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"Darien, stop! You will fall down the steps if you don't slow down!" Serenity said worriedly as the young Prince ran down the steps. The 3 years old boy slowed down only a bit to wait for his mother to catch up with him.

"But Mal and Jake are here!" He said impatiently.

"And that is a good reason to break your legs by falling down the stairs?" Serenity asked her hand on her hips. "Let's wait and see what your father things about it."

Darien down casted his eyes sadly and Serenity's frown disappeared immediately. "All right, let's go to the teleport room quickly, I want to see Rose and little Emily as well." She smiled and Darien happily took her hand.

"Don't leave Rose out of your games this time please." Serenity said while they made their way to the teleport room.

"But she is a girl." Darien answered as if that would explain everything. "She cans play with Em."

"Can." Serenity corrected than the door to the teleport-room opened.

Rei talked with Queen Gaia, his son, the 2 years old Jake standing beside her, his small face showed as much impatient as Darien's did a few minutes ago. Mal stood right beside him. He was only half a year younger than Darien. It was a big surprise when Mina and Kunzite announced soon after they left, that Mina was already 4 months pregnant.

When the boys saw Darien, they ran to him immediately. "Dare!" Mal shouted happily. "Daje!" Jake followed him soon after.

"Sere! Good to see you." Ami and Lita smiled. They stood only a few feet away from Queen Gaia and the others. Rose, the almost 2 years old daughter of Lita and Nephrite smiled brightly at Serenity and Emily, Ami's and Zoisite's shy daughter glanced up at her sheepishly too.

"Nice to see you too, girls." Serenity smiled hugging all her friends.

"Where is Terra?" Lita asked.

"She and Sapphire went to the Nemesis for a month. They were really mysterious. I wouldn't be surprised if Damian and I would have another grandchild soon." Gaia smiled mischievously. "I think they just want to keep it in secret." she giggled.

"Well it was about time." Rei added.

"Mom! Can we go look for daddy now? We wanna play!" Darien asked tugging on Serenity's dress.

"You know he has a meeting with your uncles and, Darien!" Serenity sighed shaking her head as the door closed behind his son and his friends a moment later.

"He is hyper." Mina laughed happily.

"He is. And he is so much like Endy was in his age! Always running after his father, and looking at him like he was a hero!" Gaia sighed and glanced after Darien lovingly.

Endymion opened the door just in time to let his son run into him. "Hey hey, kiddo." He said smiling. "Why are you guys running around is there a fire somewhere?" He asked raising an eyebrow and Darien understood the light scolding.

"Sorry." He muttered. "Mal, Jake and I wanted to ask if we can play in the garden again!" He said, his eyes shining with happiness. The other two boys nodded eagerly.

"What kind of play?" Jedite asked happily. His carefree attitude and child like enjoy of life has never disappeared.

"Like… you know…" Darien looked around and then whispered into Endymion's ear. "sword fighting with our play-swords!"

"Yes! And with our horses made of stick!" Mal nodded eagerly.

"We hid them in the garden." Darien said thoughtfully, causing a little smile to appear on Endymion's lips.

"Just don't let your mothers find out." Kunzite sighed shaking his head but smiling as well.

"Yay!" The boys let out a victorious cry.

"Wait for us in the garden. I need to find your mom first." Endymion said and began to walk towards the teleport-room when someone grabbed his hand. Glancing down, he raised an eyebrow at Darien.

"I won't tell mom we are playing sword fighting!" He said honestly.

"Yeah, it is our secret, right?" Endymion winked.

"Don't worry dad! I have a secret with mom too!" Darien smiled brightly.

"Really? What kind of secret is it?" Endymion asked curious now.

"Mom, said not to tell you! But that you will be happy!" Darien said then turning on his heels he ran away with his friends.

Endymion stared after them long. Finally, turning around he went to find his wife. After checking on the teleport-room, the lunchroom and the kitchen, he found her lovely wife in their room in front of the mirror.

"Hey there." He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the side of her neck gently. Serenity jumped a bit in surprise, but relaxed immediately when she recognized the voice of her lover.

"Shouldn't you be on the meeting?" She asked finally, turning around in his arms and placing a quick kiss on his lips.

"It is over now. Was it the arrival of Mal and Jake that made Darien so excited?" He asked playing with the bow on the back of her dress. Serenity nodded smiling. "He should learn to control the energy of the Golden crystal." Endymion sighed. "Our meeting partners were somewhat afraid when my eyes lit up golden all so suddenly."

Serenity laughed. "I am sure they knew you didn't want to attack them."

Endymion only shrugged.

"So, then why are you not in the garden playing your stupid sword-fighting game with the boys, which you know I don't approve at all?" She asked her smile never disappearing.

"You know it is not nice talking about the BIG secret between Dare and me so openly." Endymion frowned but his eyes played with mirth.

"As if you can keep a secret from me." Serenity laughed whole-heartedly.

"True. Not like someone else." He said looking into her eyes deeply.

"Ah I was wondering how long he could keep it from you." Serenity smiled mysteriously.

"You knew, he can't keep a secret from either of us and that is why you told him. You wanted me to know, so tell me." Endymion said never letting her waist go.

Serenity smiled and kissed his lip lovingly then stood on her tiptoes and whispered into his ears.

"I hope you don't want to teach sword-fighting to our baby girl too." she whispered placing his palm on her stomach.

Endymion stood there dumfounded for a few moments then the biggest and silliest smile appeared on his lips and taking Serenity in his arms, he spun her around the room. Laughing filled the room and Endymion put her down only when the world was spinning with Serenity.

"Really? We are going to have a baby girl?" He asked, his palm resting on her flat stomach.

"Yes. Dr. Wilson said I was already 2 months pregnant." Serenity answered.

Endymion raised his eyes on her and hugging her close to him, their lips met in a passionate kiss.

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