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Chapter 1

The horses were ready to go. Endymion wanted to check the four horses himself. He didn't like to ride a horse that wasn't Midnight, his black stallion. But he couldn't do anything about it right now. He has to wait until he is at home. There was a little smile on his lips. It was really surprising what had happened at the party. He and Kunzite had never thought it would turn out this way.

Endymion, the bachelor, the man who was never with a woman for more than for 2-3 months, he got married!! His wife was no one, but the princess Serenity, the only daughter of Queen Serenity. The Princess of the Moon! That will be shocking for everyone. Married…even he had to laugh about it.

He will never forget Kunzite's face during the small wedding. He couldn't wait to see what his other 3 General would look when they arrived home and told them he was married. When Kunzite and he came to the party, they never thought that the Moon Royal Families would be there too.

They never came before to the Earth. Well who knows really? It was a masquerade. It could be they were at many before. Just nobody knew about it. Endymion smiled; who would have known he would meet with his soul mate at a party?! Soul mate…he would never have believed it if it didn't happen with him.

Endymion turned to the 3 people who arrived. Serenity had her long silver hair in the funny Meatball style. Her sky-blue eyes were angry and stubborn. Well, she wasn't too happy about this either. She has to live with a man she knows nothing about because he is her destiny. Yeah sure… soul mates, who felt never-ending love and desire for each other.

Well, he didn't have a problem with the desire; neither did Serenity. He can feel it from their link. But love...? Love is something he could never understand. He never felt love before. Should this little, delicate beauty change it?

"Sere, you should really hide your hair. It could give us away if someone who didn't trust the moon found us," Mina, the Princess of Venus said. She also was a rare beauty with long blond hair and blue eyes. If Endymion hadn't met Serenity, Mina surely would have caught his attention. But in comparison to Serenity, she was nothing for him.

"Oh come on Mina! I already told you that it isn't necessary. I could protect myself just fine," Serenity said.

"I am not that sure about it. Anyway, Mina is right. We HAVE to hide that hair of yours. On Earth, it isn't natural to have silver hair. It is a dead give away," Endymion said sternly. He put a sea-blue headscarf on her hair and knotted it under her chin. Of course, the problem wasn't just with the silver hair; nobody on Earth has such white skin, such a delicate figure, such…there he went again…well the angelic beauty you can never hide.…

Serenity looked with wide eyes at him. The link that tie them together since the first kiss at the party, worked just fine. She could feel his desire for her. What scared her was that she felt the same way! She had never ever felt like this before. Only Mina and she wanted to go to the masquerade; it was surprising when her mother joined them. Of course, it wouldn't be surprising if it turned out that her mother had known what would happen. It was just any other party on Earth, full of fun, laughing, and dancing. Then this black haired, blue-eyed demon arrived. They drew to one another at first sight. Everything had happened so fast; a dance, a kiss, and then this weird link. The energy of the two mixed together in the Crystal. Her mother had felt the reaction of the Silver Crystal. Soul mates…

Her destiny is now with the Earth prince. Serenity flushed a bit. After everything was cleared her mother stuck to it. They weren't allowed to touch one another until they are married. It was also clear with the amount of desire; it could not wait. The ceremony was at dawn by the rules of the moon. Now, she must go back with Endymion to the Earth Palace. They were indeed soul mates. They were the main characters of the legend. The legend stated that they were to lead the Solar System to the Time Of The Peace. Their love would be the greatest love ever. That would be her destiny? That's why she had to marry Endymion.

Kunzite coughed and the couple broke the eye contact. Endymion saw and felt everything what Serenity did. She didn't know that she opened the door to her feelings. Her thought, her fears, her desire… Endymion was so surprised, he didn't notice that his fingers were still under Serenity's chin, his face just inches away from hers. That was just too much of temptation. He kissed her hard and took a step away; Serenity was more than shocked.

"Well then, we can go," Kunzite said with a smile. He never thought that his Prince would ever marry. However if he did, then his wife would be the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. That was for sure.

The group slowly mounted the horses and took off.