I don't know what to say for this story except that most shippers will be pleased to some extent. Damn High School story. I found this is based off my School but it will pick up as it goes on. Things get complicated. Before we start this is NOT A TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL STORY. thought I'd get that out there...

Disclaimer: Dark Wolf owns nothing even though she wishes she did.


"She's a pretty girl, she's always falling down and I think I just fell in love with her, but she won't ever remember, remember"

I bang my head against the music blaring in my headphones, staring out the school bus window at 6:30 in the morning. It's still dark out and of course I'm one of the first kids on so I can do the bus route in my sleep. I try to close my eyes to sleep for it's too damn early but to my luck we hit a pot hole in the road, Causing me to fly out of my seat with my scrawny frame. "…Stupidbusandthestupidroadandthecheeppeoplewhowontfixit…" I mumble to myself, grabbing my book bag to place between the window and me. Closing my eyes, trying to sleep while blaring out the voices of kids getting on. Counting in my head how many more stops till school.

When I get to 7 I sit upright. Nearly all the seats are full, except for mine that is. We stop at her house. Ok. I have this crush on this girl since 8th grade. I'm pathetic I know, its just I tried to woo her last year by corny jokes and she ended up punching me. The bus came to its usual screeching halt as she gets on. Her beautiful dyed purple hair flows with the breeze that seems to emanate from her as she walks. Her piercings on her eyebrow shine in the morning light. Her thick boots cling on the bus floor, she breezes behind me, as usual failing to look at me. And sits a few seats back at the back of the bus. She sits with her boyfriend as the bus jerks forward. My evergreen eyes locked onto her. I eye every movement as her boyfriend places an arm over her.

"Richard Grayson" She shrugged his arm off. I could tell she was being playful, faking being embarrassed and what not. Everyone in Jump City High School knows the couple.

I turn around, trying to hide my jealousy. Richard Grayson. The name is like poison on my tongue. Why does he get Rachel Roth? What makes him so special? I try to ignore all the answers pounding my head. He's like the hottest guy in school. Does every sport in the school and is good at it. He makes honor roll. Oh, and he shares the same interests as her.

We stop an extra time. I sit up, if I had dog-ears or something they would stand erect as well. I worry that the bus broke down (again) or worse. But no, a girl gets on. I've never seen her in my life. She has long vibrant red hair, and equally vibrant jade eyes that can rival my own. She had a hoodie of some Japanese dinosaur and a pink messenger bag slung over her shoulder. I looked around, noticing mine was the only seat with room. She noticed that as well, sitting down next to me. I prayed she tried not to start a conversation. But here's my luck again, she did.

"Hi, I am Kori" She smiled, nearly blinding me with her shiny teeth of doom.

"Garfield" I responded, staring out the window. Apparently we were only in walking distance from my house.

"Do you attend Jump City High School?" She asked.

"Yeah" I stated.

"As do I! It is just this is my first day, but I am looking forward to it greatly" She explained to me. Like I care.

"Whoopdedo" I muttered under my breath.

"What year are you?" She asked me.

"Sophomore" I responded, not wanting to hurt her. I already don't like her but I don't want to hurt her feelings by not saying anything. I could tell she wasn't from around here but it's Monday, which makes it all the worse.

"I am as well! We will be the best of friends" She squealed loudly, causing the entire bus to stare at me.

"Oh look, little Gar has a girlfriend!" Richard yelled. The bus that stared started to laugh.

"Shut up Richard" I yelled back, this day is not looking good for me.

"Little Gar wants to start a fight huh?" Richard challenged, knowing he'd win for sure, which he would.

"There is no roughhousing in this bus you here!" Molly, the like centuries old bus driver yelled over all of our voices.

For the rest of the trip Kori was quiet to my relief. Even though that quietness was short lived as we pulled into the school's parking lot two minutes later. Everyone filed out like ants marching and headed to their lockers.

"Friend Garfield, please can you tell me where the main office is?" Kori asked as we got off.

"Yeah, I'll show ya" I lead her into the school.

"Gar and the new girl sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S" Richard taunted.

"Shut up Richard" I spat back and I took Kori to the main office and headed up the stairs to my locker. Rapidly doing the combination and opening it. Pictures of bands like 44, Dashboard Confessional, Cute is What we Aim For and such like that on the inside of the door. I throw my book bag in the cluttered locker and search for my Math book, finding it at the bottom of the mounds of textbooks and papers. Sighing, I rip it out, causing me to fall hard on my butt.

"Damn locker" I mutter and brush myself off. Grab the other math stuff and slam my locker closed. I wish I didn't for right then I noticed Rachel and Richard making out at her locker. Which is located so conveniently down a few lockers. I roll my bright eyes. Hiding my pain and walk down the hall, meeting up with Victor. He's a senior and has his first period across the hall from mine so I usually talk to him.

"Hey short stuff, how's it goin'?" he asks me like usual.

"Alright, if you like watching your crush make out with her boyfriend" I respond.

"Ouch. Dude, you need to move on," Victor shifted his AP Computer book to his other arm. His tall well-built frame complemented by his chocolate skin and dark eyes screams captain of the football team, which he is. But that doesn't matter. What does is that he's nice to me. I don't know why, I think it was last year when I was a freshmen, I got lost, which is hard to do at this tiny school, but let me tell ya, when it comes to getting lost I'm the king. But Victor helped me get to class and we were friends since.

"I tried, didn't work, I guess I'm just a lovesick puppy" I laugh, trying to get the image of Rachel and Richard out of my mind.

"Well, hey, try that girl" Victor pointed out someone. My green eyes went wide. He pointed at Kori who smiled walking down the hall. "She's hot"

"No, no, no, no, no, I'm not going out with her" I shake my head.

"So you know her?" a playful gleam crosses Victor's eyes.

"I met her on the bus this morning. She's annoying," I state when the one minute bell rings. I file into Math class taking my seat towards the back.

"Students, this is Kori Anders, she'll be joining our class, and you can take a seat, Miss Anders, next to Mr. Logan over there" No! Not only do I not like her, I get to sit next to her in Math. My life could not be more messed up.