, can he?" Sam said with a laugh. "Actually, I shouldn't laugh. That could become a hazard. A serious hazard."

"Yeah, if it hits someone in the eye-"

"Don't go there Tuck." Danny said quickly. "We've already learnt all about it in Safety Class. And really, I'm not in the mood to hear about the effects of it again. It was bad enough when we saw it happen at camp last year."

The three friends shuddered in unison. Mikey was lucky he'd ever been able to see again.

"C'mon, don't want to be late, remember? The lecture." Danny said as a reminder. Sam and Tucker immediately agreed and began to walk out of the school grounds.

"You know, sometimes I just like walking." Sam said as she saw several people up high in the air. "It sets you apart from the rest."

"…And it makes you look like a human." Tucker finished. "C'mon Sam, you never like flying. I don't get it, how can you not like flying?!"

"I do, I just like walking as well." Sam replied, annoyed at Tucker. "So let's walk to Danny's house. I was going to fly, but you got me angry and I have to torture you some way or another."

"Then why didn't you just take my PD – Oh no, Sam, no, NO!"

Sam yanked Tucker's PDA out of his hands. "Now you have to walk, and survive without this stupid thing along the way."

Danny was trying not to laugh at the look of utter horror on his friend's face. Sam waved the PDA around, just out of reach of Tucker's hands. "Sam, just give the thing back to him. Walking or not, we've got to get there soon."

"I knew that." Sam said, dropping the PDA onto the ground. Tucker looked terrified as he dived to pick it up and started to 'kiss it better'. "Okay, that's just scary."

The trio began to walk to Danny's house, wondering what would happen. And hoping that Jack wouldn't start blathering on about humans; that was always a killer. As they got there, a big PhantomWorks sign in neon was displayed and casting a glow over the entire street.

"They had that thing installed yesterday." Danny pointed out. "Now our family's weirdness is cast 'proudly' to whoever goes anywhere near it. Great."

They walked up to the door and knocked. They could have phased, but most buildings were ghost-shielded and needed to be opened with a proper key. The door was opened by Maddie, who let the three in.

"Oh, you're here! This is wonderful! Danny, your father and I just finished! Come on in, this is so exciting…"

Before they could even put one foot inside the doorframe, Jack flew over. "It's done! Take that you non-believers!" he yelled hysterically. Sam and Tucker flinched at his sudden appearance; however Danny was well-used to it by now. They all entered and were practically dragged down into the basement by Maddie and Jack, who showed them a gigantic hole in the wall.

"This took a very long time to make." Maddie stated. "To be exact, it took us 6 years, 7 months and fourteen days. It's so exciting!"

"You've already said that." Danny reminded his mother. "By the way, where's Jazz?"

Jack looked downhearted. "She doesn't like humans. I don't think she even believes in them. Such a shame… I could see a potential human-researcher in her!"

"Right…" the trio said in unison with disbelief.

"Anyway, it's time to activate it!" Maddie squealed, grabbing one end of an extension cord. Jack grinned broadly and grabbed the end of the portal's plug.

"On the count of three…" Maddie said, now looking quite serious.

"One…" both husband and wife looked fondly at each other.

"Two…" Danny, Sam and Tucker looked nervously at the portal and backed away slightly.

"Three!" Maddie and Jack plugged the portal into the wall, causing a great spark. But, nothing else. Both Phantom parents' faces fell. They said not a word as they slowly exited the room. Danny looked around quickly, and then looked back seriously at his friends.

"I'm going to have a look."

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