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This story is set two months after the end of 'In The Dunes'.

Chapter 1: Cabin Fever

"Friendship marks a life even
more deeply than love.
Love risks degenerating into obsession,
friendship is never anything but sharing."

Elie Wiesel

Stepping out of the shower Blaise pulled the towel around his waist, the cool air bit into his water hot skin. The tiled floor was cold as he padded across it to the main open plan area, which constituted as a living room and dining room with a kitchen at the back with a small bedroom and sauna. The stairs ran up both sides of the room to a long walkway that overlooked the main room. Blaise looked around at the huge glass front on the cabin, the snow drifting slowly down collecting in drifts on the panes until the weight pulled it off landing with a 'phump' on the ground. Blaise laughed as he remembered the month they had arrived, Draco had been stood just outside the doorway when a drift fell on him. Blaise couldn't stop laughing, then he'd called Draco; the Blonde Snowman, for at least a week none stop, until Draco hexed his boxers and they shrank while he wore them. And that was the odd thing, or at least to anyone who would know they were wizards, they very rarely used magic. Blaise put it down to the year and a bit they had lived in Burnham, they had got used to not having it.

"Where are my fucking socks?"

Bending over to check beneath the long leather sofa he pushed his hand under, until he felt something silky and pulled. "Damn." Not his socks, just a red silk bra, he wasn't sure but he thought it might be that little ski attendant from down the road.

'She said something about missing her bra the other night.' Dropping it on the table he tried under the green velvet chair, still no luck but he did find his house keys. Draco had been at him for three days to find them.

"We'll have to change the locks, anyone can get in you dumb, ox. " Were Draco's parting words this morning before he left with that plank of wood under his arm.

Ambling up to his room Blaise looked out across the snow capped mountains that surrounded him, it was almost serene out here, out here in the mountains of Austria, out here in the middle of fucking nowhere. He wasn't exactly happy about being here and more than once he had wanted to grab the portkey monkey with they gold symbols and Persian clothes, or as Draco called him – Weaselbee, due to the ginger discolouration that had occurred to his head, with the water that had leaked onto him when they left him by the door one night. Pushing open the caederwood door, Blaise walked into his room, it was large and very comfortable. He eyed the king size bed and he didn't have to imagine how many he could fit, he had found out on the third night. Sitting down and opening the bedside draw he pulled out a pair of black socks, with a snake stitched onto them.

Looking out of the window that made up the back wall to his bedroom, Draco had often commented on the lack of curtains.

"Who needs curtains in the woods, Draco, you think bears are gonna look in and see?"

"I don't know, I'll ask one." He turned to look at Blaise, holding his hand in a mime microphone. "Mr chocolate bear..." He didn't get chance to finish the sentence, Blaise pushed him hard, out of the door. The large balcony that led off his room had seen it's own fair share of action, there was that Blonde barmaid from, what he called, 'The Snow bar.' Then there was that tall dark haired ski instructor and, well the list went on and Blaise was smiling to himself, thinking of all the women he had got since arriving. The only thing they had trouble getting was firewhiskey, it took five days for Aberforth to send them their first consignment and both he and Draco were climbing the walls, literally, by the time it arrived.

Draco had made a nice little life for himself already, he'd started something called snowboarding, or at least that's what Draco called it, Blaise often just asked if 'he was taking his plank out?' Blaise had started to stay in and drink or go into town and drink or pick up a but of pussy. He was starting to understand why Draco had written to Granger when they were at the Esplanade, he felt like writing to Frobisher, but he couldn't, it would kill her. Sitting in the leather arm chair Blaise opened his book, 'Wuthering Hights,' it had looked nice and long. The blast of cold air hit him in the face as the door swung open and something that looked like an alien from the sci-fi channel, Blaise was amazed they had not discovered television till now, this thin looking creature was stood in the doorway. No hair and a long solid piece where it's eyes should be.

"Hello mate." Draco called from the doorway pulling the mask from his face. The board, emblazoned with a snake, under his arm. "What you reading?"

"Nothing." Blaise put the book down and, tapping it with his wand, sending it back to his room. "How do you fancy having a few girls over tonight?" Blaise stood up and watched his friend peel himself out of the ridiculous costume. "I'm surprised you haven't broken anything yet. Oh yeah, and if you ever ride down the fucking roof again I'll blast you and that plank into next week. I thought a hoard of acromantulas, were attacking. Talk about putting a guy off his rhythm."

"Sorry, Blaise, just wondered if I could do it." Draco smirked as he remembered Blaise screaming at him for sliding down the window as he was just getting into a nice looking lass, just got her knickers off as well. "Anyway, I don't mind a couple of girls round, I have a few things to do though, so I may not join you." Draco stared walking up towards his room.

"You still not pining over Granger?" He really wished he hadn't said it.

"Well, not everyone has the emotional range of Bertie bott's bean."

"At least they get sucked on."

"Can you think of nothing but your cock?" This was a pointless argument, no one ever won and Draco was going to give up.

"Course I do, there's always room in there for a nice pair of tits." Blaise knew what was going to happen, this had been the stable argument for over a month.

"Tell you what, mate." Draco knew his lines, "Just go and get laid. For merlin's sake." Throwing his arms in the air Draco walked into his bedroom.

Listening out for the door closing Draco peeled of the final remnants of the skin tight suit and threw it onto the chair beside the window. Looking at his body, in the reflection of the window, he wondered how he compared to Ron Weasley... how did he? Why did he care? Pulling a towel from the rack he walked into the en-suite and started the shower running. He had fallen off his board three times that day, he was covered in scrapes and bruises, it was so odd not just having them healed there and then. Blaise had never been very good with healing charms so now he was covered with small scars here and there. Draco caught sight of the scar on his chest where a tree had taken offence to him landing in it and slice him up pretty bad.

Stepping in the shower he started washing himself down, he had kept himself occupied this time. He did still look for the seagull and wonder if he would ever see anyone again but it was over now, this was the end of it and he couldn't go back. He didn't want to use the portkey, Harry had said as much, they would both be imprisoned as soon as step foot in England.

The only thing that had started annoying him about Blaise was the women, at least in England he had been careful and had made sure they never found out he was a wizard, now he was showing his wand off as a way to get them into bed and the noises they were making were becoming unbearable. It was never this bad with Frobisher and she was a screamer. On more than one occasion Draco had thought about just getting hold of the portkey and going home but it wasn't fair on Blaise, he didn't have anything to do. In a way it made a kind of sense, for over six months Draco had sat in that house, 'rattling round like a pea in a drum', that was another muggle-ism he had picked up from the few people he spoke to while snowboarding, as far as they were concerned he and Blaise or, Aaron and Sean, were two cousins that had very rich families.

Draco stepped out of the shower and padded to his bedroom, drying himself off he could hear sounds from downstairs, wrapping his towel around his waist he tiptoed to the balcony and looked over, Blaise was home and he'd brought that ski instructor with him. Draco groaned, he knew what he was in for now, a night of 'oo's' and 'ahhh's', and the occasional 'harder' or 'there'. It wasn't that he was upset that Blaise was getting it when he wasn't, he was getting it, he just wasn't telling Blaise, it was the non-stop, every night shagging. It wasn't bad when they had maybe a woman over every other night but now, every night and once Blaise had screwed them to sleep he would come down in his boxers and drink till the wee hours. Draco didn't mind the drinking but it was the constant line of women, Blaise was starting to get a name with the locals and it wasn't Chocolate Bear. Pulling his door closed Draco decided to pull Blaise up on this matter a little later.

Blaise tottered down the stairs, his slippers on the wrong feet and a look of 'Can I close my legs now' as he did a John Wayne walk down the stairs. Draco looked up at his friend and wondered what position he was going to be told about tonight. Blaise sat down and, pouring a glass of firewhiskey, he winked at Draco.

"That was good mate, you should try it."

Draco looked out of the window at the black night sky. "I don't really care, mate. Sorry and all but I don't. I just wish you'd calm it down a bit, you know what they're saying in the town?"

"Yeah, they say about how satisfied they get when they come here." Blaise winked and took a swig. His large muscles tensing and bouncing in his arm.

"No mate, they say you're a fruit loop. Not quite sure what it means but it ain't good. You gotta stop bringing all these women back." Draco took a swig of his firewhiskey.

Blaise slammed his glass on the table, shattering it. Firewhiskey drained from the table and spattered on the floor. "Have you got a fucking problem or what? If you don't like it, why don't you just fuck off home?" He couldn't believe it, they only thing he could do and Draco was having a go at him for it, why did he care what the twats in tow thought?

"I'm not trying to start an argument, mate." Draco really didn't want a thump. He hadn't meant to upset Blaise.

"Well, you fucking got one, blondie." Blaise stood up. It was ok for Draco, he could go out and do something, this was so far from any civilisation there wasn't a library for over a hundred miles. Blaise was sick of being cooped up in this shack. Why had they even come here, why had they bothered? "Tell you what, Draco. You seem to be enjoying this little holiday, you seem to be having a greattime with your new friends so I'll go." Hopefully Draco would stop him, they had never had a real argument, this could be stopped easily. "So, see you later, Draco."

Draco didn't move, he knew this was a ploy, this had happened about seven times since they got here, one or the other wanting to leave and getting so close to grabbing the monkey but they hadn't. "Well, if you want to go, you know where Weaslbee is." He sounded confident, this would be over in a moment and they could talk about this rationally.

Blaise stepped closer to the monkey, Draco would say something soon, he had too. Reaching out he could feel Draco watching him, his fingers were only inches from monkey. Draco hadn't moved, he hadn't said anything. What was Draco trying to do? Blaise was getting a little worried, if he touched this key he had no idea where he'd end up but he wasn't going to back out now, if Draco wasn't going to say anything then why should he.

Draco watched as Blaise got closer to the Monkey, it would be over in a few seconds, either his friend would turn round and talk or he would be gone, Draco didn't want him to go but he wasn't going to back down, not this time. Blaise was only millimetres from the Monkey with the symbols.

The door burst open. "Stop. Don't."

Draco's jaw dropped open, Blaise almost screamed.

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