Ben and Gwen forever

Ben and Gwen forever

FlareKnight: this is not a sex story, this is not smut even though it may have seemed like it it's romance, and love, and they were just sleeping together, that's all, it will be, it will be.

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Graypheonix: I agree it's alright for the show and fiction, but it is wrong in real life, although I'm certain my cousin has posed naked in an adult magazine once, either that or she has a doppelganger, but I can't be sure if it was there sofa or not, curse my bad memory I had the prime piece of blackmail in my hands and couldn't do a thing with it. And is that like if your friends with someone for a long time and you spend lots of time together and you can't be girlfriend/boyfriend/whatever as your to used to been friends?

lar lindor: thanks for the review, I'm always paranoid as my father split from my mum and has several other kids, I have a couple of half sisters I've never met, what are the chances of me meeting one of them and our falling in love and stuff? That said we wouldn't know, and the Ben Gwen fics I hate or at least like less if there handled well is the not cousins once (usually its Gwen who isn't a true Tennyson.)

Terrybogard0: it was not rushed, I just couldn't make it longer as I had to go to a fancy dress party (I was Dennis the Menace, British comic character you know Dennis and Gnasher) I danced with a western cowgirl and cowboy, a red Indian squaw, a pirate girl, some hot pit stop babes and two or threeSsaint Trinian girls.

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Juria: I think more of us would prefer Ben/Gwen than Kevin/Gwen I know I certainly do. I knew that it wasn't illegal but there's still a lot of protesting about it,

Chapter 3) a new day dawns

Gwen awoke with a feeling of joy and pleasure, even the fact that Ben had managed to drool over her cheek and neck couldn't anger her or at least not much anyway.

She rolled over allowing Ben to fall with a yelp onto the floor, Gwen giggles and gets to her feet grabbing her clothes she enters the bathroom leaving Ben to pull himself up and back onto Gwen's bed.

After Gwen had washed, brushed her teeth and everything she emerged form the bathroom in her usual outfit ready to face another day to find Ben still snoozing in her bed.

"Ben!" Gwen complains "quit drooling all over my sheets, I have to sleep there dweeb"

"Sleepy" sighs Ben, in an early morning gone back to bed voice.

"Come on sleepy head" Gwen tickles him behind his ear "you can't sleep all day"

"Leave him alone Gwen" Grampa Max calls to her from the kitchen where he was making breakfast "he needs to regain his energy"

"Okay" Gwen, makes to leave but Ben grabs her arm again "Stay here" he mutters "need someone to annoy" she could see the same flash of desperation behind his eyes that she had seen the other night, only he had since recovered some of his former self.

Gwen found that she wasn't as creeped out at the thought of spending time with her weird cousin as she had been yesterday "alright" she found herself saying "I'll bring you breakfast"

As she approached Grampa she became aware of the pungent odour of one of his home recipes "ewe" she wrinkles her nose in disgust "please tell me that's an alien experiment gone wrong and not…"

"Breakfast is served" smiles Grampa Max "it's a suttel blend of various fungi and moss with the Buber pus of a…" he hands her the plate containing various shades of green and grey mush to Gwen who turns a peculiar and quite unique shade of green herself and holds up her hand forestalling a more detailed explanation "you honestly expect us to eat it"

"Honestly no, I expect Ben to eat it if he wants to get better" upon hearing Ben's heartfelt groan he adds "and no hiding it this time Ben this isn't a simple cold this time it could kill you, and no going hero either at least until you feel better" he puts his hands on his hips and glares at his Grandson until he reluctantly nods. Grampa turns his attention back to Gwen, as he return to the kitchen; pulling a box of cereal from a shelf he asks "do you want anything?" as he shakes the box in her direction and roots around in the fridge for a glass of milk.

Gwen looks down at the plate in her hands and gulps "Just a glass of orange juice for me" Grampa looks up at her concerned "are you sure Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you know" Gwen gulps again and smiles charmingly "sure" she turns round and shudders before carrying the tray up to Ben.

She places it on the bed beside him, he rolls over and stares at it with one eye "do you think it tastes as worse as he smells?" he asks her critically as he sizes it up with a look of disgust "Probably worse" she says and sits down beside him "but there is a silver lining" she tells him "I think it just moved, hey it's still alive" exclaims Ben weakly trying to sit up a bit more he leans back across the pillar "wait what silver lining?" he asks confused, Gwen grins wickedly and picks up a spoonful of the gunk "You're the only one who has to eat it" she informs him "open wide"