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Summary: What happens when Hikari Kamiya falls in love with her boss. What happenswhen her boss is Takeru Ishida, and what will happen if Takeru Ishida was her childhood love.


"Hey what are you doing Takeru?" an eight year old Hikari Kamiya asked her best friend, Takeru Ishida.

He was looking at a bunch of high school students having a graduation party of some sort.

"Earth to Takeru.." Hikari said waving her hands in front of his face.

"Oh sorry I was just engrossed with watching them dance. It's really interesting! You see there's this thing called "last dance" and it's supposedly really important or something," the young boy explained.

"Oh.. But what about those people who don't have people to dance with..?" Hikari asked.

"I don't know.. But now that you put it that way it would be really sad not to have anyone to dance with." The boy said.

"Yeah.." Hikari said as she watched those without dates, and she started to feel sad.

"Anyway I'm not gonna dance with any girls, girls are yucky.." the blonde said, and quickly corrected himself. "Well I'm not gonna dance with any girl except you Hikari" the young boy then realising what he said blushed.

Hikari started to laugh and she said " I'll save the last dance for you then.."



-End of flashback-

That was me when I was eight with my best friend Takeru Ishida.

"Takeru dance the last dance with me!!"

"No dance with me Takeru!"

"No he's dancing with me!"

Many girls were crowded around the blonde, all wanting to dance the last dance with him, but he denied them all.

"Sorry girls.." an eighteen year old Takeru said.

He had turned from a cute kid at eight to a teenage heartthrob at eighteen.

"Hikari, if I remember correctly you promised me something.." he said coming up to me.

"Oh.. I thought you forgot about that already.. anyway so many girls want to dance with you, why did you decline them all. You haven't even danced one dance tonight." I said blushing.

"Of course I remembered.. Girls are yucky remember?" he said sticking out his tongue.

I laughed at my best friend and went with him to the dance floor.

It was a slow song, and he put his hands around my waist, and I rested my head on his shoulder looking into his deep blue eyes.

And suddenly he said softly " Hikari.. I thought maybe I should tell you before it was too late.. "

"Tell me what?" I said.

I understood what he meant by before it was too late, after graduation; he would be going to France to further his studies, and I would be going to the university in Odaiba. This was going to be one of the last times we saw each other. Just thinking about it made me tear.

"Hikari.. I .. I love you.." he stammered, and after that started to blush profusely

"Takeru I love you too." I said.

We smiled at each other, and he gave me a kiss.

-End of flashback-

That was me when I was eighteen, with my best friend / first love Takeru Ishida.
Kari's POV

This is me at twenty three, without Takeru Ishida.

It's been about five years since I last saw him. We lost contact after he went to France, but one day he walked back right into my life.

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