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My…head hurts…I open my eyes. My vision is blurry but it's dark. Urgh I feel as if a steamroller hit me backed up and hit me again. I moan, trying to move I realize I can't.

"What?" I'm alert now; though I now wish I was still passed out. The first thing that registers in my head is that I'm chained to the wall. My wrists and feet bound by chains to the concrete wall. It's very dark and damp down here. I hear a light moan next to me. Kori. Oh my God they have Kori too! I struggle against the chains. I'm still in my suit and as my eyes adjust to the darkness I see my redheaded beauty chained and in the same predicament as I am. I try to get to her. Rustling the heavy chains.

Maybe this is a dream I must be dreaming. That would make sense, I hit the punch too hard, or someone spiked it. I came home and crashed on the couch and I'm having a horrible dream. There's that or the alternative. I'm in hell. I always wondered if Werewolves go to hell. I guess now I know. But Kori can't be with me. She's not worthy to go to hell; she's an angel by all means.

"Kori!" My voice is broken. Barely audible. "Kori, can you hear me? Please tell me we're still alive," I say. She moans and lifts her head.

"Gar…field? Wh... Where am I?" She asks.

"Kor! Oh thank God," I say.

"Garfield? Where are we?" Kori asks, alert now. Looking around and frightened.

"I don't know Kori, I'm pretty sure it's not purgatory or a dream. I don't know what it is Kor…" I feel hopelessness in my voice. Kori is silent, save for a few sobs. "It's gonna be ok Kori, we'll get out of here" I try to reassure her. Kori still cries.

"Poor thing, crying like that." A familiar voice sounds from the darkness.

"Who are you!" I yell, totally frightened, but I have to be strong for Kori.

"Who are we you mean" Another familiar voice comes from the darkness. I'm still disoriented but I know those voices…"Oh look, little Gar has a girlfriend!"… "I think Gar looks good in mashed potatoes."

My eyes go wide. No… Two figures step out of the shadows and into the bright light from the setting sun. Two people I don't want to see. Richard and Rachel. Something's not right. Their eyes are blood red. They smile showing horrendous fangs. Oh my God no. No. No. No. No.

"Glad to see you two again" Richard laughs. Kori looks at them, horror etched on her face. I can't talk at all.

"They're so scared Richard. Tell them" Rachel laughs, her long fangs glistening in the light. I should've known. Vampires.

"We know who both of you are" Richard snaps, walking closer to us. His boots clinking on the concrete floor.

"And nothing personal, but you're not my type Garfield" Rachel chimes in. I sneer.

"What are you doing? Why do you want us here?" I snap, angry.

"What are we doing? That's a good question. Rachel?" Richard turns to his girlfriend.

"For centuries Vampires and Werewolves have been bitter enemies. A werewolf's blood contains half human blood. Meaning if a Vampire drinks it…"

"…You can go out in the sunlight" I finish. It all makes sense that kiss on Valentines Day, they both bit our lips. It wasn't for affection. They wanted our blood.

"Never. We will never let you do that!" Kori yells, tugging at the chains.

"Don't hurt yourself, pretty thing" Richard smiles, his fangs catching the light as the sun goes down. From the tiny little window high up I can see it's last moments as it falls beneath the horizon. I look to Richard and Raven as they smile. Their bodies morphing. They become taller, leaner, their eyes blood red, their teeth sharp. They slowly advance.

I look at Kori as Rachel walks closer, breathing down my girl's neck. Then I notice Kori's necklace.

"Get away from her!" I yell.

"Aw, poor little Gar's jealous" Richard smiles, showing his horrendous fangs. Rachel places a slender finger on Kori's necklace.

"Ow!" She pulls her hand back. "Shit" She curses, holding her hand.

"Well, I could only find it at a Christian Book store so it's kinda dipped in holy water, but I thought it was good for you"

"Ha! It's dipped in holy water! Guess you can't touch us now" I laugh.

"Really?" Richard readies his fangs and presses them against my neck. His breath is cold as he readies to sink his teeth into my warm flesh.

I'm gonna die, I'm sorry mom that I broke you're vase and blamed it on the kid next door. I'm sorry dad that I stole your wallet to buy that new videogame and said that a stray cat got it and ate the fifty. I'm sorry Kori I didn't tell you sooner…

Something's happening that doesn't involve my blood being sucked from my body. I open my eyes. Richard hasn't even broken the skin. He's looking toward the little window at the top of the basement we're stuck in. The moon…. it's…full. Smiling, my eyes gloss yellow. I growl and snap my jaws, teeth becoming sharp incisors. My ears point, my hands growing long and paw-like along with my feet. I'm covered with dark brownish blonde fur. I rip my dress clothes and break the bindings. I look like one of the German Shepard's my neighbors have but bigger.

The moonlight hits Kori as well. She does the same, Her jaws snapping, her body is leaner then mine. She's covered in bright red fur that matches her hair perfectly. The necklace is still around her neck.

"A fight you want?" Richard and Rachel retaliate. I snarl, Kori on the other hand is less then pleased with the turn of events.

Richard moved fast as lightning at me. I could barely respond in time. He was able to scratch my face. Growling I stood and lunged at him, I'm able to catch his cloak and rip it, slowing him down enough to let me slash the next closest thing. His leg.

Meanwhile Kori and Rachel were at it. Rachel leaping into the air and landing on Kori. Kori's too distraught to really defend herself. But she kicks Rachel off, but isn't safe from some of her fur being ripped out. Yelping in pain Kori falls to the floor.

I hate how fast vampires can heal. Richard is moving as fast as if he was never hurt in the first place! Damn vampire.

I try to make my movements fast, but he one-ups me every time. Don't panic Gar, you're fine. I look over to Kori. Still unstable in her form I try to get to her, but Rachel and Richard aren't letting up at all. Rachel holding Kori up against the wall, trying to rip off the necklace. Vampires are strong to. Damn it again. Richard throws lightning fast punches I take and make my head spin. Kori…

I growl, whipping my arm out and sending Richard flying across the room. How's that for strength for a mangy mutt? I smile the way any werewolf would: by showing all my shiny teeth. Rachel looks over to me. I growl, she smirks and let's Kori go. Kori falls to the floor, limp.

Rachel puts everything she has into a hell of a punch at my face. I duck and slam her against the wall. I go over to Kori. I nudge her with my snout. She's still frightened I figure it has something to do with her parents…. and Richard and Rachel…I nudge Kori to get up. She looks at me sadly. I nudge her again, a look of determination in my face I help her up.

We both hear the cracking. Rachel and Richard stand up, cracking their necks. Shit.

"Here, puppy" Rachel smiles advancing. I stand in front of Kori, growling and bearing my fangs back at her.

"Feisty mutt" Richard lunges at me, throwing me off to the side and into the wall. I'm hurt, I know that immediately. But we're in too much danger for me to register it. I get up, my right shoulder wounded. I make sure I'm not bleeding. Just don't bleed. I scratch Richard and race back to Kori, but Rachel was waiting. She jumps on my back. I try to kick her off; I look like a bronco at those rodeos. Now I know why those horses do that.

I manage to throw her against a wall. I whine in Kori's ear I want to tell her it'll be all right, that I'll help her but she has to fight. I can't.

Richard and Rachel get up again. Why won't they die? I stand up again.

"Why doesn't your girlfriend fight? Hum?" Richard helps Rachel up as she sneers.

"Is she still sore from last time?" Rachel asks. Kori's head snaps up. "Remember? You were a little puppy weren't you?"

"Gave us life for 5 years…now we need more" Richard smiles, I look at Kori, aghast. Richard and Rachel killed Kori's parents when she was 11! I need to clear my head. I'm fighting two homicidal vampires in a basement on the full moon…

I don't think for very long until I'm thrown mercilessly into a wall. I think I broke something…I fall to the floor as pain racks my body. Kori howls and runs over to me. She nuzzles me and I groan. This'll hurt in the morning. I see tears come in Kori's yellow eyes.

"Uh-oh Richard, I think we hurt the puppy's boyfriend" Rachel laughs and Richard laughs with her. I can see Kori get angry. They better watch out. Kori can be pretty bad when she's angry. I see Kori snarl and slowly advance.

"Decide to put up a fight eh? Good." Rachel readies herself, Kori lunges for Rachel. Rachel moving out of the way just in time Kori caught herself and pounced on Rachel just as she was about to bite her. Kori has Rachel pinned on the floor. I stagger up, I have to help Kori.

"You're not going anywhere mutt" Richard slugs me with his boot. Damn that was heavy…

Kori wrestles with Rachel, Kori bites Rachel. Rachel screams bloody murder and grabs her arm where the bite is. She squirts blood everywhere, which happens to vampires, but they heal awful fast…

Richard rushes to Raven, giving me the opportunity to get up to Kori. I stumble and lean against Kori. She also is uneasy. Well, this is just getting more and more painful for the girl.

I look at Kori, telling her something with my eyes. We're good at that, werewolves can communicate a lot through their eyes. We've got one chance to escape this hellhole but Kori has to work with me on this.

She nods, licking me, the werewolf way of a kiss. We turn to Rachel and Richard, composing themselves from the loss of blood on their part.

"Ok, puppy and mutt, you made Richard and Rachel mad. No more playing with food." Richard snaps, his fangs clinking together in a sickening way, so now they have pet names for us? I look to Kori, she's ready.

Kori bolts at Richard, I at Rachel. I leap on Rachel and she dodges me, she tries to grab me and I slip away. This continues for a long time.

Kori and Richard battle it out. Kori getting a few good shots at Richard, he does the same. But it's all a game of back and forth cat-and-mouse.

"Stupid mutts! If we don't get that blood tonight we'll be dust by dawn!" Richard yells. That's all Kori and I need to hear. Werewolves are known for their energy.

We both continue the game of cat-and-mouse for what seems like hours. I look up to the tiny window. I give Kori the yip and take a strike from Rachel. Kori taking one from Richard. We both retreat to the wall under the window.

"Well, finally, all this was making me hungry." Rachel sneers. Kori looks over at me worried.

"I agree with you Rachel" Richard smiles, licking his fangs. I hope I paid enough attention in Science Class…

I did. The sun rises from it's hiding and lights up the sky in pinks and yellows. Richard and Rachel advance more and more until they are caught in the new light. I cover Kori's eyes as Richard and Rachel scream like the world is on fire and they turn into dust, just like that.

The light of the new day fills the room. Hitting Kori and me eventually and we transform back. Our wounds becoming more apparent beyond the scraps of clothing that are left on our bodies.

"Let's get out of here Kor" I help her up and we dodge the piles of dust that were my crush and her boyfriend. I'm disgusted to even think I liked her.

We walk up the rickety stairs and into the old house above. Richard and Rachel lived together I suppose for it looks like no one was here for a while. We race out the door and are surprised to see my car still there. How kind of them.

We get in, just to sit and breathe. We made it, I don't know how but we did. I see my keys are in the ignition. And I stare at the roof of the car.

"Garfield…" I hear Kori mutter. I look over to the shaken redhead.

"Yeah?" I ask, breathing hard.

"I love you" She says, I smile.

"I love you too Kor" I start the car up and drive, I drive past our houses and beyond the city limits.

"Garfield, where are we going?"

"I don't know Kor, but we're getting out of here."