Author: Serenity200

Title: Cursed Love

Warnings: Mild language.

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Summary: AURanma ½ KKM Crossover Yuuri should have listen to Murata's warnings about not being ready to use his power to travel back and forth though worlds. But he just had to go home; his mom was making her famous curry. Well he made it to his world, alright, just not the right country and the pool of water he pops out if this time changes his world and views forever!

Chapter: One – Shattered Reflection.


Anyone who has ever said that if they ever had the chance to change into the opposite sex they would be happy was to come see Shibuya Yuuri; he had a few choice words for them. He had long since spilled all of his stomachs contents into the little pail and even the bathroom a few times while the girl who he now knew to be named Plum explained his current situation.

He was cursed, falling into a spring of a girl who had drowned in the pool of water some thousand years ago and now when splashed with cold water; he too turned into a girl. The first thing he wanted to know was if there was a spring for drowned boy he could jump into, there was but he could not jump in. Plum had explained that he was cursed for a reason and that until the curse was done with him he would not be able to get near let alone jump into the cured waters.

The grip on that tea mug tightened and actually cracked, hot liquid spilling onto his hand, burning it on contact, but the dark haired teen didn't seem to notice, he was too lost in his own thoughts. Plum, sitting across from him did notice however, an expression of deep worry washing over her pretty features.

He was cursed to be a member of the opposite sex now and for God only knows how long. What was this curse's purpose? Why him? What could becoming a woman ever do for him? What did he have to learn from this experience? Yuuri's mind worked over these questioned over and over again until he hand given himself a headache.

"Yuuri-san, please, it long day… take a bath. I have dinner ready when finished."

Plum's calm yet sad voice broke Yuuri's concentration, startled he looked up and managed to give her a shaky smile. "Wha- Oh, yeah alright." He pulled his hand away from the mug and glanced down at his now wet hand, then to the cracked mug. "Oh, God, I'm so sorry, Plum, I broke the mug. I'll replace it!" he quickly apologized, his head dipping low, dark bangs covering his eyes.

Plum had a feeling the mug was the least of the boys troubles right now; she smiled as best she could, "No, worries, Yuuri-san. Is just mug, Plum has many more. Go, take bath, water is hot." She walked over to him and picked up the mug in one hand, the other had a cloth, already soaking up the mess Yuuri had made.

Yuuri sat for a moment longer in silence, his hands in tight fists on his knees, head dipped low, before he looked up and the pain Plum saw in those eyes shocked her, so much in fact that she dropped the mug and it shattered. But that didn't seem to matter, the mug was trivial, the boy before her with large black eyes and tears streaming down his face was much more important at the moment.

"I'm so sorry for all this, I seem to be causing you nothing but trouble Plum, but I want to thank you for your hospitality and for helping me out the way you did." He looked to the now broken mug; "I'll find a way to repay you for all this. If I had woken up all alone, cursed like this, I, I don't know what I would have done or what would have happened to me. So thank you and I will find away to repay your kindness." He stood up then and before Plum could get a word in he was across the room and out the door.

"Oh Yuuri-san." She called after him, her blue eyes staring at the door the troubled teen hand ran into. In all her years working at these springs she hand seen her share of troubled souls but this boy, Yuuri, had to be the worst case she had ever seen. He was so depressed and disturbed. She really wanted to help him…


Shin Makoku awoke the following morning as it always did; sun high in the sky, not a cloud could be seen for miles. It had to be a good day…right? Maybe for all those not in Blood Pledge Castel it was but for three advisors, one fiancé, three maids, a scientist, a guard and one Great Sage it was anything but.

Wolfram von Bielefeld had awoken to an empty bed, something that had never happened before. He immediately thought of the worse case scenario: Yuuri had been kidnapped. Jumping out of bed and not even bothering to change from his nightgown he stormed down the palace halls to find his bothers. As usual he found them in Gwendal's office. Günter, Conrad, and Gwendal were very shocked to see the young prince up this early let alone undressed and in a state of chaos…then again it was Wolfram we're talking about.

"Where's Yuuri!" He exclaimed, hands falling to his side as he pushed the French-styled doors wide open.

The three men in the room looked at the blond confused before meeting each other's eyes and then looking back to Wolfram.

"I have not seen Heika all morning," Günter said more than a little puzzled, "It's far too early for him to be awake."

"Are you sure he's not just in the baths or something?" Gwendal asked a bored look on his face.

Wolfram shook his head, blond mass brushing over his eyes, "No, that's not like Yuuri, he's never up before I am! Something's not right, we have to find him!" Wolfram explained. What did he have to do to get them to realize something was wrong? Set something on fire…that could be arranged.

Wolfram knew his fiancé, more than anyone, and Yuuri was not a morning person. Even on the mornings he had gotten up to run with Conrad or play that damned baseball of his he had never gotten up before Wolfram. Most of the time it was Conrad or Günter who woke the lazy king up to start his duties.

Conrad was the first to react, walking briskly forward to place calming hands on his bother's bare shoulders. "Alright, Wolfram, we'll find him." He turned to the other two men in the room. "I'll take Wolfram to search Heika's room for any sort of clue to his whereabouts; I'll leave the search of the grounds to you two."

Günter and Gwendal nodded both standing and making their way to the doors each barking out orders to the first guard they came across. As for Wolfram and Conrad they swiftly made a beeline for the room Yuuri shared with Wolfram. They walked in complete silence, not that they were not on speaking terms, far from it, over the year that they had gotten to know the new Maou the pair of half-bothers had gotten considerably closer. There was a time when Wolfram wouldn't be in the same room with Conrad, calling him Weller-kyo, and refusing any help let alone physical contact from the older man. But now, things were very different and it all started the day Wolfram saw Conrad's severed arm. It had caused more pain than the blond had ever imaged. Seeing one's bother's arm and nothing else to speak of shook Wolram's system. Was he dead? Tortured? Would he never see his bother again?

It was a shock to the blonds' world, one that made him question his relationship with his half-brother. Of course he was less than pleased when he learned his bother had sided with the humans over him and his family. He was angry, more so than he thought he would be. After all, wasn't Conrad half human? Why would it bring such pain for him to learn that he moved to their side rather than stand next to him? It was then that young prince Wolfram von Bielefeld realized he cared more for his bother than even he wanted to believe.

So as they walked, ignoring the soldiers who ran past them in the halls towards the Maou's room they shared a sort of peaceful silence, one that Wolfram found calmed him down, oddly enough. After all it was Conrad who had acted first to his news; his bother had taken his side and believed his word that something was amiss with his fiancé.

They found the room the same way Wolfram had left it, his side of the bed sheets tossed over Yuuri's side and no Heika in sight.

"I'll check the bath, you go look around the room." Conrad's words were cool and collected as he continued to walk, not stopping for a moment to be distracted by his task; he had to find Yuuri, his Heika, the boy he had come to love like a son. He had carried his soul to earth, the soul of the woman he cared deeply for and traveled to an unknown world. Met his mother and ended up naming the new Maou, waited fifteen years for him for grow up and serve under him and ultimately watched him grow in power. A power that truly marked him as the most powerful Maou his world had ever seen. And with that power this young boy had managed to bring the world of Humans and Mazoku closer, something that brought an 

unbelievable amount of pride to the solder. So now that that young boy had gone missing it was like a part of him had been stolen away.

He had to find Yuuri.


Yuuri glared at his reflection in the tub's hot water. This was the first time he had ever really looked at his 'curse' since learning of it and its origins. He probably wasn't all that bad looking as far as women went but right now that didn't really seem to matter or even register in the teen's mind. It felt wrong, all wrong and disgusting. His hair was the same color as before but now it was about as long as it was in his Maou form, maybe a little longer? His eyes were also the same, maybe a few shades lighter? Like gray perhaps, he wasn't too sure but he did notice the light almost silver eye-shadow he now seemed to sport and the way this lashes actually touched his cheeks when he blinked now, had they gotten thicker too? His face was the same shape, round, still sporting some baby fat around the cheeks. His shoulders were less broad, more round and curved and his chest…god it felt like someone had stretched his skin out and stuffed it with fat. He felt oddly off balance and even found himself stumbling when he walked not yet used to this body at all. If he ever took the time to admire his new bust line he would notice that he could give Cheri-sama a run for her money. His stomach was the same as it had been as a boy, flat, slightly toned but nothing more. His hips were another matter, they were wider, he realized this when his pajama bottoms felt a little more than snug in the hips. Legs were ok but he had the feeling he would look good in three inch heels and that alone made him feel sick to his stomach again. In fact he was sick to his stomach as he found himself running to the toilet once more.

Yuuri sighed as he sank down into the hot water, the odd sensation of a thousand pins lightly poking him ran from his head to his toes as he watched himself change back into the correct gender. It never felt so good to be a male! Larger hands patted down his very flat chest, slim stomach and all the way down to the one part that truly made him a man. Yes, he was all there. But how long would it last? How long would the curse plague him? What would his parents say? Conrad? Günter? Gwendal? Or worse… Wolfram?

Yuuri sank lowered into the water, his mouth and nose dipped under the surface leaving just dark pools. Pools that once shined with the joys of life. Well life was none to kind at the moment. And how would he get home; he had no money to speak of. Did he dare try to transport himself again? No, it was too risky and he didn't think he could face anyone right now; he was too humiliated and mortified. Why couldn't he have just asked Murata to take him home?


Everyone had gathered into Gwendal's office, as it would turn out Wolfram found a letter from Yuuri on his nightstand explaining that he had retuned to his world and would return in about a week. Needless to say a certain blond was not pleased by this new. Sure it was good that Yuuri had not in fact been kidnapped in the dead of night but to sneak off to his world without telling any one, well that was just like that whimp!

"So he just left?" Gwendal asked looking over the poor handwriting of his Heika on the small sheet of stationary he was given.

"Yes, no reason was given, he just said he had to go, apologized and said he'd return in about a week's time." Conrad said. "I'll admit his tactics are…sneaky but it's not like Heika has not done this before."

Günter sighed heavily, the poor man had worried himself sick searching for his beloved Heika. "Why would he do this? All he had to do was ask for a break."

Gwendal snorted, "What kind of Heika runs off in the dead of night without a word to anyone."

"Well," Conrad shifted so he was addressing everyone in the room, "I can see where he is coming from. Ever since Heika turned sixteen he's be busy around the clock. Admittedly even I have been working him harder than ever and I have refused to take the time to play our usual game of catch."

"That does not excuse his actions, Conrad; it was a very selfish act on Heika's part. He will be brought back at once so he can resume his duties." Gwendal moved from behind his desk and walked right out the door. As expected Günter was on his heels wailing about one thing or another. Conrad and Wolfram remained. Throughout the whole discussion the blond had remain uncharacteristically silent.


Emerald eyes glanced up at the older man, a mixture of emotions within its depths. "Was it my fault, Conrad? Did I push Yuuri away?"

Conrad shook his head moving to stand before his younger sibling. "Yes and no." Wolfram flinched. "We all have been putting pressure on Heika to be the best. He's the new Maou and has done so much in a short amount of time. It really was not fair of us to demand so much from him all at once. So no, it was not just you Wolfram, you did not dive Heika away on your own. We are all to blame." He grasped the blonds' shoulder and pushed him towards the door. "Let's go bring Heika back and apologize to him, ne?"

Wolfram smiled a little nodding while allowing Conrad to push him along. "Alright, Conrad thanks. But don't call him Heika anymore you know he hates that. It's Yuuri."

Conrad chuckled, "Yes, let's bring Yuuri home.


Yuuri re-entered the family room to find three places set with enough food on the table to feed a small village. Shocked he looked to Plum who was sitting before an older gentleman chatting quietly. When he caught her eye she turned to him and smiled.

"How was bath Yuuri-san?" She stood and tugged on his arm until he was standing before the table and pushed him down into a sitting position.

"It-it was wonderful, thank you very much, Plum, once again for your hospitality." He smiled up at her, it was a small smile one that didn't quite reach his eyes but it was the best he could manage for now.

Plum waved him off moving to sit back down across from Yuuri. "No worries, Plum is here to help." She offered him one more smile before gesturing to the older man. "This is Plum's father, he watch over Jusenkyo many, many years. Pappa, this Yuuri, boy who fall in Spring of Drowned Girl."

The older man was a bit round in the middle and many wrinkles were visible on his face showing his age. It was nice to actually see someone look his age for once rather than 800 year old priestess that looked like ten year olds.

Yuuri slid back from his seat and bowed, "It's nice to meet you, Oji-san. I also want to thank you for your hospitality."

The old man chuckled, "Think nothing of it, after all it is my duty to watch and care over these springs and that includes any who fall into its cursed waters."

"Come let us eat, food will get cold. Much time for talking after." Plum said pulling out a serving bowl and piling scoops of rice into it.

A chorus of agreement from both Yuuri and the old man met her suggestion and soon all talk ceased and nothing but light chatter and the clinking of eating utensils could be heard.


"What's this? Shibuya left in the middle of the night?" Murata asked more than a little taken back. "I didn't know he knew how to do that properly yet, we were still training."

"So you're saying he can't travel on his own! How could you leave his training half finished like that?" Wolfram shouted, worry evident in his voice.

"Now, now, calm down Wolfram, Shibuya has a lot of majutsu, if he really wanted to, ah, escape he could have very well managed the trip on his own. He simply has not done this with me present is all."

"So he made it back then? Is there anyway to make sure of this?" Gwendal asked.

"Yes," Ulrike spoke up. "I can track Heika's soul, it was how I was able to call him to Shin Makoku in the past."

"Please, Ulrike, will you check on Heika for us?" Günter pleaded.

"As you wish, Your Excellency."

Ulrike moved to kneel before the large stone wall and placed her hands together and began to pray. The others in the room could only stand and watch and wait for her to finish. It was several long minutes before Ulrike's hands fell to her sides and by this time everyone was on pins and needles.

"Well?!" Wolfram prompted.

Large lavender eyes looked up sadly, "I'm afraid I can not find Heika's soul."

"WHAT!" The course of five voices echoed off the high walls of the Original King's Temple.

"What does this mean?"

"Has something happened to Yuuri!?"

"Heika! Heika! HEIKA!"

"Günter, shut up your not helping matters." Gwendal barked, "I can't handle you when you're like this!"

"My, my, is this what your all like over such a small thing?" Like glass falling to the ground, the foreign voice shattered the chaos of the room, all eyes turning and widening once they landed on the owner of the voice.

"If I hat know that, I would have told you straight away." The voice chuckled.

Ulrike was the first to speak, her hand moving to her mouth, muffling her harsh whisper, "Shinou Heika, what have you done?"



Okay, wow that took longer that I would like xD Umm ok the next part we have Yuuri heading to the Amazon village and we all know what happens to Ranma when he goes there! However I'm giving you guys a choice, do you want the village to me mostly male or female? The fic works either way so pick and send in those reviews!

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