I don't own Winx Club

I don't own Winx Club.

Chapter 2: What Sky says

Bloom told Sky that he has to come to Alfea.

"Oh my good, I'm so nervous." she thought. Suddenly someone kiss her cheek. It was Sky. "Hello, sweetie." he said. "H-hi, S-k-ky." "Is something wrong?" Bloom's boyfriend asked. Bloom shook her head no. "Well, why you phoned me?" Sky asked. "I don't know how to tell you…erm, please take a seat." Bloom said. "But why?"

Bloom didn't give him an answer and began to speak, "Sky, you going to be a father, I'm pregnant."

"WHAT?" he yelled. Sky ran out of the room. "Sky!!" Bloom shouted. Suddenly she heard a voice. "Bloom, Bloom. Weak up. Bloom." The voice said.

The voice came from her friend Flora. She was sitting on Blooms bed and looked at her worried. "Honey, you yelled in your sleep. Is everything ok?" Flora asked. "No, nothing is ok. What will Sky say? He will leave me. I know it." Bloom cried. "Oh no, he loves you." her friend whispered and took her into a big hug.

The next day….

Sky drove on his Leavabike to Alfea. Bloom phoned him and she sounds very nervous.

"Hello, Sky." she said to him as he reached the school. "Hi, sweetie, what's wrong? You sound so nervous." he asked. "I have something to tell you, but its better that we are alone." "Erm…ok." Sky said.

Then they walked into Bloom's dorm. "Now tell me, Bloom." "Well, pew, Sky you now a few moths ago we…yes you know." she began. Sky nodded. "And…Sky you going to be a…erm…you going to be a daddy. I'm pregnant." Bloom mumbled, because she hoped Sky wouldn't understand her. But he understands her too well.

"What? Are you sure?" the specialist asked shocked. "Yes, I am. Oh, Sky I understand if you leave me now." Bloom sat next to her boyfriend and began to cry. "Hey, what are you talking about? I will never leave you. You are the love of my life, with or without a baby." Sky wrapped an arm around Bloom and gave her a kiss.

"But…" "No, buts. You need me more than ever now." he stroke Bloom's head. "You are the best, Sky." she said and kisses him.

Suddenly the door goes up and Musa came in. Sky and Bloom turned a little bit red. "Oh sorry, I only need my jacket. I see Sky doesn't leave you." she grinned. "Shut up!" Bloom snapped.

After hours Sky drove back to Red Fountain. "Hey, bro we all think you were dead." Brandon said as he came in his room. "Yeah, where were you?" Riven asked. "Well, guys. Bloom phoned me and then I drove to Alfea." Sky answered. "And this took you so long?" Timmy asked. "I spoke with her about the baby." Sky said. "The what?!" all the boys shouted at the same time. "Yeah, I got Bloom pregnant." he said embarrassed. "Wow, normally these things happened to me." Riven said sarcastic. The boys looked at him as he was an alien. "Ignore this idiot. And you are really sure?" Brandon asked a little bit shocked. "Yes, she made a pregnancy test." Sky answered. "What are you doing now? I mean you are only 17." Nabu asked his friend. (A.N.: Yes, Nabu goes to Red Fountain too) "I don't know man. I have no plan how to be a father. What is if I'm a bad dad?" Sky asked. "Don't worry. You will be a great father." Helia said and laid his hand onto Sky's shoulder. "Thanks guys." Sky said happily.

At Alfea…

"What did I say? Sky won't leave you." Flora said. "Yeah, you are right. But where should the baby sleep? I haven't enough room here." Bloom said. "You could sleep in Stella's room." Layla mined. (A.N.: Hope that's correct.) "In my beautiful room?! Are you crazy or something else?!" Stella yelled. "Come on, Stell. Bloom is your best friend." Tecna said. "Yes, that is true, but I bought her this damn pregnancy test." "Huhhhhh and now you are holy enough?" Musa asked sarcastic. "If Stella won't give me her room, it's ok. Then I go away from Alfea and live on the streets." Bloom said knowing she would give her the room.

"Well, you will get this silly room." Stella mumbled. Then she plodded away. Bloom wanted to ran after her but Tecna stopped her. "Let she be." she said.

The next day Bloom and Sky went to the doctor, to see what's going on with the baby.

"With the baby is everything ok." Ms. Norson, the doctor said. "Do you want to know what it is going to be?" she asked. "Yes." Sky said. At the same time Bloom said, "No." "Please, Bloom. I'm so excited." Sky begged. "Honey, I'm the one who is pregnant." Bloom crosses her arms. "If you want, I only tell you what it is going to be." doctor Norson mined. Bloom nodded and went out of the room.

Sky came out of the doctor's room. "Aaand?" Bloom asked. "No, Aaaaand. I won't tell you." he said with a big grin. "Why? I'm the mother of the child." "Yeah, but a few minutes ago, you doesn't want to know what it is going to be." Sky answered. "Sky, you.." but Sky kissed her so that Bloom couldn't speak. Then he drove Bloom back to Alfea.

"Bye, my dear." Sky said and kissed her on her cheek.

When Bloom got into the living room, Stella rushed to her. "Ok, tell me everything!" she shouted. "Calm down. The doctors said that the baby is fine." "Ok, ok, but what is it?" Stella asked with big eyes. "You are really scary." Bloom said. Her friend ignore this comment. "I don't know Stell, Sky didn't tell me." Bloom answered. "Are you kidding me?" Stella asked. Then Bloom told her the Story. "And everybody says I am nuts." the solaria princess said. "Stella!" Bloom yelled.

Far away from Alfea…

"So, the little Domino princess (A.N.: I know, the most of you calls this planet Sparx. But in my languages it named Domino) is pregnant." a man with a deep voice said. "Oh man, your nice pixie Bloom is pregnant. I can't believe this." Stormy laughed. The Trix escaped from their prison in the omega dimension. "Hey, we can fly over to Alfea and say hello to our old friends." Darcy said. "No. We have to wait till this baby is born." the dark figure said. "But why, Darkor?" Icy asked. "Because the baby will be the strongest magical being ever and we will capture it." Darkor answered with a smirk.

The Trix began to laugh.

The next day at Alfea…

The fairies of Blooms class were all outside. They were trained there powers again.

A girl who named Cecilia was the next. There was only one problem; she was one of the bad fairies of Alfea. Cecilia hasn't got her Enchantix yet and she was 18. But now, I go on with the story.

Cecilia transformed and wanted to shot an energy ball on a virtual monster. But she shot it in Bloom's way. "Watch out!" a classmate of her shouted but it was too late. The energy ball flew to Bloom and very fast. "Oh my good!" the dragon fire fairy shouted.

Suddenly a portal of pink lights appeared and absorbed the energy ball.

"I'm so sorry. Are you ok?" Cecilia asked shocked. "Y-yes, I think so." Bloom answered shocked too. "What was that for a portal?" Layla asked. Nobody knows an answer.

In the afternoon Bloom walked into Ms. Faragonda's office and told her what happened in this lesson.

"I'm wondering why it happened not earlier." the headmistress said. "What do you mean?" the red haired fairy asked. "Bloom, you are a very strong fairy and Sky is the best specialist of Red Fountain. So it's possible that your baby let this portal appear."

Bloom's mouth dropped. "Wow. This is cool but a little bit scary." she said. Miss F. smiled. Then Bloom went out of the office and phoned Sky. He was also very wondering.

The next morning…

"Weak up, girls!" Stella yelled. "Huh? Stell it's 8 p.m." Musa mumbled. "Yeah, but today we have to go shopping for the little fairy." "Who?" Flora asked. "Bloom's little baby girl." Stella answered. "Stella, we don't know what it is." Tecna rolled her eyes. "It must be a girl, because I have betted with Brandon that the baby going to be a girl." Flora shock her head.

An hour later the members of the Winx Club were in Magix. They walked through all shops of the whole town. "Pew, my feet hurt." Musa said. "Come on, it's so a beautiful day." Stella said happy that they have so much bought. "I'm with Musa. Can we drive home?" Flora begged. Then Bloom, Tecna, Flora, Layla and Musa made a puppy face. "You are so…so…argh. Well, we drive home." Stella said.

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