Chapter 16

Wednesday morning I was so embarrassed about dinner with the family. Neji and Dad interrogating Sasuke then Hanabi telling Sasuke he didn't say anything about being in love with me. I laid my head on the desk hoping he wouldn't break up with me cause of my family.

"Morning Hinata bad night"

I turn my head in Sai direction "I dunno"

He frowned and pulled up a chair sitting beside me "Sasuke mad about me interrupting you guys"

"I think so"

Sai touch my cheek "He not here now may-Ow"

I lift my head off the desk and saw Sasuke bending Sai hand backwards "I told you don't touch her"

"Sasuke what are you doing here"

He frowned "We have first period every day with each other"

"I know I just didn't think you would come"

"Why wouldn't I" I bit my lip and shrugged then he let Sai go kicking his chair away from me. He grab his chair and pulled beside me then took my hands "how do you feel about me"

I heart started beating fast and I looked at our hands "What about you"

He tilt my chin up "I ask first"


Kiba walked over sitting on my desk "How come you guys don't hung around us anymore"

"Because-"We want alone time like now"

Kiba looked at Sasuke face then got up and looked at me "Sorry maybe later"

I smiled "Sure later"

"Hinata" Sasuke said rubbing my fingers

"I love Sasuke"

He smirked and pulled me closer whispering against my lips "I love you too" then he kissed me

During lunchtime I sat outside on the small brick wall drinking a apple juice when I saw Sasuke walking with another girl talking to her as she hang off his arm then she kissed him on the mouth. I got up and walked out the lunchroom to the hallway then I felt someone grab my arm. I looked to see Sai cried against his shirt then he put his arms around me and rubbed my back.

"I was gonna to tell you I got a date with pinky"

"Your so romantic talking about another girl while one is crying on you"

He smiled then I pulled away and he put his arm around my shoulder. "So what did he do"

"He had some girl on his arm and she was kissing him"

"Lucky bastard" I elbow him in the side and step on his foot "I mean he a bastard"


I looked behind us to see Sasuke then looked at Sai who was grabbing his side "I didn't hurt you that bad but if your gonna be a baby I'll take you to the nurse" I said ignoring Sasuke and took Sai other arm


"I'm busy" I said walking with Sai but not getting far

"He will be fine come lets eat lunch together"

"Why don't you eat lunch with your new friend"

"Its not what you think"

"Doesn't matter" I said walking pass him

He grab my arm "It does matter"

I yank my arm away "Its over between us"


"I'll kiss Sai" I threaten not really wanting to kiss him

He was angry "Fine whatever but I do love you know and I didn't kiss or touch her" he said walking away

"Do I still get a kiss"

I glared at Sai then watched Sasuke disappear out my life.

AN:// I decide to make it a sequel so the next story call 'Getting you back' and its still Hinata and Sasuke.