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Chapter 2: The ending life of the ghost

At the last chapter, Natsume became a human because of Mikan. After that day on they became close friends and classmates in a school. Now, they're 4th year graduating student. They're done with their tests and now they're practicing for their graduation. When it was break time:

Mikan: Hey Natsume, I'm tired from practicing. How about you, aren't you tired?

Natsume: Well, a little bit. How about we rest first in the classroom.

Mikan: Sure.

Then they went to their classroom and sat down on their chairs. While sitting they were also talking.

Mikan: I've been so happy ever since you became a human and studied here.

Natsume: Really? Well, I also felt the same ever since I became closer to you.

Mikan: Really or are you just saying that because we're friends?

Natsume: Of course, it's true. Why would I tell a lie to you?

Mikan: Never mind about that. Let's eat instead.

Natsume: Ok.

Then they went to the canteen and ate there. When they were done eating, they went back to their classroom and practiced for their graduation. When it was time for their dismissal, they stopped practicing and went home. Mikan and Natsume went home together.

Mikan: Hey Natsume, our graduation is next week. Aren't you excited?

Natsume: Well, I'm kinda excited. But a little nervous.

Mikan: Uhmm… come with me.

Natsume: Where are we going?

Mikan: Just come.

So, Mikan and Natsume went somewhere. When they arrived at the place:

Mikan: Here we are.

Natsume: What! This is…This is…

Mikan: Yup. This is the old house where we first met.

Natsume: But why?

Mikan: Since next week is our graduation, I want you to remember where we first met.

Natsume: Of course, I would always remember where we first met. I would never forget that day.

Mikan: Really? You promise?

Natsume: I promise. Well I better be going.

Mikan: Me too. See yah.

Natsume: Bye!

After that day, they just practiced until the day of the graduation arrived. When the day arrived:

Mikan: Hey Natsume today is graduation day.

Natsume: Yah it is. Uhmm… I want you to know that I-I-I Love you.

Mikan: Really? I feel the same way too. And I want you to promise me that we'll never be apart.

Natsume: Of course. Well, let's go to the graduation.

Mikan: Sure.

So, they went to the graduation. When it was the giving of the diplomas:

Principal: Natsume Hyuuga.

Then Natsume went up the stage to get his diploma. When he got his diploma, he went to the center-front of the stage and bowed. When he bowed he felt that someone pushed him. So, he fell. When he fell everyone gasped and Mikan went to the part where Natsume fell.

Mikan: I thought we had a promise.

Natsume: Don't worry I'll never leave your side.

Mikan: But… Now where can I see you, that you're a ghost?

Natsume: The place where we first met.

Mikan: Ok. Good bye. I Love You.

Natsume: Bye. I Love You too.

Then Natsume turned into a ghost and went back to the old house where he truly belongs. And on that day on, Mikan always went to the old house.


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