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'Embarrassing Findings'

Hinata clutched unto the canvas knapsack which Konan had filled with essentials meant for a very long trip. Her knuckles were white as she dug into the knapsack, trying to grasp at something real before her world broke down even further. No amount of ninja training could have prepared Hinata for the sudden ugly shift in direction that her life had been taking. Not too long ago she had been a simple Konoha chunin, concerned with nothing but following the traditions of the Hyuuga family and becoming a better kunoichi.

She would give anything just to be able to go back to her home and her family. Even with her father's constant disapproval of her slightly less than adequate skills as a ninja, Hinata had always felt safe when within the walls of her home. And now she was so far from the familiarity she had grown so used to over her fifteen years of life. She could practically hear the foundations of her world shaking and splintering beneath her, ready to send her tumbling down into an unknown vortex, never to return again.

Hinata was more than scared at the prospect. She was utterly and completely terrified. What could one do in situations such as these? What were her options? Were there any options at all? Hinata's mind raced; every thought of what awaited her seem to pound up against the confines of her skull.

She had no idea who she would be assigned to and as to what will happen to her afterwards. Quite frankly, Hinata knew very little about what was going on. So little, in fact, that she almost ran out of scenarios to think about.


Konan was the first to see Itachi and Kisame as they arrived in Amegakure. She watched from the balcony of Pein's base at Amegakure as Itachi and Kisame walked through the streets below. As if sensing that he was being watched, Itachi lifted up his head to meet Konan's eyes. His chin moved down in the smallest of nods and she tilted her head ever so slightly, acknowledging his greeting.
Pein definitely had his reasons for choosing a missing-nin from Konoha to overlook the girl's training and transition into becoming one of them. Konan grimaced before turning away from the balcony. Hinata would need to have a lot of work done on her if she was even considering surviving all that awaited her. But then again, all that really awaited the girl was life as a tool in Madara's schemes for world domination.

The muscles in Konan's neck twitched at the thought of Uchiha Madara. The man was insane. She knew not the extent of his plans, but neither did she really want to know. Konan was sure that there was no purpose to his madness but to have as much fun as possible while manipulating and destroying as many things as possible. What a sick bastard…that Madara was a real piece of work.

Konan walked down several flights of stairs and then strode out of the base itself. The flaps of her cloak swished to and fro as she walked towards Itachi and Kisame with a purposeful stride.

"The girl is in the foyer."

Itachi nodded again and brushed past Konan. Kisame went to follow after the younger man, but Konan raised her hand up to stop him. Konan pulled Kisame aside, far from any other person so that nobody but him could hear that which she had to say. Her face was impassive as she faced him, but if one were to look closely, one would be able to see the faintest glimmer of dislike on her fair features.

"You will stay away from that girl, Kisame." Konan said bluntly, not even bothering to make small talk before transitioning into the topic. In any case, she had never been one for useless words. If a point had to be made, then there was no need asking about the weather or some other futile shit prior to.

"I have not even seen her, and I have no idea what you mean." Kisame said, waving his hand in dismissal. He sneered, showing the rows of his sharp teeth and turned to go.

Konan's hand shot out like the paw of a cougar. Her fingers gripped him around the wrist and her manicured nails dug sharply into the thin flesh stretched over Kisame's tendons and veins. "You know exactly what I mean." Konan forced him to turn back to face her and kept her hold on his wrist. "Your knack for fucking helpless women isn't exactly a secret."

"What, are you jealous that I haven't gotten to you yet?" The words tumbled out of Kisame's mouth before he had a moment to think about them. Perhaps being rude to Pein's right-hand woman was not the smartest idea.

And it wasn't. Konan pressed the sharp edge of a kunai against Kisame's side, right over top of were his left kidney would be. "I wasn't joking. You will stay away from her. This is an order, from someone of my rank to someone of yours." Konan looked feral as she glared up into Kisame's face. Her previously impassive expression had contorted itself into an ugly grimace, making her look slightly deranged.

Kisame exhaled sharply through his nose and gave her a barely visible nod of his head, which looked more like an involuntary muscle spasm, if anything. He tore his wrist away from her hand, ripping part of his skin on her sharp nails in the process.
Konan's mouth twitched into a briefly satisfied smile before she withdrew the kunai from his kidney and tucked it back into the folds of her long cloak.

"I am glad we have come to this agreement."

Kisame grunted in response and was about to leave when a question popped into his mind.

"Why am I the only one who gets this talk?" Kisame asked, wondering why Itachi was not being given the same orders.

Konan could not help but snort in a very un-womanly manner. She arched her thing eyebrows at Kisame and fixed him with an 'are-you-dense' type of look. "Itachi's sex drive is comparable to that of a teaspoon."

"Are you speaking from experience, Konan?"

Now it was Konan's turn to make an odd grunting noise of a response. "Just remember what I told you." She added before whirling herself around and striding away from Kisame with all the purpose of a slightly embarrassed, and yet incredibly determined woman.

Kisame watched her go, following the sway of her hips with his eyes. She was a fine piece of work, that Konan, but Kisame was aware that Pein would personally gut him if he tried anything.


Hinata opened up the knapsack Konan had given her and riffled through its contents in search of a toothbrush and a comb, just so as to be able to know where they were for when she needed them. For a medium-sized bag, Konan was able to fit in a surprising amount of things inside of it. Hinata's fingertips brushed against a small red box and she stopped her search for the toothbrush out of sheer curiosity. She pulled it out from the knapsack and gently took off the lid.

What she saw inside made her gasp and nearly drop the small box. To the bottom of the lid was attached a little note written by Konan herself, and inside the box were about five dozen small pills.

Hinata looked at the note in disbelief.

"You will be travelling with two men. If you become sexually active with either, these pills will prevent you from getting pregnant. They are very strong, so only take one per week."

Hinata put the lid back unto the box with shaking hands and stuffed it deep inside the knapsack, not wanting to look at it or dwell upon its embarrassing contents any longer than was necessary.

Hinata closed the knapsack and rubbed at her pink cheeks with one hand.

"Hyuuga Hinata."

Hinata jumped in her chair at the sound of a smooth male voice uttering her name. Her chin jerked upwards and she stared wide-eyed up at the face of Uchiha Itachi.

The first thing that passed through Hinata's mind was that this man had killed his entire clan and was the most notorious of Konoha's missing-nin.

The second thing that passed through Hinata's mind was that there was a red box in her knapsack with fourteen months worth of birth control pills in it.

The color of Hinata's cheeks changed from a soft pink to a bright, fire-truck red.

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