Sorry for the short update. It was all my muse could muster! I do hope you enjoy it.

Thea: A Mother's love revisited

Time went by too quickly despite the war. Already my tiny Bumblebee was to be three vorns in just a few short jours.

He is so different from Optimus and yet so alike. He is small yet has that fearlessness Optimus had. He's clever despite taking a little longer than normal to learn things which I actually blame his father for because he's stubborn just like Sentinel. Bee refused to learn new things unless he wanted to. So instead of speaking when he should have he made noises with his vocal processor. Just where he got some of the noises he mimicked is still a mystery to me this jour.

One thing that warms my spark is that Bee's love, just like Optimus', is unwavering. He never holds back how much he loves us. He never hesitates to give me a kiss or hug for no reason at all.

"No, Bluestreak put Bee down."

"I was helpin'."

"I can see that," I laughed. "You're a good little mech Blue but Bee needs to learn how to do things for himself."

"Ok," Bluestreak pouted, setting a protesting Bumblebee back down.

I refrained from laughing when Bluestreak made a face at the rude noise Bumblebee made at him. The little mech is now four vorns and it's very clear his physical characteristics, most noticeably his facial expressions strongly resemble Prowl. A fact that Jazz likes to point out any chance he gets.

Emotionally, Blue is like Jazz - over excited and eager about anything and everything. But he's also a sensitive mech and gets his feelings hurt easily. Which Bumblebee is perceptive of and often is there to make Blue feel better even if he was the one who accidentally hurt Blue's feelings.

"Don't cry Bwue," Bumblebee smiled, gently patting his friend on the back. "I sorry."

"Yur still my friend?" Bluestreak sniffled, wiping his tears.

"Course. We best friends!"

Bluestreak laughed feeling much better and the two mechs went back to playing.

That's my little mech the helper. Always there with a smile to lend a servo, a hug, or even a kiss. A trait I'm very proud to say he picked up from me.

I suddenly sighed deeply as my processor wandered.

At times I couldn't stop my processor from wondering what kind of mech Optimus would have grown up to be. If he would have been like Sentinel or more like me. Then I look at Bumblebee and smile knowing no matter what Optimus would have been a good mech.

And like any good mother, I will always love both my sons very much. The love for Optimus will never die. I refuse to let it. Yes it makes me miss him so much but it gives me strength, it reminds me how precious every moment of every jour is. It reminds me that I must not hold back the love I have for Bumblebee and that he will always feel my love for him in his spark.


"Yes little Bee?"

"Wuv you," he grinned and giggled.

"Love you too sweetspark."

Up next: We jump a head a few more vorns and see Orion and Magnus as young teenagers.