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Not the Brightest Star in the Sky Rated T (Hurt / Comfort / Mystery) Pre PP,
Summary: Star becomes involved in a hit-and-run car accident and is raced to hospital, only to lose her life several hours later. But what will Danny do when her ghost turns up at school the next day, thinking she's alive and well? More importantly, who was behind the wheel…?


Star had had a relatively fun Sunday night. She was just walking back from a night club with Valerie. They'd had a great time together, a whole night of dancing and a lot of orange punch.

"Star, you know, I think I really enjoyed a night off ghost hunting…"

"Well, you never stop. Besides, when I'm with Paullina… well, I might be with a guy I like, and we're getting on great, but then she just, like, comes and steals him… Without her, I think I finally met someone. You saw that Tristan kid, right? Him."

"That's good. But I didn't go around hunting for boys. My life's too busy at the moment. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop hunting ghosts without them overrunning this whole town. And then, I could put my boyfriend in danger… for me, it's not worth it."

"I don't know why you started doing that… Isn't it a bit reckless?"

"And what, hanging around with Paullina isn't?"

The two girls giggled. Star wouldn't admit it to anyone but Valerie, but the only reason she hung out with Paullina was to be popular. Without her, she'd fall in with the losers and the freaks faster than a brick falling to the ground. Paullina didn't have any actual close friends, only distant, popular friends. And she'd gone and bribed Star, promising popularity and boys to her if she hung out like a best friend.

As the two friends reached the curb, Valerie turned left to walk to her apartment complex. "I'll see you tomorrow at school!" she yelled as she waved. Star smiled back and waved.

"You too! Goodnight!"

"G'night!" Valerie called out from the distance, before running off to her house. Before moving, Star began to think. Maybe she should let Paullina go tomorrow; she'd always have Valerie as a best friend. And… Paullina was pretty high-maintenance… But no, then she'd be a loser too! Giving a frustrated groan, she decided to mull it over in the morning.

The street was silent; there was no-one around, not a person, not a car. Star crossed over the road to the other side. A few more intersections passed by, and Star was getting close to her own house. That'd be a relief; she hated being outside and alone at this time of night. Especially a ghost-infected town such as Amity Park.

She was halfway through crossing the road when something in the air caught her eye. Oh no, not another ghost! She thought, looking up at the sky. Oh, hang on, it's just Danny Phantom…

Phantom flew through the air. As he did, Star couldn't help but wonder why he looked so much like that Fenton geek. Probably an old family relative or something along the lines of that. They certainly did look similar.

While she was watching him, he suddenly stopped in midair and turned to the other direction, seeing a ghost with blue skin clutching a cardboard box in his hands. "I am the Box Ghost!" it screamed, putting on about the scariest face it could master. "You shall perish underneath my cardboard boxes of terror! BEWARE!"

For a ghost, he didn't look that scary. He was more on the wimpy side. Phantom slumped in midair. "Could you please tell me how the heck you keep escaping?!" he yelled, pulling out a silver and green thermos from his belt. He shot a beam from it, which sucked the Box Ghost in.

"NOOO!!! YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME, FOR I AM THE BOX GHOST!!!" it screamed as it was contained in the thermos. Phantom just shook his head.

"You're really not worth it. Maybe if I just let you go free no one would care anyway."

Quite suddenly, Phantom turned to face her; an expression of horror on his face. And then everything became a swirl of black…


A sleek black car turned around the corner sharply, before belting down the highway. Danny had just sucked the Box Ghost into the Fenton Thermos for about the fifty-eighth time that month. "You're really not worth it. Maybe if I just let you go free no one would care anyway."

Danny looked down at the speeding car, and spotted Star, standing in the middle of the intersection and staring up at him. She would surely be hit! Just before he could react, the car made contact with her thin body and threw it across the road, then tore off into the dark night. Danny dived downwards towards her, landing by her side. He immediately checked for a pulse, and found that it was there. Faint, but there. So he scooped her up, and flew towards the hospital faster than he'd ever flown before.

Danny phased through the wall of the reception, still holding Star's limp form.

"She was hit by a car!" he said to the receptionist through a series of pants. The receptionist was shocked by his sudden appearance, however got to work immediately.

"Emergency on the ground floor, I repeat emergency on the ground floor. A girl has been involved in a car accident."

A few moments later, a mob of nurses appeared and took Star out of Danny's hands and placing her on a stretcher. She was immediately wheeled off for surgery.


As the surgeons looked, they found Star was internally bleeding, as well as a few shattered ribs and a broke arm, which had gone straight into a major artery. Her internal bleeding had gone to her lungs, which meant she would drown if action wasn't taken.

"We need to remove the blood from her lungs!" one of the surgeons called out. A few other doctors hurried to find the equipment that they'd need.

"What's her pulse?!" a female doctor yelled.

"Twenty-eight beats a minute!"

One of the doctor's swore loudly, gritting his teeth. "Work faster!"


Star slowly opened her eyes. The whole world was spinning; she couldn't make out where she was. Slowly it came to her that she was lying on her back in the middle of an alleyway. She sat up slowly, to ensure that the spinning wouldn't come back. It was daytime, so she looked at the watch on her wrist. It told her that it was five to nine; she'd be late for school! And Mr. Lancer had told her last week that if she was late one more time this month, she'd be suspended! Her parents would kill her…

Star climbed to her feat, then began to run towards the school, not caring that she didn't have her bag with her or anything else. There wasn't time for that.

As she ran closer, she noticed a few strange things; she could run quite a lot longer than she usually could, and didn't need to take so many breaths in between, people in cars also kept looking at her oddly as they passed by. She also felt a bit strange, although she couldn't really put her finger on what it was. Something was definitely different today. Never mind, she'd work it out when she wasn't late anymore.

By the time she'd arrived at school, everyone was already in their classrooms. She ran to Mr. Lancer's and burst through the open door just as he was saying her name on the roll.

"Star?!" he repeated. Then, he quite abruptly fainted to the ground.

"Oh God, my hair isn't that bad, is it? I mean, I know I didn't brush it this morning but this is ridiculous!"

Valerie looked conflicted, Paullina and some other popular girls looked shocked and confused, the jocks just blinked stupidly.

That Fenton kid and his geeks started to talk in quick succession, no one able to figure out what they were saying. They were displaying a wide variety of emotions all at the same time. Shock… sadness… fear… and understanding? That was the strangest one.

"Star…" Fenton whispered. It was the only thing she caught out of his whispers.

But why would losers like them care about a popular girl like her? More importantly…

"Like, what the heck is going on?!"

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