Author: Serenity200

Title: Cursed Love: The Final Solution

Warnings: None

Summary[AU[Ranma ½ KKM Crossover Yuuri should have listen to Murata's warnings about not being ready to use his power to travel back and forth though worlds. But he just had to go home; his mom was making her famous curry. Well he made it to his world, alright, just not the right country and the pool of water he pops out if this time changes his world and views forever!

Chapter: Prologue – Following in a Pigtail Boy's Footsteps


Yuuri sat huddled before an old wooden table, a steaming hot cup of tea placed before him, but his dark eyes were glossed over, he wasn't see the cup at all, rather he was lost in thought his eyes following the steady stream of steam rising for the glass mug.

It was all his fault. He never listed, did he? That's how he got into trouble, always thinking quickly and jumping right in before thinking everything though. I guess that's why a king hand advisors? He could have used some right about now…

It all started about a week ago, not too long after Yuuri's sixteenth birthday marking his journey into adult hood. There was a party, a glorious one and everyone who was anyone showed up. Human and Mazoku alike, all the new counties who had signed treaties with Shin Makoku and even those looking to make peace showed up to greet the new king and wish him a blessed life. He had even received a few engagement presents.

Now that he was of age to be called an adult all prior engagements had to be attended to within the next six months and a certain blond was making that well known. More than ever he followed and pestered Yuuri about their engagement and this time Yuuri could do nothing but sit and take it. He had known Wolfram for over a year now, saved his life as he had done the same countless times. It wasn't like he hated him, no, it was never hate but the thought of marriage at this age, to another boy, was really looming over him like a dark rain cloud.

So of course the first chance he got he'd slip away to his world to think things through. Gwendal, Günter and Conrad could watch over things for a while, right? And he'd been practicing with Murata for several weeks now, trying to master the art of traveling from his time to Shin Makoku, particularly without the need to be naked and after he mastered that it was being able to travel with items and then with other people. Because let's face it, he was going to need to do all these things if he was to live out his incredibly long life as the next King.

But he had only been in training for about a week and a half and while he had the basics down and even managed to travel home – with Murata 's help – once he was nowhere near good enough to go all on his own. But the poor teen was stressed. With Günter pestering him more and more with studies day in and

day out, Gwendal pulling him away to sign mountains of papers, Conrad focusing more of his swordsmanship than baseball, and Wolfram questioning their relationship at every turn Yuuri really wanted a break. And besides, his mother was making curry tonight, and that always set his sprits high.

So in the middle of the night, he slipped out from beneath the sheets – rather he just picked himself up off the floor thanks to Wolfram's sleeping habits – and took a change of clothes and left a note for Wolfram to find and snuck out his room and tiptoed into the bath. It was quite easy really, far too easy a little voice in the back of his mind thought but he ignored it and walked into the bath fully clothed in his light blue pajamas, school uniform clutched to his chest.

He took a deep breath then, to calm his nerves, before concentrating hard on his home bathtub and as the water around him began to light up a feeling a joy filled him before dying almost immediately at the sound of deep laughter filled his ears. A laughter that was far too loud to be coming from his head, spinning around his eyes landed on the certain blond hair of the Original King chucking in the corner of his personal bath seconds before he was engulfed by a wall of water and fell into blackness.

//Until We Meet Again, Yuuri Heika //


When Yuuri came to he was floating on his back looking up into the gray sky, it looked like rain. Wait, but that couldn't be right; he was supposed to be home, in his bathtub, not outdoors! Slightly mortified that he might be floating in a very public place, and mistaken for a dead body, Yuuri quickly adjusted himself so he was treading water and immediately he knew something was wrong. He felt…odd. Misplaced even and taking a glance down at his own reflection in the pool of water he was able to tell what was amiss. He screamed and blacked out once more.


He didn't know how long he was unconscious for or what really happened to him afterwards but the next time he woke up he was in a futon, a cold compress on his forehead.

He groaned. His head was killing him.

"Ah, you awake now, yes?"

It was broken but still Japanese, he hand made it back! These were his first thoughts upon opening his eyes that is until he got a good look at the woman sitting at his side. She was rather lovely with her dark mauve hair done up in an elaborate style and the dress she wore was rather stunning, her good figure was shown off quite nicely but that was only an observation from a teenager who didn't get to see let alone talk to too many girls his age thanks to a certain blonde fiancé.

"Yes, thank you-" He left it hanging hoping she would fill in the blank for him.

"Is Plum, welcome good sir, to Jusenkyo." She bowed to him.

"Jusenkyo? Oh man, don't tell me I'm still in Shin Makoku!" He groaned for a whole different reason this time, sitting up now, the compress on his forehead falling to his lap.

The girl gave him a puzzled looked, "What is Shin Makoku?" She tilted her head to the side slightly, her brows meeting in a look of pure confusion.

"You've never heard of Shin Makoku?" At the shake of her head Yuuri smiled, "So then I'm back in Japan?" He was getting excited; maybe he had made it back, just not in the right area.

The girl however looked crestfallen, "No, sir, you is in China."

"CHINA!" Yuuri exploded, "Bu- How? Aw man how I am going to get home now!" he exclaimed his hand flailing about him as he began to panic more. Things like 'mom's going to kill me' 'I'm missing her curry' and 'Wolfram's going to kill me if I don't make it back in a few days.' Were muttered but he really wasn't paying attention to the girl beside him who was trying to calm him down or more importantly, to the small pail at his side where cool water had been used to cool his forehead while he was unconscious.

At lest not until his flailing arms hit it and sent it flying in the air to land on his head. He was instantly soaked and again a feeing of deep dread filled him.

"Wha-" His voice sounded wrong. But that was not the main problem, now his main problem was the sudden tightness of his pajama top. That was not right. Quivering hands – far smaller than he ever remembered having – reached out to grasp the source of his sudden discomfort and squeezed. And squeezed once more before they made quick work of unbuttoning his top and pulling it apart. New, bouncy and quite full breast met his trembling gaze.

He quickly found a new use for the pail on his head, emptying the contents of his stomach. He vaguely realized there was a hand rubbing his back until a full minute had passed. Sad and scared eyes turned to the girl at his side, "What's wrong with me? Why am I like this?! Tell me what's going on here!?" he cried out, his body feeling queasy once more.

"I so sorry sir, you fall in Jusenkyo spring of Nyanniichuan, Spring of Drowned Girl, you is cursed."

And that simple yet broken sentence of Japanese succeed in doing something not even Soushu managed to do: destroy Shibuya Yuuri Harajuku Fūri's life forever.



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