CASE 02: Sinful Temptation

Uchiha Sasuke stared wide-eyed at the small square box that sat simply and mockingly at him. The quite-so expensive thing glimmered in protest as if intimidating and annoying the man. Call Sasuke obnoxious, but he had to protect his ego. So he glared in return.

"Can I help you?"

The man who had a glaring contest put his hands on his jacket pockets. "No."

"Then pray tell why you were and still staring at a box of condom." The middle-aged man who was wearing an employee uniform said. When the younger man before him snorted as a response he quickly understood and processed the information. "Touchy, young man. It's your first time, aint it? Oh, I remember the days!"

Sasuke was startled. Had he really been that obvious? "…go away."

The man shrugged thinking that first timers were always so shy! "Anyhow, what do you need? Maybe I can be of assistance. With size and flavor—"


"—because you've been here for what, almost thirty minutes staring at those." He pointed at the chocolate flavored box of condom. "For all I know, you might be planning on robbing me blind."

How dare he assume that he would rob him? "Tch," Well, aside from the hooded jacket he wore, the huge black eye glasses and the cap he had on, what was so suspicious about him? Okay, so maybe he overdid the 'disguise' part, but still low blow on the ego area.

"So at least give me a wee bit of assurance here and try to pick something out, and I mean physically touching them because you can't glare at them forever—"

"Restraints," came his easy reply, remembering what his agenda was. "powerful ones."

She smiled as she inhaled the sweet manly scent of her new T-shirt. She rubbed her hands together as she excitedly sat down on the sofa, hugging her knees to rub her face on the soft texture of her shirt. Of all the beautiful and classy shirts and dresses she had, she decided that the one she was currently wearing was the best among the rest. Because—

"Want some hot coffee?"

it was his. He--meaning the first and only love of her life. "Mou, Sasuke-kun," that he. "you know I don't drink coffee. Bad for my growth hormones, you know." She pouted. "But maybe some honey milk can do, okay sweetie?"

"I'm not a sweetie, you midget."

She flashed him a frightening smile. "You better be thankful that it's pouring hard outside or I would beat you to a bloody pulp outside for that comment but since I have a conscience, yes, Sasuke-kun, something you don't have, I won't do that. Beside, the weather's cold and gloomy to do training now." Smile. Smile. "So come sit with me and let me cuddle you as punishment."

Sasuke walked up to her, touched her forehead and frowned. "You're hot."

"Thank you," malicious smile. "you're pretty hot yourself too."

Shiver. Shiver.

"You have been soaked in the rain for too long that it reached your brain." He dully commented.

"Or maybe I'm just spending too much time with Naruto and not-so-much with you." She rubbed her face on her (his) t-shirt one more time before she continued. "And we both know who I am romantically involved with." He didn't respond. She frowned. "So come here and let me cuddle you, you ungrateful lover of mine."

Sasuke seemed to be oblivious to her speech and trapped inside his own world. "I'm going to make milk."

If he was just stared at her face, he could have seen the 'twitch' which would enable him to read what was going to happen next. But he didn't. Because he was distracted at her scrumptious smooth white legs that his medium-sized shirt which looked totally large on her failed to cover. Add the fact that she wasn't wearing any shorts for his would slip right off her waist. If that quick glance at her legs and an unconscious(?) peek at her panties made him think of all the moves and techniques Kakashi taught him and Naruto about pleasing a woman, then imagine what he'll do if he actually touched her skin, much less feel her breast on him on her 'cuddle'.

A danger it is. A thin border that he wouldn't cross. No. not yet.

That said, the 'twitch' happened and a few minutes later, Sasuke was nursing a swollen face and a bruises all over his body.

"See? It's not so bad, isn't it?" she cooed as she buried her small face on the crook of his neck and hugged him tighter for more warmth. Sasuke tried to wiggle out of the kunoichi's fierce embrace but miserably failed.

He then realized that even though he was one of the powerful ANBUs in the land, he was still no match compared to Haruno Sakura when she tapped into her monstrous strength.

"Chains or leather?"




She moaned.


And it was torturing him.

"Sakura," he turned to her. "shut up."

She grinned. "But I'm practicing, you know. When the time comes that we'd do it under your guise of 'restoring the clan', I do want to please you in any way I can. And I asked Kakashi-sensei and told me that moans and whimpers add the drive of a man to go further, down under, if you get my drift."

Sasuke continued reading the scroll. "Don't believe what that old sensei told you. None of it is true."

She smiled and slouched on the couch. She closed her eyes and whimpered seductively.

Mental images—where she was underneath him, panting, enjoying him inside her—was what came to his mind that it flashed like a TV program. "Sakura," he seethed.

She sensually moaned, with facial expression. And then whimpered. And again.


She heeded his call and looked at him. She smiled as she noticed something. "See, it works!"

"No, it doesn't."

Smile. Smile. "I can see you hard-on." She said at tune with a musical tone.

Glare. "Go practice that somewhere else."

"So, here's the big question." Grin. Grin. "What size are you?"

Choke. His vocal cord was not responding.

"Want me to get your size?" Insert a very malicious smile.

Sasuke disappeared in a corner of the store.

Smile. Smile. "Kids these days."

There was a motive. And she did her best to attain her goal.

She hugged him from behind. He was sitting on the sofa and she crouched to embrace his neck and whatever reached her arms and fore-arms. "Hi, you." She greeted and got a nod in return. Apparently, her dear beloved pet was watching TV. She looked at the clock. Seven p.m. Sasuke's awaited documentary was airing that time and he was watching it keenly.

She tried to watch it with full conviction but after a minute, she was uninterested. "Boring," she called.

"Then entertain yourself." Sasuke replied as he pushed the volume to go higher.

She pouted. "Fine. I will."

And slowly, she dipped onto the crook of his neck and breathed. It might have tickled him for he jerked. "What the hell—" he was cut off when her lips planted butterfly kisses on his neck, moving upwards. He tried to pry her hold on her but to no avail. She was on her monster strength mode and he couldn't compete up against that.


But she didn't. Instead, she covered his ear on her mouth's wetness, her tongue caressing him.

The feeling was crazy.

It was so intense that Sasuke couldn't even breathe properly.

And there went another round of tongue-kissing on his ear—one of the most sensitive part of his body.

She stopped when he shuddered in stimulation. She slowly let him go. And the minute he was out of her clutches, he sprang from the couch, touching his violated ear. "You—!"

"Hm?" Smile. "I was merely entertaining myself, dearest."

Sasuke sped away to the bathroom. He suddenly felt violated.

And needed a very cold shower.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here."


"Gonna' get some tonight aren't you?"

Cough. "…I think you're mistaken." Cough. "I don't know you."

"Drop the act, Uchiha. I can sniff your chakra signature anytime, anywhere."

"That's a really elegant term, Hyuga. 'Sniff'? Really intimidating."

"So, why are you in a disguise?"

"Same reason as yours."

"Right. What did Naruto coin our kind? Ah, horny coward bastards."


"Take these from me, Uchiha. Buy the Zeal brand. They're trustworthy."

"Hn." Which translated to: I'll take note of that very important info, thank you very, very much!

"And purchase the strawberry flavor. It's really something. Though I'd also recommend Vanilla. It makes girls wild."



"We didn't see each other at a kinky drug store."

Smirk. "You just read my mind."

Sometimes she was simply teasing, and sometimes, she was down-right seducing.

Which sometimes gets a little too bold and ridiculous.


She stared at him with those innocent eyes and asked in a sweet tone: "What, love?"


She slightly twirled as they continued walking. "I didn't do anything."

"Stop playing innocent." Groan.

Furrowed pink eyebrows. "If you know it so vividly, then tell me what you accuse me of. Enlighten me."

"I'm letting you get off the hook just this once. But if you dare—"



Smile. "What, honey?"

"Stop touching me down there. We're in public!"

Smile. "But, cupcake, I didn't do anything."

Groan. "Tch,"

And when they were alone together, it got worse.


Rub. Rub.

Ergo, he echoed a very erotically tense groan. "Sakura," and who knew her name could be said in a heavenly manner? "Don't,"

Rub. Rub.

Groan. "Don't do that."

She smirked knowingly as she continued to take prisoner his most delicate part which was just behind his clothes in her small hand. "Why? Aroused, aren't you?"

'Yes. Very much. You're feeling the proof of that.' Devil Sasuke answered inside his head. but the rational, boring and kill-joy Sasuke-kun manifested outside bit back his tongue making him unable to respond except from those soft whimpers that escaped his lips.



Smile. "You can touch my breasts too." Smile. "They're pretty soft."

Shiver. Shiver.

Sakura felt a tremor ran along her body. She knew she didn't leave the window open before she slept so there was no way she'd be cold. And yet she was. She slowly opened her eyes and was taken aback when she realized that she was not on her bed nor was she in her room. And there was something strapped on both her wrists and her ankles. Though there were candles lit all around the mysterious room, she still felt cold.

And then she suddenly realized that she was full-blown nude.

And that her dear boyfriend was undressing himself in a corner.

Stark exposed Sasuke-kun appeared from a corner. Just the sight of his proof of manliness unconsciously made her wet her lips. So delicious, she contemplated. "Honey, dear, what is this all about?" Though she was cold, she managed to sound so excited and needy.

"When the tempting gets tough, I give in." Sasuke maliciously smiled at her as he raised two boxes, which were packed with a dozen of condom, in each hand. "Now, what would you prefer—Strawberry or Vanilla?"



There was a dare.

And there inscribed was lust.